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    Most Popular Tattoo Designs For MenApril 13, 2015 by Twinkle Parekh Leave a Comment

    We have been ignoring men since long, but now we have understood it quite well that menare no way left behind then women in matter of fashion. Tattoo designs is also such fieldwhere men are giving tough competitions to women. I would say men are showing their realsense of manhood through the tattoos on their arms, chest, back or biceps. Most popularMost populartattoo designs for mentattoo designs for men is what we have planned to make a collection today. You canselect the best tattoo ideas for men and design your own too. Just like some name tattoos orsome tribal designs of tattoos.

    Most Popular Tattoo Designs For MenFor making a collection of most popular tattoo designs for men, we need to bifurcate theminto tattoo designs for men on wrist, tattoo designs for men on wrist tribal, tattoo designs formen on fingers, Indian God Shiva tattoo designs for men, Indian Sanskrit tattoo designs,Indian religious tattoo designs for men. It goes for a long list, so let us first have a look at thetattoo designs for men.

    Cool Tattoo designs for men on wrist smallThese are the cool tattoo designs for men on wrist, which can be jumbled together on entirearm of a men or just a single design on wrist. The tribal designs give a real manly look to themuscular arms of any man. Dont you think this simple tattoo designs for men are worthdrooling for. Rose tattoo design is also an in thing these days.

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  • Cool Tattoo designs for men on fingers with meaningHaving a tattoo on the body itself is a great deal as it is a painful process and to have it onthe fingers is a great gutsy thing for me. The name tattoo designs on fingers can speak outyour identity and the type of the person, you are in a short and simple manner. At the sametime, tribal tattoos on fingers are a bit intriguing but lot more interesting.

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  • Indian God Shiva tattoo designs for menThe real implication of being a man goes very well along with God Shiva as per Indianmythology. The appearance of Shiva is very well interpreted as creator, a man side ofcreation of God, Shiva and Shakti. The trident or Trishul of Shiva is also one of the mostmostpopular tattoo designs for menpopular tattoo designs for men . Among the Indian religious tattoo designs for menAum is the most famous tattoo design both for men and women. It stands as a auspicioussign and Aum, Trishul and Shakti goes as the icon of positive Aura on the body of male orfemale in the form of tattoo designs. Men generally prefer to have Shiva tattoo on their chestor biceps. In case of Aum tattoo or trishul tattoo designs, it goes well on wrist and arms. InIndia, mostly cool Indian God tattoo designs for men are reigning the fashion trends.

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  • In India the simple Mehndi designs include symbol of Aum or Trishul as a pious symbol and

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  • respect to the belief.

    Have a look at some unique tattoo designs for Men which are very popular presently here.

    Indian Sanskrit tattoo designs for menSanskrit tattoo designs too have great variations such as Sanskrit Alphabet TattooSanskrit Alphabet TattooDesignsDesigns . Alphabet tattoo designs can create cool look. Sanskrit Shloka tattoo designsSanskrit Shloka tattoo designsor Sanskrit Mantra Tattoo designsSanskrit Mantra Tattoo designs are very much in trend. They can be written in justsimple manner or with many variations. Cool Sanskrit wrist tattoo designsCool Sanskrit wrist tattoo designs are also verymuch appreciated. Tattoos in Sanskrit gives a real cool looks. Many celebrities have gone forIndian Sanskrit tattoo designs across the world. It can be a simple shloka of Sanskrit writtenas a tattoo on the body of a person or a name of a person as a tattoo written in Sanskrit inthe most artistic manner. Gayatri Mantra is the most famous form of Shloka taken asSanskrit tattoo designs for men and even women go for it. It is advisable to educate clientson the meaning of the Shloka and match with their ideology of life. Celebrities like to haveSanskrit tattoo designs to communicate their ideology. Om Mani Padme Hum mantra tattoowritten in Tibetan style does not only look good, but always advocate the real way of living.

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  • Sanskrit tattoo designs are very popular across the world as they can be accommodated onany part of the body and they look good equally. Sanskrit tattoo designs on the shoulders arethe most popular one. Men also love to engrave the names of their beloved or son or son ontheir chest and hands in form of Sanskrit tattoos.

    Cool Dragon tattoos for men on handWhere would we go, if we forget dragon tattoos for men on handdragon tattoos for men on hand . Dragon tattoo designsalso goes well on arms. It is a rage and it tops the most popular tattoo designs for men.Dragon is ruling the world of tattoo designs and men love to have it on any part of the body.Half sleeve dragon tattoo designsHalf sleeve dragon tattoo designs are the most sought after one. Dragons are alsoconsidered a sign of good luck so people have it on their chest. Some even try to blenddragon with Buddha tattoo designs to show belief in Chinese traditions.

    Simple tattoo designs of a star on wrist or a little butterfly or an outline of dragon for thetattoo designs are really good form of art. Men look great with such tattoos on their arms,chest or shoulder. Even a very simple men can look appealing with a tattoo design on theirbody. It changes a complete personality of a men. So go for selecting the best from the MostMostPopular Tattoo Designs For Men.Popular Tattoo Designs For Men.

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