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<p> 1. Michael Anthony Sawyer talks about the Common Forms of Renewable EnergyThe world is slowly realising the potential of renewable energy. So what is it? Michael Anthony Sawyer talks about the different forms of renewable energy and how it is generated.Who is Michael Sawyer you may ask. He is the founder of Phoenix Tool and Engineering and New Creation Consulting based in Tampa Florida. He is also a board member of Wellsprings of Life and believes in ethical business. New Creation Consulting is credited with developing LED lights that are energy efficient and long lasting.Renewable energy is that which is quickly replenished and can be repeatedly used. In a way they are infinite energy sources. Michael Sawyer categorises them as1. SolarSolar panels are used to capture sunlight and convert that into electricity. Although the installations of the panels are costly but single dwellings can have their own supply.2. WindWind turbines turn to capture the energy of the wind and convert it to electricity. Wind Farms are quite expensive to set up and some say they spoil the beauty of the countryside.3. TidalDams are built to force tidal water through smaller gaps causing turbines to turn and generate power which is converted to electricity. More research on underwater turbines is underway.4. WaveTurbines are driven by compressed air trapped by a cavity on the shore through which waves pass. These can be installed locally and do not need a big scale effort.5. GeothermalThis is specific to regions with volcanic activity. Cold water is pumped underground and it comes up as steam. This turns turbines that generate electricity.6. Hydroelectric PowerTurbines are fitted to dams and lakes that turn with the movement of water producing electricity.7. BiomassDecaying plants or animal waste can be burnt to produce energy, heat and electricity. An example is the rapeseed which can be used in diesel engines as a fuel. 2. 8. WoodTrees are cut down and burnt to produce heat and light. However it is renewable only when reforestation takes place.Renewable Energy says Michael Sawyer is the future of the world. If we want to leave the earth a better place for coming generations, this might be the only way. </p>