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Recreational Vehicles

Most Popular categories for Recreational Vehicle / Motor home

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Recreational VehiclesRVs or Recreational Vehicles are the vehicles with the living space and the required amenities.They are used for camping, travelling distances or for recreation.

CategoriesRVs are broadly divided into 3 categories:Motorhome: These are the mobile or moving homes, i.e. a combined vehicle with living facilitiesTravel Trailers: these are pulled by a separate tow vehicle. They are usually called as caravan.Truck or pick-up Campers: A camper body or living quarter is loaded on back of standard pick-up truck.

Motorhomes - ClassesClass A: These are the largest motorhomes with ample spaceClass B: Smallest ones built on chassis of a van, but suitable for short period of livingClass C or Mini Motorhomes: Long as Class A, but built on van chassis with extended section having extra bed over cab

Travel TrailersTeardrop Trailer: Light weight and compact and can even be towed by motorcycleHybrid Trailer: Combination of travel and folding trailerFifth wheel trailer: Towed by pick-up truckPark Model: For park camping that can be conveniently moved, but with no water storage.Toterhome: Constructed around semi-truck framework and can pull heavy trailers also.Toy Hauler: Consists of living and garage area as well for keeping vehicles.

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