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  • Most dangerous dogs in the world 2015

    Dogs have been considered as ideal companion of mankind and it is no doubt, the real fact is

    that for them the whole thing is about respect, trust and love. All dog breeds can be ideal

    companion for human however ensure only if it is trained, though, there is thing, since every

    dog breed is not similar to each other which have lot of differences like some may vicious

    adequate to kill human. In this article you can get list of top most dangerous dogs in the


    List of top most dangerous dogs in the world

    German shepherd

    It is large size working dog breed which was made originally for herding-sheep to stand

    among other famous dog breed in US and UK. It is highly active and self-assured dog are

    eager to learn and will be eager to prove as wonderful guard dogs also ideal for search

    missions. It is responsible for biting and has a tendency to attack human and other breeds also

    victims for which it comes in list of top dangerous dogs in the globe.

    Doberman pinscher

    This is known to medium large dog breed which is considered as working dog however, also

    aggressive and ferocious. It is defined as intimidating and large, fearless and potent dog

    which are well known for great faithfulness, good temperament, enormous train ability and

    high intelligence. It is excellent guard dog that is sociable for humans though it is known to

    be most dangerous dog in the world when it is not trained properly.


    This is known to be largest-size breed and it was used for herding of stock in past however

    now its role has been changed and it is used as rescue dog, search dog, police dog or guard

    dogs also it is used in herding. It is described as devoted, obedient, good natured and have

    strong guarding characters and genetic herding. It need strong training and socialization

    which have tendency to react as aggressive than normal to the strangers whereas dangerous

    behaviour usually results from lack of training, irresponsible ownership and abuse.

    Pit Bull

    This is one among the most dangerous dogs breed across the world. The types of this breed

    include American Pit Bull Terrier, Stafford shire bull terrier and American Stafford shire

    terrier. It is hard to identify via its physical characteristics, though experts might find hard to

    visually identify dog breeds. It has various behaviour and temperament-level and it is hard to

    handle by inexperienced one also it may kill other animals.