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  • Morningstar Essentials Data Licence

    The Morningstar Essentials Data Licence allows for broad distribution of Morningstars most valuableproprietary statistics in fact sheets, shareholdercommunications, sales presentations, on your web site,and more. An Essentials licence puts the power of the Morningstar brand in all of your client communi-cations and brings immediate objectivity and reliability to your education and marketing initiatives.

    The Statistics Your Clients Know and Trust

    Morningstars renowned proprietary statistics are investors primary screening tools when selectinginvestments. Available for open-end, closed-end, and exchange-traded funds as well as separateaccounts and variable annuity/life products, they helpinvestors make more informed and appropriateinvestment decisions. They introduce complex infor-mation in a way thats consistent and easilyunderstood, regardless of the investment type.

    Morningstar Rating

    The Morningstar Rating is used by millions of investorsto make unbiased, initial comparisons. It provides a straightforward assessment of an investments pastperformancebased upon both return and riskand shows how similar investments stack up againsttheir competitors.

    Morningstar Risk and Return

    Morningstars Risk and Return measures help investorsto screen similar investments to identify which may offer the return characteristics they seek withinthe risk parameters they feel most comfortable with. Morningstar Risk measures the fluctuations in aninvestments monthly returnswith an emphasis on downside variationsrelative to similar invest-ments. Morningstar Return is an assessment of an investments excess return over the risk-free rate(the return of the 90-day Treasury bill), after adjusting for all applicable loads and sales charges,compared to its peers.

    Morningstar Category and Rank

    The Morningstar Category helps investors accuratelyevaluate funds against their true peer group. Itcontains funds with similar investment styles based onthe underlying portfolio holdings as measured over the past three years. Category Rank assignsinvestments within the same Morningstar Category apercentile rank based on total return.

    Morningstar Style Box

    The Morningstar Style Box allows for informedcomparisons and portfolio construction based on thesecurities within each fund. Its invaluable to advisers and institutional and individual investorssearching for the right fund to fulfill a specific need within an existing portfolio mix.

    Morningstar Essentials Data Licence BenefitsAllows use of Morningstarsreadily recognised proprietarystatistics in all your clientcommunications.

    Morningstar ExtendedPerformance Rating availablefor newer products.



    Morningstar Risk and Return provide further detail about an investments performancecharacteristicsparticularly when its MorningstarRating and risk-adjusted return are similar to other investments. For example, the funds below

    each earned 3-stars for the 3-year time period, but took on very different levels of risk to achieve thatrating. Risk scale is from 15 where 1 equals low risk.

    Morningstar Risk

    and Return

    Name Morningstar Morningstar Morningstar MorningstarRating 3 Year Risk-Adj 3 Year Return Score 3 Year Risk Score 3 Year

    Scudder European Equity Invm QQQ 17.92 3 2Columbia Europe C QQQ 18.15 2 1Dreyfus Premier European Equity A QQQ 18.25 3 3Fidelity Europe QQQ 18.33 3 5AllianceBernstein New Europe Adv QQQ 18.41 3 4Putnam Europe Equity A QQQ 18.43 2 2

  • Morningstar EssentialsTM Data Licence

    2007 Morningstar, Inc. All rights reserved. Morningstar and the Morningstar logo are either trademarks or service marks of Morningstar, Inc.

    Extended Performance Measures for Newer Offerings

    Our Extended Performance Rating is a MorningstarRating calculated for any newer share class or structure of a fund with at least three years ofperformance history. In addition to the ExtendedPerformance Rating, the Essentials package also includes Morningstar Risk, Morningstar Return,and Category Rank based on extended performance histories.

    Seamless Data Delivery and Technical Support

    Morningstar Essentials data is delivered on the eigthbusiness day of each month in a convenient electronicfeed. Files are delivered via FTP in CSV. Our customersupport structure ensures that youre working withindividuals who understand your business and technical requirements. Youll also have access toother Morningstar team members whose expertisecovers all areas of investment information, technology,and support. K

    1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004


    Morningstars Extended Performance Rating

    Open-end fundsMorningstar will calculateextended performance for a younger share class basedon the performance of the oldest share class in thesame fund.

    Fund Share Class A

    Inception 1993

    Fund Share Class B

    Inception 1998

    1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

    2 3 4


    Variable annuitiesMorningstar will calculateextended performance for thesubaccount based on the performance of the oldest shareclass of the underlying fund.

    Fund Share Class A

    Inception 1993

    Fund Share Class B

    Inception 1998

    VA Subaccount

    Inception 2000

    1 Extended performance based on class A returns and fee differnce between A & B2 Extended performance based on class A returns, fees differnce between A & B, and subacount fees3 Extended performance based on class B returns and subaccount fees4 Subaccount returns


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