Moral uncertainty and moral dilemmas

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Moral uncertainty and moral dilemmas and other ethical principles in nursing


Moral Moral uncertainty insure of what to do Moral dilemma

Preserve (quality?) life End suffering

A pt seeks experimental tx that is likely to cause harm How much harm? What condition are they in to begin with? Are they already circling the drain? An alert elderly pt falls often, so the physician orders physical restraints. Lose-lose, she is alert and falling and losing her independence Need to have a discussion with dr because you have a moral problem with the order for restraints Moral distress Can have long-term impact If pts have had bad experiences in hospitals with nurses or whatever, they wont come back for illness that they think they can handle and they can turn into worse disease processes Moral outrage Give examples of all these categories Moral reckoning Make sure we get a good look at the chapter for the steps in the ethical decision-making model


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