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1. Digital Transformation Presented by Timothy Yip 11.18.14 2. 2 Timothy Yip Technical Director DigitasLBi @digitaslbi_uk 3. 3Photo by Kris / by-nc-nd 4. 4Photo by Pete / by 5. Helios A case study on how an automotive company is disrupting its own global marketing machine through the use of technology. 5 6. We help companies decide WHATS NEXT and then we take them there. 6 7. Creative Storytelling Engaging Experiences Transactional Platforms Performance Marketing Mobile Ecosystems Social Programming Actionable Analytics Influencer Management Optimization Emerging Technologies Data-driven Storytelling Breakthrough User-Experience Multi-platform Distribution Social CRM Advanced Data-Driven Insight Employee Moblilization Advocacy Management Personalization BUILD INNOVATE LEAD CONNECT UP THE BASICS START TO DIFFERENTIATE FUTURE-PROOF YOUR BUSINESS World-class storytelling across Owned, Earned & Paid Media One-to-one Marketing Business Creation Real-time Content Distribution Through-the-Line Execution Service Innovation Digital Change Management The Digital Transformation Journey 7 8. Helios GOAL: Create a single best-in-class global digital platform for all brands in the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and deploy for every region, market, and brand by end 2017. 8 9. Helios Customer Vision 10. BRAND EXPRESSION THE HELIOS EXPERIENCE 10 11. ONE DESTINATION A connected beginning SMART CONTENT Through continual profiling GUIDED MOMENTS Start with a recommendation DIRECT CONNECTION To dealers, and the brand NEVER FORGET A CUSTOMER Continue relationships post-purchase GIVING OUR CUSTOMERS A VOICE Connected communities BRAND EXPRESSION MADE FOR EACH OTHER 11 12. Business Goals 13. Business Goals BRAND CONSISTENCY OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT Enhance brand experience in the digital customer journey Increase net promoter score Social amplification Reduce operational costs Increase sales attributable to digital Increase share of mobile audience Increase user interaction and conversion Increase traffic to websites 13 14. Brand consistency And this is how you leverage the biggest synergies between your brands, and at the same time create the ultimate customer experience One template to many brands drives synergies Multiple brand experiences, minimal maintenance Unique stylesheet Brand-specific content Shared template 14 15. Brand Consistency: Same Template, Different Styling 15 16. Brand consistency Responsive across devices 16 17. Customer Engagement Customer moments from no awareness to loyal brand advocates. 17 18. LOYALTY Enjoying the experience and the relationship with the brand ACTION Taking a test drive, configuring their vehicle & agreeing a price and purchase CONSIDERATION Cutting the shortlist down to a choice that suits them FAMILIARITY What cars are out there that meet their needs, what new features they should look out for AWARENESS Keeping the brand front of mind via campaigns and sponsorships ADVOCACY Actively recommending the brand to friends, family and others 19. Customer Engagement: Always Relevant 20 20. Operational Efficiencies FIND A DEALER is just one of many shared features that currently are developed and maintained for each brand 21 21. Operational Efficiencies 22 CAR CONFIGURATOR is just one of many shared features that currently are developed and maintained for each brand 22. Technology Platform The right tools for the job 23. ONE MULTI-BRAND SOLUTION CROSS BRAND INTEGRATION NOT A MASTER MANAGEMENT SOLUTION AGILE TRANSFORMATION PERFORMANCE AVILABILITY SCALABILITY FLEXIBILITY STRATEGIC FIT HELIOS SPECIFICS BEST PRACTICE 24 24. HELIOS INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICE & INTEGRATION LAYER API Faade (Apigee) Content Management Server (Adobe Experience Manager) Load balancer/firewall/CDN DAM MongoDB Helios Architecture Overview 25. SERVICE & INTEGRATION LAYER API Faade (Apigee) Integration component (Tomcat) Back office Integration component (Tomcat) Back office Integration component (Tomcat) Back office Back office MongoDB Integration component (Tomcat) ETL (MuleESB) Back office Amazon S3 & SQS Helios Architecture Overview 26. 27 Data challenges 27 PII data locality Replicate for redundancy Quick to add schema Scale Automated provisioning Enterprise monitoring 27. Where are we today? 28. 49000 code commits Amazing Stats? 29 250 people in nine locations 23 Agile Sprints 15 sites, 4 brands of Renaults customer base 29. ROEL DE VRIES Nissan Motor Corp CMO October 10, 2104 Source: interview/?mod=WSJBlog&mod=WSJ_cmo_today 30 Id be happy when the day comes where Digital disappears.