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  1. 1. Money Saving Tips for Custom Folders Printing Business is running smoothly and sales are on target. Yet you still believe there is more you can do to increase brand recognition. After some research, you have probably found articles or gotten advice to consider expanding your marketing strategy to incorporate all the materials your company distributes. One simple way to start down this path is to use custom folders printing. Perhaps you are still hesitant because of the increased resources you will have to set aside to fund this effort. Below are some tips to help keep costs low and get the most out of your investment when working with a print shop. Use compatible formats. If you plan to create a design internally, it is critical to understand how to transfer the file to your printer. This includes knowing which file formats are compatible as well as any special instructions related to file size. Many shops can process Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and a few other common formats. And some will require extremely large files be sent through tools other than email attachments. Work with their design team. Even if you create your own design, ask your printer to review it for aspects that could be problematic even before working up a proof. Some creative ideas will not translate well into a folder. Others may just need the right kind of paper, background colour, or finish to pull it together. An experienced team will be able to give you advice right off the bat. Review proofs for more than just design mistakes. You are responsible for scouring your proof for errors before giving your final approval for press. Grammar and spelling checks are mandatory, but remember to critically examine whether or not you have achieved your marketing goals. After all, that is the main reason you are investing more resources. Make special arrangements for pickup. For a price, all printers can work to meet any reasonable deadline you request. But if you are working with a shop that is relatively convenient to get to, consider saving some cash by making arrangements to pick up your order, instead of paying for shipping and handling, especially if it is a rush job. Ask about quality guarantees.
  2. 2. If you are working with a printer who stands behind their work, creating well-designed custom folders is a way to revitalize branding efforts and worth the extra expense. But no matter how much room you have in your budget, there's no need to spend more than you have to by following this and other tips. About the Author This will not only ensure you get the quality custom folders printing your branding campaign requires, but also sets expectations at the start.