MONEY Master the Game Tony Robbins Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Motivational Speaker Motivational Speaker Business Strategist

Download MONEY Master the Game Tony Robbins Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Motivational Speaker Motivational Speaker Business Strategist

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  • MONEYMaster the Game

    Tony Robbins

  • Tony Robbins

    EntrepreneurMotivational SpeakerBusiness StrategistPhilanthropistMulti-Millionaire/BillionaireAuthor: Money Master the Game Book & 6 Earlier Books

  • 7 Steps to Financial FreedomBe an investor (Miracle of Compounding)Know the Rules (Cost of Investing/Hidden Fees) Setting Realistic GoalsAsset Allocation, Diversification, CostLifetime Income Plan Invest Like the .001% - BillionairesEnjoy a Better Life - Philanthropy

  • MythsInvest in Actively Managed Mutual Funds Truth: 96% Fail to beat S&P Index (14 years Mutual Funds 2.59% vs S&P 9.38%) Mutual Funds Are Cheap Truth: Fees Average 3.17% (2 % over 10 years = 28%) Published Mutual Fund Returns Truth: Time Weighted Returns vs Dollar Weighted Returns (Time Weighted 0 % vs Dollar Weighted -43 %!)Broker Here to Help Truth: Broker is not Your Friend (Broker Yachts vs Customer Yachts or 49 % of Mutual Fund Managers own 0 % of Funds)


  • MythsRetirement is a 401K Away Truth: Fees take up 50/70 Percent of Income (DOL Audits Fined 75 % of Funds Audited (Fees 3.1% Forbes)Target Date Funds Just Do It & Forget It Truth: High Fees, Exception VanguardI Hate Annuities and So Should You Truth: Life-Time Annuities, Roth IRA, Fixed Index Annuities, PPLI are Good. Variable Annuities Have High Fees, 4.8% except Vanguard & TIAA-CREF(Ben Bernankes Two Largest Holdings are Annuities)

  • 401K FEES

  • MythsYou Have to Take Huge Risks to get Big Rewards Truth: Structured Notes, Market Linked CDs, Fixed Index Annuities, Protect Principle (Warren Buffet Dont Lose Money, Rule 2 See Rule 1)

  • The .001 Percent


  • David Swenson Yale Endowment Portfolio Manager$1B to $23.9 B in 27 years13.9 % Annual ReturnPortfolio20 % Wilshire Total Market20 % FTSE Market All REIT20 % MSCI ACWI ex USA15 % Barclays US Long Credit15 % US Treasury Tips10 % MSCI EM PR USD

  • David Swenson Notable Comments:Investors Interest TIAA-CREF & VanguardMutual Funds Far Worse than PublicizedLevers: Asset Allocation, Proportions, TimingBelieves Asset Allocation > 100 %Diversification is a Free LunchIndex Funds are Maximum DiversificationTax-Advantage Investment 401K, Roth IRA,etcNever Underestimate the US Economy

  • Ray DalioBridgewater Investments$160 B Under Management9.88 % Net Annual Return Over 40 Years in All Weather Portfolio6 Losing Years Avg. 1.47 %, Worst 3.9%Market Timing is Playing Poker With the Best Players in the WorldAll Seasons Portfolio More Than Doubled the Performance of the S&P between 2000 & 2014

  • Ray DalioPortfolio30 % Stock, S&P 50015 % Intermediate Bonds40 % Long-Term Bonds7.5 % Gold7.5 % Commodities

  • Ray DalioStocks are 3 Times Riskier Than BondsS&P Lost 9 Times in 40 Years with a Total Loss of 134 % while Bonds lost 3 Times with a Loss of 6 %50/50 Portfolio is like having 95 percent of Your Risk in Stock, Money & Risk not balanced 4 Factors Effect the Price of AssetsInflation, Deflation, Economic Growth &Declining Economic Growth

  • Mark FaberPHD EconomicsMember of Barrons RoundtablePublisher of Gloom, Boom & Doom Report Since 2000, Annual Return of 23 %Emerging Market Bonds Act Like EquitiesPortfolio30 % Cash & Bonds20 % Stock30 % Real Estate20 % Gold

  • Paul Tudor JonesTudor Investment Corporation$13 Billion Fund28 Years Without a Loss Including 2008Number 1 Risk Control Factors are Diversification & Asset AllocationUses Heavily the 200 Day Moving AveragePhilosophy: Five to One, Risk vs Reward, Allows Him to be Wrong 80 % of the TimeAnticipation is the Ultimate Power

  • Other Investment Gurus Warren BuffettJohn BogleKyle BassCharles SchwabCarl IcahnT. Boone PickensSir John TempletonDavid Einhorn

  • WISDOMS Have a Strategy & PlanNever Lose Money, Second Rule See Rule 1 (50 % loss Requires a 100 % Gain)Invest at the Maximum of Pessimism (Blood in the Water)When Going Well, Human Nature Takes Over, Meltdown People Run for Cover. Discipline is Essential in Investing, Dollar Cost AveragingRisk Control (Risk vs Reward)Knowledge is Potential, Execution is Mastery Diversification, Asset Allocation, Cost & Tax Efficiency Power of Compounding (for 7 Remember the 72 Rule)However the Strategy, Look at the ResultsVery Few Beat the Market (10 %, Shoot %)Taking Huge Risks For Maximum Rewards Not a Good Idea




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