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  1. 1. MOHAIR SUITS Your first mohair blend suit should probably come with a warning: namely, that you may not ever want another suit fabric once you have experienced this one. Nothing beats mohair for its feel, OR its look.
  2. 2. MOHAIR SUITS It drapes perfectly and resists wrinkles while holding its creases. Its light weight makes it perfect for warm weather wear, and its absorbent nature makes it comfortable even in humidity (of the weather variety or the human variety).
  3. 3. MOHAIR SUITS The widespread exporting and cross- breeding of the Angora goat for mohair production is an indication of just how high the demand for mohair has continued to be over the centuries. Compared with regular wool, mohair is super soft, durable, absorbent, and lightweight, making it the perfect component of everything from scarves and sweaters to socks and high-end suits. Most often, manufacturers create a blend between mohair and wool. For the end user (for example, you in a mohair blend suit) the combination of textiles creates the perfect fabric experience. It is soft, not too shiny, holds a crisp crease and rings in at a reasonable price: for most peoples taste, pure mohair is both too shiny and too pricey. A mohair suit also keeps its value, given that its durability keeps a suit seeming crisp and new even after long wear.
  4. 4. MOHAIR SUITS We can create a bespoke suit that suits your every need, and makes you look like a million (without costing that). Woven in a rich color, mohair blends have a richness of tone and iridescence that make them stand out in a crowd. Even a well-dressed crowd!
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