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Module5 Unit1. put forward draw a conclusion in addition/ as well link … to apart from/ besides/ in addition to be strict with lead to make sense point of view look into come to an end be enthusiastic about be for / against be exposed to. 提出 得出结论 也 , 另外 将 … 连接 除 … 之外 对 … 严格的 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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    put forwarddraw a conclusionin addition/ as welllink toapart from/ besides/ in addition tobe strict withlead tomake sensepoint of viewlook intocome to an endbe enthusiastic aboutbe for / against be exposed to

  • 15.16.17., with the environment changing if possible attend on be to blame every time/ each time be absorbed in contribute to

  • theory adj. n. ( scientific n. n. addition v. adj. announce n. instruct n. contribute n. n. repeat n. adj. infect adj. analyse n. pl. enthusiastic n. adv. contributoradditional theoretical theorist science scientist add announcement instruction contribution repetition repeated infectedanalysis analyses enthusiasm enthusiastically

  • When you take this medicine, you should follow the i___________ on the bottle.They phoned i_____________ they reached home.He got b____________ about losing the money.We c_____________ the party by singing the popular song: Yesterday Once More.The cats proved to be a good c___________ for our mouse problem. nstrutions mmediatelylamed oncluded ure

  • 6. The first steam e__________ was invented by Thomas Newcomen.7. There wasnt enough e__________ to prove him guilty.8. Kindness is one of his c______________.9. We should combine t____________ with practice.10. It is Marie Curie who discovered r___________. vidence ngine haracteristics heory adium

  • The manager ______________ a good idea to solve the problem.Tom, could you please __________ toys and books? They are everywhere.The big fire was __________ an hour later. The match has ___________ because of the rain. Time was up for the test. So all the students _________ their pens and turned in their papers.The man ________ his best hat and went to the station.put away put down put on put off put out put forwardput forwardput awayput outbeen put offput downput on

  • defeat, win, beat, loseOnly by showing others honesty can you ____ their trust. Napoleon was _______ in the battle whose name was Waterloo.Phelps _____________ other athletes and _____ the champion.It seems that Rockets will ____ the game since Mc Grady and Yao are off the court.windefeateddefeated/beatwonlose

  • The meeting our manager ____ last month was a very important one.A. took part B. joined C. attended D. joined inHe attended (on) my mother while I was away for a week.Please let us know if you are unable to attend the conference.Could you attend to this matter immediately?Attend carefully to what she is saying.


  • declare / announce/state

    This powerful country ________ war on that small country.2. It was ___________ that there would be a celebration on Sunday.3. The witness ______ that she had never seen Mr. Smith. statedannounceddeclareddeclare:(,,,), .announce:(),state:,.

  • She tried every means to cure her child of the bad habit. There is still no _____ ____ ____.The doctors ____ ___ ___ _____ _____.(cure for cancercured him of heart attackget rid of the habit. cure / treatThe new treatment ________ his skin disease.The doctors are trying their best to ______ her with a new drug.curedtreat

  • He _____ ____ ______ _______. (.)People often ______ _____ ______ _____ others.(.)blamed me for carelessnessblame their misfortune onblame sb. for sth. blame sth. on sb. Mr. Green stood up in defence of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one ___. blamed B. blaming C. to blame D. to be blamedbe to blame

  • My brother didnt give me my MP4, and even said really ______ things to hurt me.It was ______ of him not to invite her. 3. Do you _____ what you say?4. I've been meaning _________(ask) you if you want to come for a meal next week. 5. Dieting also means ________(be) careful about which foods you buy.6. The diagram _________ show the different stages of the process.7. This kind of books ___ only ________ adults. 8. You're more of an expert than me. ______, you've got all that experience.A. I mean B. I think C. I say D. I supposemeanmeanmeanto askbeingAis meant tois meant for

  • I cant stand his looking me up and down.They were all jumping up and down and screaming excitedly.The new house just needs a bit of paint here and there.We can hear from him every now and then. Students of Senior 3 are working day and night for the coming exam .

  • If you _____ setting out, you wont be able to catch your flight.The opening of this section of the road is _____ till September.cancelled B. delayed C. avoided D. repairedBig companies often delay ______ (pay) their bills.The doctor asked him to give up smoking ____. without delay B. without doubt C. without question D. without breakdelayBpayingA

  • 1. His behavior is far from normal.

    2. He is the last person who I want to work with.

    3. He is always lying. Who will believe him?

    4. Its years since we had such a wonderful time.

    5. She was so proud that she would die before admitting her fault.

  • e.g. a card made by hand, a bag filled with letters, a house decorated with colourful lights

    a stolen paintinga used stampan injured fingera broken coina lighted candle

  • fallen leavesthe risen sunthe advanced countriesdrunken mana returned studenta retired teacheran escaped prisonerby-gone days

  • (absorb)The girl was completely absorbed in the book.(every time)Every time I catch a cold, I feel sleepy.(linkto)The old Silk Road linked China to the West in ancient times.(in addition to)I have read lots of novels in addition to some short story books.