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1. Modular Kitchen Design 2. What is a Modular Kitchen? A kitchen layout to optimize the space utilization and effectiveness with pre- installed modules or units. The prime focus areas are convenience, space economy and utility value. 3. Modular Kitchen Vs Conventional Kitchen: Conventional kitchens are difficult to manage and have high maintenance. Cleaning is time consuming. Hygiene is also an area of great concern. Modular Kitchens are easy to manage and convenient. Durable and come mostly with warranty. Well organized with inbuilt features and hygienic. 4. Design of Modular Kitchen: Depending upon the space allocation and utilization modular kitchens are designed. It can be designed for a small flat as well as for a bigger one. There are several domestic & international brands are available to offer you the best design for you dream kitchen. This designs are primarily dependent on the shape and usage. Lets discuss some of the common Modular Kitchen Designs. 5. Design of Modular Kitchen: U or C Shaped Kitchen: This design of kitchen offers abundant storage space with cabinets all around the room. This is the most efficient and effective design solutions. Along with storage, it allows sufficient space for appliances and cupboard. 6. Design of Modular Kitchen: L Shaped Kitchen: This design of kitchen combines required utility with the maximum space to move around freely. More than one person can easily fit in the kitchen and work at a same time. The speciality of L shape is that it provides the dining area with in the kitchen. 7. Design of Modular Kitchen: Straight or Single Galley Kitchen: The simplest kitchen layout which gives a neat and streamlined appearance. All the units and appliances are installed along the wall in a narrow space. Ideal for small apartments or flats. 8. Design of Modular Kitchen: Parallel or Double Galley Kitchen: This layout facing walls forms the kitchen which divides the kitchen into 2 parallel counters. These kitchens are found in many newly constructed , space optimized apartments. 9. Design of Modular Kitchen: Island Kitchen: Island kitchens are the latest kitchen trend due to its aesthetic charm. This is a hybrid of parallel and L shaped kitchen which provides an open living plus dining room. It also provides more preparation and storage space. This kitchen design requires a lot of space. 10. Contact Us: Trident India Limited Upper Floor, Satkar Near Lal Bunglow, Chimanlal Girdharlal Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006, India Tel No::+91-79-66090492/93/94 Mobile No: 9879538977 Social media: 11. Thank you