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Modern Usability Tools and techniques, discussed and presented at Firecat Studio 12/7/12.


  • Modern Usability Firecat StudioTools & Techniques December 7, 2012
  • What Is Usability?
  • What Is Web Usability?
  • Usability Starting Points
  • Modern Usability Tools
  • The Usability Lab
  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • Paper Prototypes
  • Usability Tools We Like Silverback Records user face and screen during tests. Mac laptop, uses built-in camera, records face and screens. Morae Similar to Silverback, but not Mac-only Optimal Workshops OptimalSort: Open or Closed Card Sorting Optimal Workshops Treejack: Navigation tree testing Id find it here Optimal Workshops Chalkmark: Click tests, produces Heatmaps SurveyMonkey: Can embed low- or high-fidelity designs (wireframes or comps) and ask questions Usabilla Similar to Optimal Workshops Chalkmark Loop11 Robust recorded testing with live or existing sites 5SecondTest Free and low-cost quick task-based tests. Adobe Acrobat Send your wireframes and comps and conduct a paper prototype session remotely
  • Silverback and Morae Captures users face and screens!
  • Optimal Workshop OptimalSort Open or Closed Card SortsDocumentation MUCH Easier!
  • Optimal Workshop Treejack Test Navigation Structure & Labels
  • Optimal Workshop ChalkmarkUse Sketches, Wireframes, Comps or Screenshots
  • Reporting Results Keep it short Top findings w/video highlights Showstoppers/Criticality Low-hanging fruitRESOURCES: Usability as a Conversation Greg Bell Why Do Usability Problems go Unfixed? Steve Krug and Caroline Jarrett
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