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  • 1. by Eva Hugas Modal verbs: must/mustnt Have to/dont have to Should/ought to
  • 2. by Eva Hugas
  • 3. You must = tu has de You mustnt = tu no has de You must study = Tu has destudiar Must is used to express obligation. It is used with the infinitive of the verb without to.
  • 4. We use MUST In the present. To talk about something that is important, an obligation, a rule or a law. We use mustnt for PROHIBITION MUST and HAVE TO can have the same meaning: I must do my exams = I have to do my exams by Eva Hugas
  • 5. by Eva Hugas
  • 6. And how to say that something is not necessary?
  • 7. You dont have to wear something just because its on fashion!
  • 8. by Eva Hugas
  • 9. EXERCISES by Eva Hugas
  • 10. You------------------do the housework if you have a cleaning lady. Anne works for a big company. She-----------do her job on the computer. dont have to has to MUST / HAVE TO/ DONT HAVE TO / MUSTNT by Eva Hugas
  • 11. Michael-------------take the bus to work because he hasnt got a car. John----------------------- go to bed early today. Tomorrow is a holiday and there is no school. has to doesnt have to by Eva Hugas
  • 12. You-------------cheat in exams. You -----------brush your teeth after meals. mustnt must by Eva Hugas
  • 14. Oh my god.
  • 15. Buy Crisps!!
  • 16. You ________Buy Crisps
  • 17. You SHOULD Buy Crisps !
  • 18. Dont Forget to buy the drinks!!
  • 19. You __________Forget to buy the drinks!!
  • 20. You shouldnt forget to buy the drinks!!
  • 21. You should = tu hauries de You shouldnt = tu no hauries de You should buy = Tu hauries de comprar To give advice and suggestions
  • 22. Giving advice in a magazine
  • 23. Model: Question Dear Amy, Shoes with high heels are in fashion And they make me feel tall But I cant walk in them. What should I do?
  • 24. Dear maria, Dear Maria, You should always wear shoes that are comfortable. (first reason) High heels in particular are very unhealthy and can cause problems with your feet, legs, and back. (second reason) Also, they are unsafe. Women in high heels fall more that women in flat shoes. Take my advice This is one fashion you should avoid.
  • 25. by Eva Hugas