moccasin bay (plants) by: hailey storms, and cheyenne thain

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  • Moccasin Bay (Plants)By: Hailey Storms, and Cheyenne Thain

  • Common Name: Canadian ThistleScientific Name: Cirsium arvense

  • Common Name: Stinging Nettle Scientific Name: Urtica dioica

  • Stinging NettlesStinging Nettles grow 3 to 7 ft tall in the summer and dying down to the ground in winter. Stinging Nettle can be used to be made into food and drinks. They have medical uses also. But they sting you if you touch them.

  • Common Name: HorsetailScientific Name: Equisetum arvense

  • Common Name: Cocklebur plantsScientific Name: Quercus macrocarpa

  • Common Name: Water BushScientific Name: Hamelia patens

  • Common Name: Kentucky Bluegrass Scientific Name: Poa pratensis

  • Common Name: Wild RoseScientific Name: Acicularis

  • Common Name: Cotton Tree Scientific Name: Cochlospermum Vitifolium

  • Common Name: Pear Tree Scientific Name: Pyrus

  • Common Name: Aspen TreeScientific Name: Populus

  • Common Name: Oak Tree Scientific Name: Quercus

  • Common Name: (Western Red) Cedar Tree Scientific Name: Cedrus spp

  • Common Name: Pine TreeScientific Name: Pinus

  • Common Name: TeaselScientific Name: Dipsacus Fullonum

  • Common Name: YarrowScientific Name: Achillea millefolium

  • Common Name: Douglas FirScientific Name: Pseudotsuga menziesii

  • Common Name: Wood GroundselScientific Name: Senecio sylvaticus

  • Common Name: Yellow Salsify Scientific Name: Tragopogon dubius

  • Common Name: TansyScientific Name: Tanacetum vulgare

  • Common Name: Dalmation Toadflax Scientific Name: Linaria vulgaris