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MOBILIZING FOR DEFENSE. After Pearl Harbor…. Japan thought America would avoid further conflict Japan Times said America was “trembling in their shoes” “Remember Pearl Harbor” was America’s rallying cry. Americans Rush to Enlist. 5 million Americans enlisted after Pearl Harbor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • After Pearl HarborJapan thought America would avoid further conflictJapan Times said America was trembling in their shoesRemember Pearl Harbor was Americas rallying cry

  • Americans Rush to Enlist5 million Americans enlisted after Pearl Harbor

    Selective Service expanded the draftEventually provided extra 10 million soldiers

  • World War II Recruitment Posters

  • Women Join the FightGeorge Marshall pushed for formation of Womens Auxiliary Army Corp (WAAC)Women worked in non-combat rolesNursesAmbulance DriversRadio OperatorsPilots

  • Womens Roles in World War II

  • All Americans FoughtDespite discrimination at home, minority populations contributed to the war effort1 million African Americans300,000 Mexican Americans33,000 Japanese Americans25,000 Native Americans13,000 Chinese Americans

  • A Production MiracleAmericans converted the auto industry into war industryNations auto plants began to produce:TanksPlanesBoatsCommand carsMany other industries also converted to war-related supplies

  • American Factories

  • Labors ContributionBy 1944, nearly 18 million workers were laboring in war industries3 times the number in 1941More than 6 million were women and nearly 2 million were minorities

  • Mobilization of ScientistsIn 1941, FDR created the Office of Scientific Research and Development to bring scientists into the war effortFocused on radar and sonar to locate submarinesAlso the scientists worked on penicillin and pesticides like DDT

  • Office of Scientific Research and Development

  • Manhattan ProjectMost important achievement of OSRD was the secret development of the atomic bombEinstein wrote to FDR warning him that Germany was attempting to develop such a weaponCode used to describe American efforts to build the bomb was Manhattan Project

  • Einsteins Letter to FDR

  • Federal Govt Takes Control of InflationWith the price of goods threatening to rise out of control, FDR created Office of Price Administration

    OPA froze prices on most goods and encouraged purchase of war bonds to fight inflation

  • War Production BoardTo ensure troops had ample resources, FDR created WPB

    WPB decided which companies would convert to wartime productionAlso decided how to allocate raw materials to those industries

  • Collection DrivesWPB also organized nationwide drives to collect:Scrap iron and tin cansPaper, rags, and cooking fat Additionally, the OPA set up a system of rationingHouseholds had allocations of scarce goodsgas, meat, shoes, sugar, coffee, etc.

  • Rationing Coupons


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