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Mobile Trends India 2013 - A detailed report that highlights the stats and insights of mobile trends, mobile apps and their usage in India.


  • 1. Mobile Trends India 2013 Smart /blog/mobile-trends-india-2013-insights/4.69/5 (93.77%) 61 votesWe proudly boast off the name crowned to our eon The Thumb Generation. Our thumbs are constantlyon the move performing so many activities every hour, each minute and each second! Texting,whatsapping, gaming and, not to forget, shopping! Wireless communication and held-hand devices havedominated our lives and thankfully will carry on doing so, with enhanced intensity, for a number of decadesto come.In the last 10 years India has undergone a massive revolution. Mobile phones have entered every sphereof our life. Mobile Apps have made our life convenient and easy, centring all our needs to just a single clickon the mobile phone.What are Mobile Apps or Mobile Applications?Aptly termed as Nuggets of Magic by the world famous genius Steve Jobs, these mobile apps are smallsoftware applications, especially designed to run on mobile phones, tablets and like. Mobile Apps servedifferent purposes like social networking, gaming, planners, etc. Occupying minimal space in your phonememory, the different mobile applications graphically take up the area of a small 1 x 1 square on yourcell phone screen. These small squares or icons hold the entire magic. Just a tap on the icon can get youinstant access to every corner of the world.

2. There are various stores which provide thousands and millions of mobile apps, some free and some paid. 3. Apple App Store, Google Play, Blackberry App world and Windows Phone Store are a few examples ofapp markets from where mobile apps can be downloaded within seconds.Mobile apps come handy in performing various daily tasks. For your every chore there is an app. Youneed to transfer data, you have an app. You want to check the weather, you have an app. You want tolisten music, you have an app. You want to burn some calories, you have an app. You want to book airtickets, you have an app. You name it and its there to serve any and every purpose.Before we proceed to the core motive of the article and dig into the detailed stats and figures of mobileusage trends in India, let us know why this information is important for successful as well as potentialbusiness owners like you.The Mobile Phone Story 4. Going back in time to a few decades before today, when mobile phones were an item of luxury and not anecessity, like it is nowadays. The PCs were then in vogue. Almost every house had its own personalcomputer and, thus, LAN connection made its way conveniently to the homes of a large chunk of theworlds population. Top retailers and hot shot brands realized the unlimited potential of online advertisingand setting up online businesses through the medium of websites. The trend of online marketing took birth.It was a picture perfect plan; minimal investment, vast audience and pouring profits. Soon after thesuccessful acceptance of this new trend, a number of companies started investing their capitals in websitedevelopment and focussed on getting online sales. In a matter of a few years every major brand had aparallel online setup, many small and big business owners adopted the e-sale strategy and many newentrepreneurs directly opted for sole online setups for retail and business.But as a market tradition, technology never stays undeterred. Change is inevitable. After a few decades oftriumph and success, when things started to sail smoothly, the market was struck with another trend. Themobile revolution! Easy availability, less cost, enhanced portability and multifarious features on mobilephones put an end to the Personal Computer era. Mobile internet and the convenient touch function of thesmart phones enabled more and more users to afford the technology and make use of online markets. Thesudden shift from the PC era to the Mobile Phone era posed a major problem to the online retailers.The table clearly shows the visible global shift from the wide-spread use of PCs to mobile phones, inparticular, smart phones.The online setups and websites that were made keeping in mind the wide 13-15 inch screens of laptopswere now being operated from small 4-5 inch mobile screens. It was a complete disaster. Frequentzooming in and zooming out to operate a website can be very frustrating! This is the time when mobileapplications came in to save the day.Many retailers realized that without convenient mobile apps their business setup could go down in thedumps. Then started the pouring in the easy-to-use mobile apps, a simple replica of online websites, whichkept the mobile revolution growing to an unimaginable level.As mobile apps started gaining popularity initially, the co-founder and then chairman and CEO of AppleInc., Steve Jobs was the first one to foresee this change in tides. Highly impressed by the versatility ofmobile applications and their unlimited benefits to the user, Steve opened the first popular app store- AppleApp Store. And hence began the journey up the ladder of success.Now all these events were centred around United Nations and its neighbouring countries. The reason whythe alpha to beta of mobile app trends was narrated is so that you take a lesson and do not miss a singleopportunity to take your business to the zenith of success with the application of right ideas at the right 5. time. And the right time is now!!India is continuously ascending up the ladder of mobile revolution and more and more users are adoptingmobile-based purchases. Mobile Apps and Mobile internet are gaining more and more acceptance withevery passing day. The PC era in India and almost the entire Asia is now at its final stage and will soon beon its way out. A considerable portion of the Indian population has shifted from the use of feature phones tosmart phones. However, the penetration of Mobile internet is yet to take place. The use of mobile apps is invogue and the viral will extend its arms more and more in the years to come. Now is the time to be a partof the mobile revolution and make the best of this coming opportunity wave.In the nutshell, here are 5 top reasons why mobile revolution is important for your business:The Smartphone Viral:With every passing day the number of Smartphone users is multiplying by a great factor. Of 4 billionmobile phones being used globally, 1.08 billion are Smartphones, and this figure is on a continuousupward trend. 20-30% of these users are adamant mobile-shopping purchasers whereas a large chunk ofremaining portion use their Smartphones for surfing websites. Individuals are shifting from feature phonesto Smartphones at a tremendous pace, in India as well as in all other countries.Increased Website Hits:As more and more individuals are opting for Smartphones, having a mobile website working parallel toyour online setup can be a jackpot deal. Mobile apps and websites can help you attract a lot of traffic toyour website, having a twofold impact on your website visits.Added Customer Convenience:Mobile websites allow your customers to make their purchases on the go. With just a single tap on thescreen, the order is placed and ready to be shipped. What else could a customer ask for? The added 6. convenience and ease in placing orders within seconds over smartphones will have a direct effect on yournumber of your sales.The login is simple, Increased Convenience = Increased Sales = Increased ProfitsEnhanced Customer InteractionWith the boon of mobile applications at your disposal, connecting with your clients and potential customershas become extremely convenient. Adding the services of posting product reviews, sales alerts, discountcoupons and customer feedback can now be highlighted to a greater extent, than that in case of online andoffline advertisements.The Small Screen CatchOne of the biggest advantages of mobile revolution is that you no longer need to apply any tactics to attractattention to particular content. On a wide computer screen, it is very difficult to highlight all the importantcontent to your visitors. Organizing and positioning of content using becomes very difficult. However, smallmobile screens rule out this problem. You can display discount schemes, new stocks, changes andupdates in your mobile website or application.India being on a very initial stage of this mobile revolution, gives you a huge, however short-spanned,window of opportunity where you can take your business to unimaginable heights with the use of mobileapps and mobile websites.Taking on a more figurative view of the scenario, let us analyze the global mobile trends with some statsand numbers at hand.Global Mobile TrendsOne of the best ways to estimate the inexplicable reach of mobile phones these days is by analyzing thescenario in the remote areas of the world. In isolated areas of the world where even sanitary provisions failto penetrate, we witness prevalent use of mobile phones! Individuals are readily opting for mobile servicesand leaving behind the old trends.The number of mobile subscriptions in use till date offer a staggering figure. It is estimated that by the endof this year, the number of mobile-cellular subscriptions will reach a number equal to the number of peopleon the planet. Mobile industry is running high on sales and its widespread reach is further triggering thetrend of mobile internet.The figure here indicates the yearly rise of mobile-subscriptions on the global front. It will help you get anidea of the vast audience mobile phones communicate with today and what the scenario will turn out to bein the coming years. The mobile usage trend can be easily analyzed. 7. Mobile Internet AdaptationMobile Internet may be called the by-product of theraging mobile phone trend in vogue these days.Firstly, let us understand what we mean by the term'Mobile Internet' and what significance it holds for you.Mobile Internet refers to the usage of web services,also known as world wide web services, using mobiledevices. Mobile internet enables mobile users toope