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Mobile Teaching and Learning in higher education


<ul><li> 1. Mobile Teaching and Learning<br />In Higher Education<br />JongpilCheon, Texas Tech University<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. H E L L O<br />my name is<br />JongpilCheon<br />Assistant Professor<br />Instructional Technology College of Education <br /> 3. Read the QR code<br />If your smartphone does not have a QR code reader, please download any QR code reader in the App store or the Android market.<br />Mobile Year in Review 2010 <br />Virtual Subway Store with QR code<br /> 4.<br /> 5. Global Tablet Sales to Pass 80 Million in 2012<br />85% of mobile devices will be web enabled by 2012.<br />Mobile search grew by 400% in the past year.<br />33% of search have local intent/results.<br />59% of people visit a local store after searching for it on a mobile device. <br />15% of insurance and finance searches are from mobile devices.<br />30% of restaurant searches are from mobile devices.<br /><br /> 6. Business is ahead of Education<br /> 7. Questions for you<br />Have you used any mobile device for your teaching/learning?<br />What do you want to do with mobile devices for your teaching/learning?<br />What is m-learning?<br /> 8. Mobile Survey Tool<br />Poll Everywhere<br />What kinds of mobile device(s), that can connect the Internet with 3G or WiFi (excluding a laptop), do you have?<br /></p> <ul><li>iPhone</li></ul> <p> 9. Other Smart phones (e.g., DROID, HTC, BlackBerry, Galaxy S, Ericsson and etc.). 10. iPod touch 11. iPad 12. Other Tablets (e.g., Xoom, Galaxy Tab) 13. Only a regular cell phone (No mobile devices)</p>