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Mobile mishaps10 mobile pitfalls to avoid@AaronWeiche

@AaronWeiche2Mobile SUPER-DUPER MATTERS. Google Said It, 4.7% AGREED.

@AaronWeiche3The Warning Shot

10. Youre still not mobile with no plan to be@AaronWeiche5DESIGNDoes your form trump flash?

9. Someone is still having the mobile app vs. mobile web conversation@AaronWeiche6

8. Responsive Web Design is confusing@AaronWeiche7One site, one CMS, all devices

Google & Bing preferred

Fluid delivery of all of your content




m. & hybrid@AaronWeiche11

7. You have redirect or other technical issues@AaronWeiche12


6. Your mobile site is s..l..o..w@AaronWeiche14Google Page Speed Insights

Tiered Reporting

Speed and technical issues

@AaronWeiche15Image size matters on mobile a lot

Integrates multipletools

CSS and redirects



5. You have no insight to your mobile users

@AaronWeiche19Mobile & Search GA Dashboard

Spyder Trap:

Ed Reese / 6th Man Marketing @AaronWeiche20

TEST, dont guess! ($20/mo) Click test, 5 second test and Nav test


Just dont wireframe Protoype!


proximity & context@AaronWeiche23

4. Navigation is unclear@AaronWeiche24

The Hamburger Menu

Use testing toolsTest MENU vs. BurgerTest Placement@AaronWeiche25

3. The world didnt stop on April 21st, 2015@AaronWeiche26Mobile Usability Experience (ranking factor) Google Page Speed Insights User Experience

Performance Issues for Desktop and Mobile page loads



A comparison of Mobile SERPS for the following 10 keywords:Auto RepairCar InsuranceDentistDUI LawyerHaircutHardware StoreHotelPizzaPlumberSteak Restaurant55% of mobile searches have local intent@AaronWeiche29

2014 vs. 2015 Mobile ResultsPage 1 Google Mobile SERPs in Minneapolis20.2% (+7.3%) News, Blogs, In-depth Articles, Images18.6% (-2.4%) Website16% (-2%) Directory (Mostly Yelp)15.5% (+0.7%) PPC13.9% (-18.1%) Local (Avg. of 4.4 panes, 12 local results) Mobile Above The Fold First 3 Screen Lengths 35.5% (-38.5%) Local25% (+21.9%) Website19.7% (+12.3%) Directory 19.7% (+4.9%) PPC


2. Dont miss where mobile connects your business and customers

@AaronWeiche31You dont view everything through a mobile lens.web social - emailThank YouAaron Weiche@Aaronweiche &