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Mobile Media Devices. Jayme Johnson High Tech Center Training Unit for the California Community Colleges. Presentation online at: Dear Colleagues. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Mobile Media DevicesJayme JohnsonHigh Tech Center Training Unit for the California Community Colleges

  • Presentation online at:

  • Dear Colleagues...OCR letter to administrators of higher ed institutions (

  • Adoption of Mobile Devices95% of college-age students own cell phoneAlmost 75% have iPod or MP3 playerEbook readers slow growth - (
  • Device Limitations & Capabilities

  • Device ClassificationsDedicated reading machinesSmart phonesTabletsNetbooks & Laptops

  • VariabilityBeware of multiplicity - many differences between devices, even within a classificationData acquisition issues: on-demand vs. tetheredDifferences between devices, OS versions, & service providers3rd Party Applications

  • Mobile Devices as Accessoriesmediaweb browsingcalendarcommunicationscameranavigationgamesorganizationMobile devices become VERY personalIntegration with many facets of student life:

    Devices & Technical Capabilities

    AudioVideoPrintAndroidMP3, MP4WAV, OggMP4 (h.264),WebMText, PDF, ePub, HTML, MS OfficeiOSMP3, MP4,WAV, AACMP4 (h.264), M4V, MOVText, PDF, ePub, HTML, MS OfficeAmazon KindleMP3-Mobi, AZWPlextalk PocketMP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg-Text, HTML, DOC, DAISYVictor Reader StreamMP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg-Text, HTML, BRF, DAISY

    Accessibility and AT Capabilities

    VideoBraille OutputVisual EnhancementsTTS ContentTTS InterfaceSpeech RecognitionAndroidSubtitles(requires SRT file)-ZoomYesDependsYesiOSCaptions, SubtitlesYes(requires display)Zoom, Contrast, Large TextYesYesAppAmazon Kindle--Large TextDepends--Plextalk Pocket---YesYes-Victor Reader Stream---YesYes-

  • Accessibility ConcernsInherent accessibility challengesHardware limitationsButtons, peripherals, data transferSoftware limitationsOS issuesApp issues

    Print-based File Types

    DAISYNIMASePubMS OfficeBookshareLearning AllyAudibleAndroidNot Yet-AppApp--AppiOSApp-AppAppAppAppAppAmazon Kindle------YesPlextalk PocketYesYes-YesYesYesYesVictor Reader StreamYesYesApp (SoftPak)YesYesYesYes

  • Apps for Students in Higher Education

  • Android & iOS: Theres an app for that...Competing platformsSimilar capabilitiesCommunities of users (fanboys & zealots)Bleeding edge of innovation

  • Educational UsesNote takingtext entry vs. audio recordingReadingmainstream media vs. specialized formatsStudying

  • 3+ stars and greater than 60% positive reviews for current versionNo major bugs or crash issues in reviews or testing of current versionCompatibility with common desktop applicationsOngoing update cycleApp Evaluation Criteria

  • Sound Papersynchronizes text with audio recording

    EvernoteCloud-based notetaking allows access to notes from different platforms

    Auditorium Notesrecords audio while entering text information, but not synchronizedNotetaking - iOS

  • Extensive Notes - NotepadSupports audio recordings, media attachments, and TTS

    EvernoteCloud-based notetaking allows access to notes from different platforms

    Catch NotesCapture text, audio, images, and synch with web.Notetaking - Android

    iBooksePub and PDF readerSupports VoiceOver interactions

    StanzaePub and PDF reader

    ReaddleDocsPDF, MS Office, and iWorks readerReading - iOS

    Aldiko Book ReaderePub and PDF readerFBreaderJePub and PDF readeronline library supportMoon+ ReaderSupports txt, html, epub, umb, zip, opdsFull visual control of color, line spacing, font size, orientation, and moreReading - Android

    InDAISYFull-text/Full-audio DAISY playerSupports DAISY 2.02 & 3 formats

    VOD (Voice of DAISY)Full-text/Full-audio DAISY 2.02 player

    RFB&D PlayerRFB&D Audio-only DAISY booksDAISY Players - iOS

    Idea Mapping - iOSiThoughts HDMind Manager/Inspiration-style interfaceImport & Export support for many desktop applications (e.g., MindManager, Freemind, MindGenius)

    Idea Mapping - AndroidThinking SpaceMind Manager/Inspiration-style interfaceImport & Export support for many desktop applications (e.g., MindManager, Freemind, xMind)

    Flash CardsAnkiMobileExpensive, but desktop application is freeSupports variety of media formats

    Study CardsText-based flash card interface

    Flash Cards - AndroidAnkiDroidFreeCompatible with Anki 1.2.5Many free decks available

    Any Memo FreeSupports many media formats (audio & image)TTS supportImport & Export between Mnemosyne, Supermemo, CSV, QA txt, and more

  • Institutional Concerns & Considerations

  • A word of caution...Understand the difference between acknowledging the existence of mobile devices vs. actively designing and supporting any mobile technology.Discrimination via technology? Theres an app for that- but only on the Palm Pixi...

  • FocusWhat are you trying to accomplish?What are you able to support?What are the expectations of your:studentsfaculty & staffadministrators

    Develop a check-in process...and then follow itSpecify a procedure that resets the device back to original factory settings removing personal informationChoose whether to support students if they override device settingsEquipment Loans

    Alternate Media WorkflowsText/HTML


    Text-based PDF

    DAISY (with appropriate app)


    ePub Calibre E-book Converter, OCR applicationsDAISY Save As DAISY add-in, DAISY Pipeline, online toolsMP3 TextAloud, Ghostreader, AT applicationsAlternate Media Tools

  • Conclusions

  • In order to map out the intersection of maximum benefit and minimal cognitive demands, the needs of the individual must be considered in relation to the capabilities of the technology.

  • Integration between mobile apps and desktop & laptop applications offers great promise, but beware of the dangers of riding the bleeding edge of technology.

  • Questions?

  • Special thanks to Sean Keegan of Stanford University for helping create this presentation!

    Jayme JohnsonWeb Accessibility InstructorHigh Tech Center Training Unit for the California Community Collegesjjohnson@htctu.net


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