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Mobile IPTV. John Barber UNT Assignment4 3220 Fall2010 Prof Cox. with One Touch (IPTV)Broadcasting. Introduces. The Broadcast Kit. Essentials. Software. Customers. NextGen Mobile Live Broadcasting. contact. The Broadcast Kit Essentials. Benefits Automated - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The Power to Connect with YOUR audience</p> <p>Mobile IPTV</p> <p>John Barber UNT Assignment4 3220 Fall2010 Prof CoxAnd Youre Connected!TV Station on the InternetAutomated Station Builder+Streams Live, Near-Live and/or On Demand to YOUR siteComplimentary Broadcastingfor Smart Phones, Web and TVOne-to-many Transmission Medium</p> <p>The Power Of A TV Station In A BackpackNo Need For Web Developer Or Technician </p> <p>HOME</p> <p>NEXT4with One Touch (IPTV)Broadcasting</p> <p>The Broadcast KitNextGen Mobile Live BroadcastingIntroduces</p> <p>EssentialsSoftwareCustomerscontactThe Broadcast Kit EssentialsBenefitsAutomated Complimentary ConnectionsComplimentary BroadcastingSoftware as a ServiceStation BuilderGUIApplicationsNiche VerticalsOur Promise</p> <p>HOMENEXTThe Broadcast Kit</p> <p> is AutomatedOne Touch And Youre Connected Automatic Connection DetectionLive Stream Within MinutesAutomatic ArchiveAutomatic Software UpdatesHOMENEXT</p> <p> Streams Live, Near-Live and/or On-Demand on YOUR site</p> <p>Web video player included with every kit.Embedded and Embed Code shares your player and increases traffic.Increase Return On Investment with archived and automated content.The StationBuilder (next page)The Broadcast KitHOMEComplimentary ConnectionsKit to 4G/3G/WiFi/WiMAX/LANKit to SatKit to TruckKit to SwitcherKit to CamKit to CrewKit to BaseBandExtending and Adding to Your Existing InfrastructureHOMENEXTComplimentary Broadcastingfor Smart Phones, Web and TV1. Grow Internet and Mobile Phone revenue faster and easier2. Broadcast live events anytime, anywhereKeep viewers on yoursite.comUpdate and change information rapidlyHOMESoftware as a ServiceHave A Birds Eye View With The Eagle EyeSoar To Your FullPotential</p> <p>Turn On The HeroAnd Be Your Companys Champion Activate The Catalyst And Experience Hyper-Growth Ease In With The Starter Kit</p> <p>HOMENEXTFour Levels/Products To Choose FromDiscounted upgrades availableFreshmanSophomoreJuniorMasterNiche VerticalsNews coverage for TV and Radio Stations, Print, Newspapers and PublicationsCitizen NewsSporting Events i.e. Golf Tournaments, etc.Internal Training ProgramsVideo DemosCorporate Meetings and Training SessionsMilitary Surveillance, Training, BriefingsHearing Impaired NetworkGovernment Intelligence Gathering/SharingPromotional Events, ConferencesEducation i.e. Distance Learning, etc.Law Enforcement and First RespondersVideo graphic ServicesHOMENEXTApplications:Go mobile, go live anywhere, Advertsing opportunties, Brand AwarenessOffer Premium Mobility Build The Best Kits Possible For DemandingEnvironmentsThe Opportunity To Broadcast Live Events Never Seen BeforeProvide The Easiest Live Broadcasting System On ThePlanet</p> <p>Our Promise To You:</p> <p>Be As Mobile As You Dare To Be!HOME</p>