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  • M O B I L E F I R S T I N S I G H T S

    A quarterly mobile marketing report from Opera Mediaworks

    The worlds highest quality mobile advertising and marketing platform

    Q 2 2 0 1 6

  • 4 The Pace of Mobile Growth

    5 Most Popular App Categories

    6 Top Apps by Engagement & Conversion

    8 Mobile Brand Performance

    12 Beyond the App Install

    13 The Power of the SDK

    15 Mobile Manpower

    17 Common Obstacles in Performance Creative

    18 Tips for Brand Performance Advertisers

    21 Methodology

    M O B I L E F I R S T I N S I G H T S | Q 2 2 0 1 6

    2 | w w w . o p e r a m e d i a w o r k s . c o m

    H I G H L I G H T S

    T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S

    DATAMobile users are spending nearly 10% more time each day in the most popular apps, and brands in the Retail, Food, Automotive and Technology industries are investing heavily in performance campaigns served to mobile devices.

    TECHNOLOGYBrands looking to build an audience of high-quality users can leverage up to 22 post-install events to build lifetime value models to accurately measure the efficiency of their performance dollars.

    CREATIVITYBrand performance advertisers face a unique set of challenges when it comes to mobile creative. But by thinking beyond their logo, putting value front and center to the user, and carefully adapting elements to the mobile medium, they can optimize creative for maximum impact.

  • D A T A

  • M O B I L E F I R S T I N S I G H T S | Q 2 2 0 1 6

    4 | w w w . o p e r a m e d i a w o r k s . c o m

    D A T A

    T H E PA C E O F M O B I L E G R O W T H

    T O P 1 0 0 A P P S , Q 2 2 0 1 6 - A V E R A G E M E T R I C S 1 ( G L O B A L )

    In just three months, weve seen the time spent per day jump nearly 10% to reach 33.5 minutes per day.

    In the beginning of 2016, both Gartner and IDC

    reported* that the pace of global device shipments

    was slowing down, dipping to single-digit annual

    growth levels in Q1, which indicated that the

    volume of mobile devices was no longer exploding.

    While that might concern hardware manufacturers,

    it soon became clear that while the pace of

    device growth was slowing down, the volume of

    mobile use by the average global consumer was

    increasing and at a far faster pace than anyone

    was predicting.

    By the end of 2015, mobile was responsible for

    65% of digital media time in the United States, and

    that time was dominated by apps, which accounted

    for 58% of total media time.**

    We found in our own data, too, that worldwide mobile

    users were spending an inordinate amount of time

    30 minutes a day in mobile apps that fell into the Top

    100 ranking on our platform, as measured by Monthly

    Average Users (MAU).

    This quarter, we discovered that on a micro-level,

    mobile use continues to grow steadily. In just three

    months, weve seen the time spent per day jump 9.4%

    to reach 33.5 minutes per day. The average session

    time also increased by 10.8% and is now 9.4 minutes.

    This significant quarterly growth shows us that the

    importance of the mobile device in the daily life of

    todays consumer is increasing and at an even

    greater pace than that of mobile media ad spend.

    DAU MAU Sessions Sessions Time (secs) Sessions Time (mins) Time / Day (mins) Time / Month (hrs)

    1 ,237,514














    1Averages of the Top 100 mobile apps on the Opera Mediaworks platform.2Percentage difference from Q1 2016

    *Source: Gartner and IDC **Source: comScore, 2016 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus

  • M O B I L E F I R S T I N S I G H T S | Q 2 2 0 1 6D A T A

    5 | w w w . o p e r a m e d i a w o r k s . c o m

    0 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%

    N E W S & I N F O R M A T I O N A P P S A R E N O . 1 F O R I M P R E S S I O N S

    T H E M O S T P O P U L A R A P P C A T E G O R I E S B Y I M P R E S S I O N S

    News & Informat ion


    Social Networking

    Communicat ion services


    Arts & Enterta inment

    Music , Video & Media

    Technology & Comput ing

    Health & Fi tness

    Li festy le



    Product iv i ty

    Educat ion

    Business, F inance & Invest ing

    Food & Dr ink

    Source: Opera Mediaworks mobile ad platform (U.S.) - June 2016

    In June 2016, the News & Information category was no. 1 for impression volume in the United States. More than 1

    in 4 impressions served in the United States in June were in apps with daily utility to users, such as weather apps

    and a mobile reader for Reddit.

  • M O B I L E F I R S T I N S I G H T S | Q 2 2 0 1 6D A T A

    6 | w w w . o p e r a m e d i a w o r k s . c o m

    5 categories with highest CTR

    Education Games SportsLifestyleTravel LifestyleGames Health&Fitness

    Technology& Computing


    5 categories with highest conversion rates

    E N G A G E M E N T C O N V E R S I O N S

    Height of bar indicates relative value over the average CTR or conversion rate of ads served on the Opera Mediaworks platform (U.S.) in June 2016.

    E D U C A T I O N , T R A V E L S H O W H I G H C T R ; G A M E S I S T O P C O N V E R T I N G

    The highest engagement levels are seen on ads run in the

    Education and Travel categories, with Lifestyle, Games and

    Technology & Computing rounding out the Top 5 (CTR).

    Once again, Games, Sports and Lifestyle are in the top five

    categories for conversions, with Games providing conversion

    rates that are well above the platform average. Newcomers

    to the Top 5 are Health & Fitness and Productivity.

  • Brand advertisers, seeing what mobile DR has to offer like deeper audience and measurement capabilities are beginning to play in the mobile performance sandbox, too.

    Bryan Buskas, 5 ways brands will forever alter the mobile performance space iMedia Connection | May 2016

    Bryan Buskas, EVP Global Performance, Opera Mediaworks

    7 | w w w . o p e r a m e d i a w o r k s . c o m

    M O B I L E F I R S T I N S I G H T S | Q 2 2 0 1 6D A T A

  • 8 | w w w . o p e r a m e d i a w o r k s . c o m

    The projection that mobile ad spend will eclipse that of desktop this year still stands, and even halfway through 2016, we

    seem on track to meet that milestone. But where is this spending going within mobile? Just one year ago, response still

    ruled the roost, accounting for at least 60% of digital advertising dollars and some industries, such as Retail, Automotive

    and Financial Services, were allocating an even higher percentage to DR.

    Interestingly enough, at the same time, eMarketer reported that the same brand advertisers that were focusing on DR were

    also directing their investments into the mobile medium. Retail, Financial Services and Automotive brands are the top three

    spenders in mobile advertising.

    M O B I L E F I R S T I N S I G H T S | Q 2 2 0 1 6D A T A

    Healthcare and pharma




    CPG and consumer products



    Financial services

    Retail $6.65






    Source: eMarketer, May 2015 (via Ad Age)Note: Total mobile ad spending equals $28.72 billion; includes classified, display (banners and other, rich media and video), email, lead generation, messaging-based and search advertising; ad spending on tablets is included.

    M O B I L E I S P R I M E F O R P E R F O R M A N C E

    U . S . M O B I L E A D S P E N D I N G B Y I N D U S T R Y

    In billions and percentage of total

  • This is no coincidence. Fortune 1000 brands in these three verticals are seeing massive impact from their mobile response


    And, looking at data from the Opera Mediaworks platform, we found supporting evidence that both Retail and Automotive

    brands are some of the largest spenders in performance-based mobile advertising. More importantly, these two categories

    show the most consistent growth pattern over the past year.

    Q3 2015 Q4 2015 Q1 2016 Q2 2016

    Food Delivery / QSR


    Business, Finance & Insurance





    Typical Q4 spike across most verticals

    M O B I L E F I R S T I N S I G H T S | Q 2 2 0 1 6D A T A

    9 | w w w . o p e r a m e d i a w o r k s . c o m

    B R A N D P E R F O R M A N C E S P E N D B Y I N D U S T R Y,

    Q 3 2 0 1 5 - Q 2 2 0 1 6

  • We found that two other types of advertisers

    came out on top when it comes to overall spend:

    Technology / Gadgets (24.3%) and Food Delivery /

    Quick Service Restaurants (23.4%).

    Large technology companies are competing for

    buyers of both hardware, such as phones and other

    gadgets, and software solutions, mostly mobile

    apps. Within the latter category, tech companies are

    seeing the most success with apps that offer daily

    utility to the user, such as those that increase photo

    storage or track stocks.

    The other king of mobile per