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  • 1. In-Brief: mobile devices and learningLyn Lall and Steve to View > Header & Footer to 2, 2012 | slide 1 RSCs Stimulating and supporting innovation in learning

2. Summary Starting off with mobile devices for learning Pedagogy and apps Ideas for organising apps Managing devices Choosing apps Interesting appsOctober 2, 2012 | slide 2 3. What is your main role?A. managerB. team leaderC. lecturerD. learning supportE. business support 4. Do you have access toA. no mobile devicesB. your own mobile deviceC. your organisations single mobile deviceD. a number of different mobile devicesE. a suite of mobile devices 5. Starting off with mobile devices for learning Edutopia BYOD or loaned devices? What about disadvantaged learners? Android or Apple? 6. What mobile technology are learnersusing in your organisation?A. Learner owned devices predominantlyB. Apple devicesC. Android devicesD. A mix of devices including learner owned 7. Pedagogy and apps: Blooms 8. Pedagogy and apps 9. 10. 11. Multiple intelligences 12. Managing multiple devices storage charging managing content and apps wi-fi issues support from JISC Legal staff development 13. Storage and charging tripping electrics installing apps multiple users 3500 to support 20 iPads 14. Managing content and apps Apple Configurator creating profiles selecting apps restricting access assign devices roaming profile 15. Choosing apps relevance suggest customisation app feedback evaluate appthinking skills engagementalternatives sharing Make choice Rubrics for evaluating apps 16. Apple T&CVolume purchasing for iOS apps 17. Apps that are floating our boat Smoothboard Air Collaborate(not really an app) Edmodo Bambuser Class Dojo Notetaker Google Drive 123d Catch 18. What are some of your favourite apps? 19. Resources and next In-Brief Moodle Tuesday 6th November


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