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Chapter 4Market Analysis11 E

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55Market Analysis, An Overview 66Extends your research on customers and competitors.Provides ammunition for making strategic decisions.Where you should invest/divest.The attractiveness of markets.Understand the dynamics of a market.The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupAn Overview7Emerging submarkets.Actual and potential market size.Market growth/past performance.Cost structures.Distribution channels.Trends & Developments.Key factors for success.The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupMarket Dimensions8Provide a lower price point.Serve nonusers.Serve niche markets.Provide systems solutions.Serve unmet needs.Respond to customer trendsLeverage New TechnologyThe Chazin Group The Chazin GroupNew Biz Characteristics9 Apply New Technology

1010Mazdas SKYACTIV

1111 Relevance

1212Is your brand perceived to be RELEVANT to emerging markets?Occurs when two conditions are met:Customers must perceive a need or desire for a submarket; and The brand needs to be considered relevant for that submarket by prospective customers.The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupRelevance13Consider the potential size by assessing the following:A new use;New user group;More frequent usageDont automatically rule out smaller marketsthey can be BEAUTIFUL! The Long TailThe Chazin Group The Chazin GroupPotential Market14


1616Market Growth 1717After sixing the market you need to focus on growth strategies.What are the markets/submarkets going to look like in the future.Strategies to invest in growth opportunities and divest in declining opportunities is SIMPLISTIC.Growth involves significant risk while it may be more beneficial to encourage others to leave while you stay.The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupMarket Growth18E.X.X.X.X. The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupU19E.X.X.X.X. The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupU20E.X.X.X.X. The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupU21E.X.X.X.X. The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupU22E.X.X.X.X. The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupU23E.X.X.X.X. The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupU24E.X.X.X.X. The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupU25E.X.X.X.X. The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupU26G DISCUSSION2727E.X.X.X.X. The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupU28E.X.X.X.X. The Chazin Group The Chazin GroupU29W 3030

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