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<ul><li><p>Issue No. 90 Mid April 12 - Mid May 12 FREE COPY</p><p>your sharm lifestyle advisor</p><p>KNOw DIvE LIFE EAt Out tAKE tEN LIst </p><p> Family Events Charity Events Land mark Celebratory Events! Sharms HOTTEST News..</p></li><li><p>Managing Director Rebecca Holmesoffice_artmix@mix-mag.comtel. +2 0122 1617 944</p><p>Editor In Chief Gamal Abdolah Sales Manager Sherif kamalsales@mix-mag.comtel. +2 0127 1668 822</p><p>Special Mix thank you to: Emilia Shehata, Will Lambert, Cassandra Jones, Suzi Malik, Shaun Bell, Valentina Verbenko, Chadash Cort, Mohamed Fouda, Tim Green, All Little Buddha Staff, www.humaneye.tv</p><p>Character Illustration: Victor Bailey Character Copywriter: Mostafa Farid</p><p>Here are some of the places where you can grab a copy of MIX Magazine:Hadaba: 24/7 Supermarkets, Makani Bakery, T2, Terrazzina, Mix Mag Office, Metro, and Il MercatoNaama Bay: The Tavern Bar, Property Sharm Real estate Office, Camel Hotel, Ghazala Hotel, Little Buddha, Marriot Hotel, 24/7 Supermarket, and Makani Rosa MallDelta Sharm: Spa &amp; Reception, Romantica, First Medical Care, Beauty Pro SalonSharks Bay: Terminal One Sharm International Airport, Maritim Golf, Four Seasons Hotel, and Soho SqareNabq: Al Khan Mall, La Strada, Bar One</p><p>CTP and Printing - Sahara Printing Company80.000 - 84.000 Copies Distributed YearlyMIX is a publication of Artmix Publishing LLC.P.O Box 300, Sharm El Sheikh, EgyptTel: +20 012 283 1355</p><p>st</p><p>This months issue of Mix magazine is a refreshing example of positivity. Many different sections of Sharm society have held family events, charity events and land mark celebratory events! Together we have entertained and educated our cities children, helped those less privileged then ourselves, invested and launched new projects and venues and supportively attended events. Pictures show smiles on faces, drinks in hand and warm hearts.</p><p>Mix magazine aims to spread local news, encourage local businesses and support the local community!</p><p>As summer approaches, why not try something new? Golf, Tennis, a Day Spa package, Little Buddhas new menu items, seasonal fruit and vegetables, a visit to Privilege Lounge Nabq Bay, a drink at Sharms famous Pirates Bar... There really is more to Sharm than the inside of your office or hotel room! </p><p>Explore Sharm and the surrounding area and drop the Mix magazine office an email: office_artmix@mix-mag.com we love hearing your stories! </p><p>welcome to the april/may 2012 issue of mix...</p><p>mix - April 12 - May 122</p></li><li><p>VisitorWWW - What Where When Zanes Visitors Guide to Sharm el SheikhLucas What to do?</p><p>4.5.8.</p><p>DiVeDive ListingsHow Much Do You Know About, Red Sea Corals? </p><p>10.11.</p><p>lifeDay Spa Package - Sabai Sabai, Thai SpaGolf - Time to tee off...Junior Tennis TournamentSharmers Walk it up for Charity!Fatherless Childrens Happy DaySharm British School - Easter Egg Hunt!La Strada - Mothers Day</p><p>eatMakani celebrate its 10th Anniversary!MiX FOOD - Campaign for local Fruit and Veg!Sponsered by 247 SupermarketNew Menu Items @ Little Buddha!</p><p>28.29.</p><p>30.</p><p>outSharm Out News - DJ Top 100 ClubsCharity pin and bracelet@ hard rock!DJ Chart with Chadash CortPrivilege Lounge GRAND OPENINGPirates Bar celebrate their 20th Birthday!</p><p>33.</p><p>34.</p><p>35.40.</p><p>listList Mix - Useful Info44.</p><p></p><p>20.</p><p>ot</p><p>st</p><p>mix - April 12 - May 12 3</p></li><li><p>Traditional Carvery @ Tavern Bar, 19.00- 21.00 reservation requiredKaraoke with DJ Cat @ Camel Bar 22.00Weekly Party @ Caligula Night Club, Savoy Hotel 23.00SMOOVE from Ministry of Sound @ Pacha 23.00Party @ Hard Rock Cafe 23.00SU</p><p>NM</p><p>ONMonday Party @ Terrazzina TooFace of Sharm @ Privilege Lounge, Nabq 22.00 ALL YOU CAN DRINK PARTY NIGHT @ Little Buddha 23.00 Party Night @ Pangaea, Soho Square 23.00Acrobatic CIRCUS DISCO @ El Fanar 23.00IBIzA SESSIONS @ Space Sharm 23.00MELT, Eastern European House @ Pacha 24.00</p><p>Chill Out Tunes @ Delta Sharm Beach - DAILYChinese Circus Show @ Soho Square, main stage 21.30Twisted Tuesday Party @ Pataya Beach, Nabq 23.30CHERRY DROPS, Juicy sassy House @ Pacha 24.00</p><p>Karaoke @ Viva Bar, Nabq &amp; Naama Bay - DAILYladies Night, 50% off all drinks @ Tavern Bar 23.00 - 01.00 La Dolce Vita Party @ The Desert 23.00GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN @ Little Buddha 23.00HITS MANIA, for RnB &amp; Hip Hop Lovers @ Pacha 23.00</p><p>Free Shot with every drink @ Montys Bar 22.00Crazy Lucas Karaoke @ Tavern Bar 22.00DELTA SHARM BEACH PARTYS @ Detla Sharm Beach 22.00Pink Thursdays @ Privilege Lounge, Nabq 22.00V.I.P. Night @ Little Buddha 23.00HOUSE NATION, The Famous Foam Party @ Pacha 23.00</p><p>BIKINI Friday Party @ Terrazzina Too 14.00DJ Katia on the Roof @ Camel Bar 22.00La Dolce Vita @ Taj Mahal, Alf Wa Leila 23.00Space TERRACE @ Space Nightclub Sharm 23.00Hedkandi @ Pacha 23.00LADIES FREE COCKTAILS NIGHT @ Little Buddha 23.00 Family Day @ La Strada, Nabq 15.00SATURDAY PARTY @ Privilege Lounge, Nabq 22.00Beer Lovers Night, buy 2 beers &amp; get 1 free @ Montys Bar 20.00 - 24.00DELTA SHARM BEACH PARTYS @ Detla Sharm Beach 22.00 Buddha Resident DJ @ Little Buddha 23.00Traffic Night Party @ Bus Stop, Nabq 24.00 </p><p>TUE</p><p>WED</p><p>SAT</p><p>FRI</p><p>THUR</p><p>What? Where? When?</p><p>HOT EVENTS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!THURSDAY 26th APRIL - 8th ANNIVERSARY @ PACHA WEDNESDAY 2nd MAY - TAURUS HOROSCOPE PARTY - TERRAzzINA TOOSATURDAY 5th MAY - FULL MOON PARTY @ TERRAzzINA TOOSEE THE OUT SECTION - FOR MORE DETAIILS ON GUEST DJS AND CLUB EVENTS</p><p>4mix - April 12 - May 12</p><p>VIS</p><p>ITO</p><p>R</p></li><li><p>Hi Mix magazine readers, Im Zane. Ive been working here in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh as a tour guide for many years. My job means I am responsible for ensuring my guests take home the best possible memories of our beloved Sharm. I have been kindly asked by Mix magazine to share some of these insights with you. So here goes</p><p>Below is a quick and easy guide to make sure your holiday runs smoothly, trouble free and most impor-tantly enjoyable!</p><p>Travelling:-The safest way to reach Naama Bay, Old Market or any other destination is to use your hotels shuttle bus. However, when shuttle buses are not available there are three alternative ways of travelling: </p><p>Rent a Car you can rent a car by day, week or month and with or without a driver. Rates start from 150 EGP per day depending on the rental company, the cars kilometer limit, make/model of the car and the rental period. International companies are usu-ally more expensive than the local ones, but please always ensure if using a local company, that the car is fully insured. This option is best for those who like to discover the area by themselves and are aware of the driving style in Egypt. </p><p>Cars drive on the right hand side. Please put on your seatbelt at all times although it is only compulsory for the driver and the front seat passenger. The speed limit is 60 km around town. Dont use a mobile phone whilst driving and stay fully focused as the behaviour of other drivers in Egypt can be rather erratic! </p><p>Taxis blue and white saloon cars holding a licence number are the official taxis licensed to carry foreign passengers. They are meant to have a working me-ter but I wouldnt count on it! Thus, the best practise is to agree on a price before you get in. There is a minimum charge of 10 EGP. Going from Naama Bay to Old Market (approx. 5 km) costs a maximum of 15 EGP and never agree on an AC supplement. Once you agree on the price and reach your destination, leave the taxi first and then hand the money over through the window. Try to carry small notes such as 10 or 20 EGP to avoid waiting or negotiating for change. I dont advise ladies to sit in the front pas-senger seat and if alone, always sit in the back and try not to answer any questions concerning your name, marriage status or nationality etc. Never accept a lift from a private car even if the driver offers you a taxi service. </p><p>Mini-bus also blue and white. They go up and down the main Peace Road for as little as 1le. They must be hailed from the roadside as there are no designated bus stops. The Mini-buses go all the way to Old Town Sharm and then onwards to Hadaba. On the in-ward bound trip they go from Hadaba direct to Naama Bay and onwards towards Sharks Bay, the Airport and Nabq. The Mini-buses are generally used by the Egyptian staff but tourists can still use them. Expect each bus to be full by the end of the journey. Please dress appropriately as you will need to bend to get in and out. Simply shout Henna Kwais (heres good) when you need the Mini-bus driver to stop anywhere along the route. </p><p>The PeoPle:-Take a look around you. You will notice more Egyp-tian men than women living in Sharm. This is because most of the mens wives and families live in Cairo, Alexandria, or the country. Sinai is home to many Bedouins. These people are historically nomadic and have a rich culture different from Egyptians. The Egyptian and Bedouin societies are conservative when it comes to dress sense and public behaviour. Women will wear clothes to cover themselves, some-times wearing a head scarf (hegab). Even the men are fairly covered, sometimes wearing a Galabeyia (an ankle length long cotton shirt). </p><p>love and romance:-Oh the bliss of a holiday romance but here are just a couple of tips which might help. First, if you meet an Egyptian local and fall head over heels, you can-not simply head off into the sunset. Egyptian law states that an unmarried Egyptian cannot share a hotel room with you unless he/she can present your marriage papers. </p><p>Zanes visitors guide to Sharm!</p><p>6mix - April 12 - May 12</p><p>VIS</p><p>ITO</p><p>R</p></li><li><p>STreeT SmarT:-If you dont want attention or stares... Bikinis and speedos are for the beach and the pool, not the street. Hot pants, minis, and barely there tops are for clubbing, not the Souq (shopping areas). Dont walk along the street or go to the supermarket in swimwear take a sarong with you and wrap up.</p><p>SimPle ruleS:-Just think before you drink when walking in the street. Egypt is not a drinking nation; however alcohol is ac-ceptable in bars and clubs. Public displays of affec-tion: Egyptian men often greet each other by giving a kiss on each cheek; this is usually for family and close friends and is culturally acceptable. However, it is unacceptable for couples to have an amorous kiss, grope or clinch on the street or the back of a taxi. Get a room! </p><p>mobile and inTerneT:-There are three main telecommunication companies in Egypt which provide both telephone services and internet services. These are Vodafone (with the red logo), Mobinil (written in orange) and Etisalat (which is branded with a lime green sign). Whilst on holiday, instead of using your foreign sim card which may have extraordinary high rates, you can simply buy an Egyptian sim card and credit (this way you can eas-ily manage your expenditure rather than receiving a large mobile phone bill when you arrive home). </p><p>If you want to stay in touch online you can buy a pre-paid USB modem from any of these companies for only 99 EGP. Simply plug it in your laptop, recharge using a top-up card and surf away. Credit costs around 30pst / MB and all three companies have competitive rates and good coverage in and around sharm. Please note you will need to take your pass-port with you when purchasing a sim card or USB in order for your number to be properly registered. This way, it will stay connected even if you only use it once a year whilst on holiday! If you are not asked for your ID, this means you are probably not getting the stand-ard charges. </p><p>All three companies have branches in Sharm, how-ever they also have many franchises. In order to get the best service and standardised rates, it is best to go to the actual branches, all of which can be found at the shopping district of Il Mercato (Hadaba). Please note the franchise store will take a fee when you buy a top-up card. They can charge up to 50% more than the credit you will receive! Whereas at the companies own stores, a 10le credit costs 10le! </p><p>money:-Monetary unit: Egyptian Pound (LE or EGP) 1 pound (LE) is worth 100 piasters. Notes come in 0.10, 0.25, </p><p>0.50, 1, 5, 10 (two different versions), 20, 50 (two different versions), 100, and 200 denominations. Coins come in 0.25, 0.50 and 1 LE. The 0.50 pias-ters and 50 pounds notes can be mistaken and easily confused. To avoid handing over too much money, please memorise them. </p><p>Currency Exchange Currency can be exchanged at the airport, banks, exchange offices and some ATMs. Major credit cards and well known brands of travellers cheques (preferably in US dollars, sterling or Euro) are honored almost everywhere. ATM machines are abundant and you can withdraw money using your credit card or international ATM cards. </p><p>ShoPPing:-Sharm el Sheikh offers a wide choice of shopping dis-tricts where you can find bazaars and also branded shops. The most popular are Old Market and Naama Bay. In most bazaars and shops you must ask for the price. Egyptians are excellent in judging the value of your wallet and therefore the first price will be at least triple the value of the product. Offer 30% of this first price and if you hear no just leave the shop. The shop assistant will then probably follow you and eventually say yes. If not, simply try in another shop where you are highly likely to find identical items. </p><p>There are also shops with fixed prices where you can buy not only typical bazaar products but also local </p><p>artists small and large masterpieces. Fixed prices are found in all of the branded shops in Il Mercato (Hadaba) and also Soho Square (White Knight Bay). These locations are recommended for no hassle shopping where you can also enjoy a nice ambiance and a great dining experience. When going to the Old Market area, I highly recommend you avoid wearing provocative clothing such as miniskirts, shorts, trans-parent tops and uncovered arms as this will help you enjoy hassle free shopping! </p><p>Pay attention to the quality of the souvenirs. For ex-ample, for the light papyrus to be an original, you should see a crisscross pattern when looking at it under the light; whereas the darker one with no criss-cross pattern will not be an original. </p><p>For grocery shoppers, I recommend local supermar-ket chains such as 247, Metro, Carrefour and Sheikh Abdullah. Prices are fixed and you can find plenty of imported products but also good quality locally sourced items. Here would be the best place to buy Egyptian delicacies such as tahina paste, sweets, dates etc. If you are a fruit lover you must visit Old Market and its Veggie stores to try the rare, fresh and chemical free fruits such as mango, guava, dates, caca, green melon, water melon and many more. </p><p>Zanes visitors guide to Sharm!</p><p>mix - April 12 - May 127</p><p>VIS</p><p>ITO</p><p>R</p></li><li><p>lucas What to do? What to see?</p><p>Yo yo yo, Luca here! Goodness what a month! I came to Sharm on a one weeks diving holiday and do you know what? Exactly 29 days later and Im still here oops! Its been crazy; I have met so many great people and have done so many cool things. I thought Sharm was just sun, sea, sand and fish! But there are loads of activities for all ages in...</p></li></ul>