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Rooty Hill High School Missing Link Newsletter Term 4 2012


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    As we come to the close of our school's 50th year we have time to reflect on all the achievements of the school.

    Almost every week this year the school has been featured in the local papers as our students continued to find success in sports (winning all the major awards at the zone sport awards), the arts (in slam poetry, music, art shows and drama), in school service (with over 60 awards in the Premier's Volunteering Challenge) and academic performance (with excellent achievement in external exams and school performance). Weve hosted a major pre-apprenticeship program run by the Motor Traders Association and have formed strong links with business and community agencies.

    However, for me, one of the most significant features of the year has been the comments of visitors and parents who have enrolled their children here during the year. So many have commented on the positive, polite and friendly behaviour of students, the professionalism of staff and the all round excellence of the school.

    We have had visits from the European High Commissioner, the US Consul General, the Minister for Education, senior educators from Dubai and China and teachers from schools across NSW.

    They want to see our work and meet our students because of our growing global reputation as a great school.

    None of this would happen without the work of our students, parents and teachers. I want to thank them all for their work in 2012.

    We will face challenges in the new year as schools wait to see if we will get more funding from the federal government through the Gonski review and we will be reorganising some aspects of our work as an Empowered Local Schools National Partnership school.

    Having celebrated our 50th anniversary our school is now ready for its future as a 21st century school. We are ready to implement the new national curriculum; we have plans for maintaining and improving our technology; and our commitment to learning, leadership and achievement continues.

    At the start of this year we said our overall purpose was to lift expectations, capacity and achievement for students, staff and the community. That remains our purpose and will continue to aim for this in 2013.

    I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. Christine Cawsey


    Learning, Leadership & Achievement

    TERM 4 2012


    Rooty Hill High SchoolLearning, Leadership & AchievementNorth Parade, Rooty Hill NSW 2766P.O. Box 70,Rooty Hill NSW 2766Phone: 02 9625 8104 Fax: 02 9625 4208Web: www.rootyhill-h.schools.nsw.edu.auAll School Announcements and information can be found on our Facebook page: Facebook: www.facebook.com/rootyhillhs

    RHHS Alumni Network: www.linkedin.com (GROUP: Rooty Hill High School)

  • 2ONE55 HEALTH AND FITNESSOne55 Health and Fitness continued this term with a new group of dedicated and hard working students. One55 has brought to the school a constructive supportive health and fitness program which aims to improve fitness and health, create a feeling of belonging to a team and help to create pathways for career opportunities. The program runs twice a week in all types of weather to make changes to students health and fitness levels. There has been a lot of sweat and hard work but the students have also had a lot of fun working together as a team. We will be celebrating the success of the program this term with a challenge against the ONE55 team at Blacktown Boys High School - a challenge RHHS are sure to win.

    LEARNING WITH TECHNOLOGYOur year 7 and 8 students have been exploring the latest technologies this term. Students have been using iPads to create digitally enhanced photos, animations and learn about augmented reality. Augmented reality has been a huge hit with students and with a number of teachers. It is anticipated that RHHS will increase our number of iPads in 2013 which will support the teaching and learning of more students in all year groups.

    SOUL BENEFITSAakell Naera in Year 11 is a member of the Hip-Hop crew 'Soul Benefits'. Other members include his brother Zehrish Naera and Storme . They have performed at the 2012 NRL Grand Final and have supported international acts such as Scribe, Savage, Home Brew Crew and many more. The group has been building a name in the local music s c e n e . S o u l B e n e fi t s c a n b e seen constantly performing at different venues in the Sydney area and they h a v e a n a l b u m l a u n c h s o o n ! Congratulations Aakell!

    SCHOOLS SPECTACULARNine students from Years 9 and 10 were i n v o l v e d i n t h e 2 0 1 2 S c h o o l s Spectacular "Our Time," performing the conga in the 'Let's Celebrate' combined dance section.

    Zoe Mulhern was involved in the State Dance Ensemble and Senior Ballet Ensemble, while Chloe Cowgill danced along side the Sydney West dance group. All the students represented RHHS proudly and showed great commitment to all rehearsals and early morning train trips. Congratulations!Students: Natalie Pate, Molly Stannard, Maddison Kearins, Sharri Sarraj,

    Tayla Berry, Chloe Cowgill, Katelyn Osborne and Alyssa Herning.

    NATIONAL ART SCHOOLMadison Nixon and Charity Dave successfully completed their HSC Studio Intensive Practice course and exhibited at the National Art School. It is always a thrill to see student's work being admired by a greater audience, an audience outside the school and classroom. They have now completed 1 unit of work for their HSC. The skills and exper iences ga ined i s a g rea t springboard into the early and ensuing stages of their body of work. Madison and Charity Snapshot Exhibit ion @Lewers Gallery.

    Amellia Rakic of Year 9 is an aspiring photographer. Her photograph was selected out of 800 entrants across the globe to be exhibited in the annual "Snapshot" exhibition of photography held at the Penrith Regional Gallery. Along with this amazing accolade, Amellia also picked up a Harvey Norman discount card so that she can go back again and again to get her awe inspiring photographs printed. If you are an avid photographer keep an eye out for entries next year!

  • 3WORLDS BIGGEST CLASSROOMRHHS was selected to be a part of this years Worlds Biggest Classroom, run in conjunct ion with the Schools Spectacular. The project displayed was the Concert 4 Cancer, with organisers Jay Edwards, Setaleki Mafi, Julie Massaquoi and Reece Morr is , featuring on a poster displayed at Circular Quay and Central Train Stations.

    getting the opportunity to meet special guests such as Carmen Smith from The Voice and representatives from the NRL Education Office.

    The day was a huge success thanks to the contributions of all staff and students involved.

    CONCERT 4 CHANGEThis years concert showcased the artistic and creative musical talents of our music students and innovative organisational skills of the leadership students. The concert was organised to raise awareness about the struggles faced by the most vulnerable children in our world, with the $1000.00 raised going to UNICEF. Carmen Smith, from the Voice, performed at the concert and also acted as a judge.

    The winning group from Concert One was Coconut Rice and the winning group from Concert Two was The Officials.

    SOCIAL JUSTICE @ RHHSMAKING A DIFFERENCEStudents, staff and the extended Rooty Hill High School community have d e m o n s t r a t e d a n o u t s t a n d i n g commitment to upholding the values of social justice. In total for 2012, over $13,094.20 has been raised through various fundraising programs. In support of the principle of Charity begins at home, over $4,470 was raised for In-School programs, such as the SRC and the Sports Fund. In our dedication to helping those most in need globally, over $7,624.20 was raised for our supported Not-For-Profit Organisations, such as World Vision, Unicef, Cancer Council, S.I.D.S, RSPCA and Knitting with Love.

    On behalf of all those that we have helped, THANK YOU and we wish you & your families a Happy Holiday and a wonderful 2013. Social Justice Team; Julie Massaquoi, Tenielle Thick, Breayla Harding, Caitlin Thick, Harsha Kumar, Madison Nixon, Ege Tekin, Reshad Faiz, Maelody Gevero, Angus Shephard, Justin McCormick

    SRC LEADERSHIP CAMPFERENCEJay Edwards, Blake Hicks-Ashton and Justin McCormick attended the 2012 Western Sydney SRC Leadership Campference in October. Justin was selected for the Working Party where he helped plan and organise the leadership activities. It was a full-on three days where students were able to share experiences about leadership in their school. They attended workshops on issues that are concerning todays society and proposed ways that we as individuals and as a collective can help.

    SENIOR LEADERS CONFERENCEThe new senior leaders, Matthew Mangsal, Madison Nixon, Tori-Lee Rylewski, Missy Tapaitau, Sharlisa Manuhuia, Bryce Simpson, Siera Lamsam, Katherine Alviola and Zoey Lawson, were given the opportunity to attend the Halogen Young Leaders Conference at the Sydney Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour. They listened to guest speakers such as Dr Karl, the weird and wacky scientist, Kevin Sheedy, the greatest AFL coach in history, and Ronni Kahn, founder of the OzHarvest charity, speak about how students can make a difference. The main focus of the day was to encourage students to be proactive about the world they live in. Students were able to express concerns that they had with society and share stories of inspiration and success.

    R H H S G O E S A L L O U T F O R SUSTAINABILITY DAYOn the 16th of November, the school celebrated Sustainability Day. It was a whole school event, organised by the HSIE and Maths faculties.

    The focus this year went beyond Environmental Sustainability to include Sustainable Heal th, Sustainable Community and Sustainabl