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  1. 1. Mirror work,latest designer sarees online, unnati silks,wholesale,intricate,exclusive sarees http://www.unnatisilks.com/sarees-online/by-work-sarees/shisha-saris-shop.html Mirror or Shisha or Kaanch works are very intricate handy works specially made with lightweight pieces of mirrors. These are extremely popular embroidery works made in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and other cities of India. The beauty and elegance of a woman appear when she drapes a Saree. Mirror works of embroidery are the latest trends that evoke the fashion. Shisha or shisheh means glass in Persian. The work made on a glass is known as Shisha work or Mirror Work. It is well- known as Abhala Bharat in Gujarat. Mirror work with embroidery furnishes a three-dimensional feel to the saree. Mirror works are renowned for their designs and became the traditional s tyles of India. Mirror works or Shisha works have their origin in India, later populated in Asian countries. These works are introduced by Mughal dynasty. Its really a painstaking process to the designers; they must expose concentration and dedication to make the best design. It is an embroidery work where the lightweight pieces of mirrors are attached to the fabric. Dark or Heavy coloured clothes are best suitable for Mirror works. Mirrors used in this work are mostly thin layered glasses as they are machine cuts and they may be of any shape like triangular, circle, rectangular, etc. To hold the mirrors in exact place, the designers use satin stitch, herringbone stitch and chain stitch. The designers use coins, glasses, silver, tin and mica (an aluminium silicate mineral) to the pattern. These works varies in shapes and sizes. Antique Shisha is especially hand-blown, as it is a hand cut or handy it varies in irregular shapes and sizes. To accentuate the beauty of design, the designers use different types of embroidery works. Mirror work sarees are available in all cities of India with affordable prizes. Latest designs with big mirrors and pallu with different colours are really subtle. These saris are especially the bridal collections. These sarees are suitable for grand occasions and festivals. The salwar kameez with mirror works looks traditional as well as trendy.
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