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February Finacial Fast, are you up to the challenge? "Stand With the Family" a must read book! Gardening, cooking and politics! The focus of MinuteMom Magazine is the same as the overall mission of As A Mom...-- to empower Moms and Moms-at-Heart to preserve our Constitution, Country and Children -- and will feature articles, essays, opinion pieces, original poetry, artwork and photography.


  • MinuteMomFebruary 2012 Volume 1 Issue 6

    Keeping it all going:Finance, Food

    & a Full liFe

    stand For the Family

    Voting inFoyou need

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    Dear Moms and Moms-at-Heart,This month we are all about saving your family: at the bank,

    the grocery store and in government. Quoting our Co-Founder Anita Reeves, Are you MOM

    enough??? The fairly unheard of day Financial Fast program is about

    curbing the common perception and our own, that we need to consume to live or be happy. Spendthrift or frugal, we each consume more than we need to. With the recent downturn and uncertainty of the economy, were all feeling the pressure to meet our obligations, while preparing for the future. Finan-cial strain brings stress to not only yourself, but every relation-ship in your life, i.e. spouse, children, family and friends. This stress is the common cause of divorce. It has an all-encompassing effect on our lives and we could all use some relief from this stress (even if only for one month).

    OAMC or Once-a-Month-CookingWhat is it, you ask? It is a system of producing a months worth of meals or entrees in a one or two

    full-day cooking session. Prepared meals are frozen and then one is thawed each day, thrown in just prior to dinner and served to the hungry people in your life. Practicing OMAC allows you to spend more time with your family or pursue that always elusive me time. OAMC can cut down on the num-ber of times youre asked, Momwhats for dinner? It will also cut down on the tempting Im too tired to cook, lets go out to dinner expense and will ultimately reduce your food budget by eliminating the last minute grocery store trips for dinner.

    Stand for the FamilyAs a fellow mom, Sharon Slater is also working to make a difference for our children and grandchil-

    drens future. As the author of Stand for the Family, she is diligently working to bring awareness and attention to not only the national, but international assault against the institution of The Family. This intelligently and engagingly written book covers different facets of this assault and discusses how we can combat it. The book also details her experience of drafting an amendment declaring the right of mothers to care for their own children, which was in direct opposition to the proposed UN mandated daycare. Stand for the Family is a must read for moms looking for hope and help in the moral decay happening all around us. Be sure to sign the petition I Stand for the Family Petition, provided at the end of her book.

    I would encourage you to read Sharon Slaters book Stand for the Family and also to choose one of the other AAM challenges above to research and try out.


    Amber TooneNational Vice - President

    As a Mom A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots Inc.


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  • Features

    6 February Financial FastWhat can you learn about your spending habits. What can you save?By AnitA Reeves, AAM vice-PResident

    14 americas emerging dictatorshipWe are becoming nation controlled entirely by a small group of elitists.By MichAel connelly

    16 are we homemaKers or are we homemaKers?

    Many generations ago, our society looked upon mothers as fulfilling vital and dignified roles. By tAMMy hulse, vice-PResident of hoMeMAkeRs foR AMeRicA

    20 its in the bag! once monthly cooKingmeal swap

    While it requires time and dedication, Once Monthly Cooking leaves you days of stress-free evenings to dedicate to family.By kAMi WAtkins

    22 school truancy do parents eVen matter?

    What used to seem very simple - excusing your child from school - has become an intimidating process. By stePhAnie MoRgAn of the neBRAskA fAMily foRuM

    28 time to start gardening!Spring is just around the corner and for many of us that means its time to start thinking about this seasons garden. By Auntie Anne

    32 Keeping our religious FreedomMost of us think of the ridicule that Tim Tebow receives as evidence of losing our religious freedom, but it is not. By susAn PAyson




    MinuteMom MagazineFebruary 2012 Volume 1 Issue 6


    3February 2012As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots

  • Publisher:As a Mom...

    A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots. Inc. www.AsAMom.org

    EditorDiana Learn

    CoordinatorKami Watkins

    Contributing Writers:Auntie Anne

    Lori BurnsCarrie ChristiansenMichael Connelly

    Ken EyringTammy Hulse

    Stephanie MorganSusan Payson

    Marlene PetersonAnita ReevesKami Watkins

    MinuteMom Magazine is published 12 times a year by As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots, Inc. MinuteMom Magazine is available free, on-line. Copyright 2012 by As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots, Inc. All rights reserved. MinuteMom Magazine is not responsible for errors, omissions or contest fulfillment from third parties. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising or editorial material. Advertisers, and/or their agents, as-sume the responsibility for any claims against the publisher based on the advertisement. Editorial contributors assume responsibility for any claims against the publisher based on published work. Signed articles do not neces-sarily reflect the official organization policy. As a Mom... A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots is a registered trademark.

    Please send all article submissions to:editor@minutemom.org

    Advertising inquiries contact:sponsor@asamom.org

    Note that submissions are welcome but are not guaranteed inclusion in the magazine.

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    10 booK clubMinute MoM Book cluB feBRuARy- Stand for the family By shARon slAteR

    12 Valuesthe geoRge WAshington chAllenge

    18 countrytRue fReedoM school tRuAncy

    26 country2012 RePuBlicAn PResidentiAl cAndidAte Positions MAtRix

    36 Founding mothersthe foundeRs Wives of neW yoRk

    38 in your statestAte neWs fRoM AAM gRouPs

    45 as seen on aamhoW ARe you feeling ABout the noveM-BeR 2012 election?MoRe hot toPics ...

    46 as a FamilysinceRity- 9/12 vAluediligence And fAith

    MinuteMom Magazine is looking for people to share their talents by producing articles, essays, opinion pieces and original poetry. Artists share your original artwork. Send us photos showing your adventures As a Mom... For more information contact editor@minutemom.org.

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  • Where is Molly noW?

    Directions:Print Molly on cardstock or heavy 1. paper.Color and decorate to your liking.2. Cut out and mail Molly, along with 3. a Constitution and personal letter or story, to your friends. You can find a copy of the Constitution to print here: http://www.rollingchrome.com/AAM/docs/USConstitution.pdf Ask the recipient to take Molly to a 4. local landmark, town hall or other place that a Constitution is needed and document the visit with a photo. Make sure Molly and her sponsors are in the photo too!

    Ask your family/friends to email the 5. photo to you.Post your favorite Molly photos at 6. AsAMom.org.Request that your friends send 7. Molly and her message on to someone else, or help them create their own.

    If you have a scanner you can always email your Molly or use the handy pre colored Molly!

    Complete instructions and Down-loadable PDFs can be found at www.asamom.org

    Where is yoUr Molly?

    Recently Molly was sighted around Wash-ington DC. by Libby-VA Assistant Chairs family. Molly visited the Attorney General (top left) and then went on to the Department of Justice. Molly also saw the White House.

    See more photos at www.asamom.org

  • Editors Note: If 3 years make a tradition, we have one at As A Mom. For the third year in a row, we are declaring February Financial Fast month. Originally inspired by an article that Anita Reeves, AAM National Vice-President, found, the financial fast has helped many moms to really look at their money habits.

    Two years ago when my husband first suggested a financial fast, I never imagined that I would be looking forward to my third and much-needed fast. Any parent who has seen his or her daughter happily wed probably feels the same. In the last three weeks I have had, not one, but two daughters start their own journeys into wedded bliss. Need-less to say my pocketbook is anything but happy.

    We started our first fast after reading Michelle Singletarys Washington Post article, A 21-day Financial Fast Will Improve Your Money Man-agement. In the approach described in the arti-cle, only the basic expenditures (housing, gas for work, bare bones groceries, medicines, etc.) were allowed. We also decided to keep a written record of unexpected or unbudgeted expenses. We put each expense on this list and indicated if we were able to avoid the expense, postpone it, reduce it, substitute it, or pay it.

    My husband and I and chose the month of Feb-ruary to do this. It is the shortest month and I hoped it would be the least painful. We set about recruiting our children. They agreed, but not with-

    By AnitA ReevesAs A MoM... Co- founDeR AnDnAtionAl viCe-PResiDent


    to C



    y o

    f m




    February Finanial Fa$t

    6 MinuteMom Magazine www.AsAMom.org

  • out protest. We wrote out the simplified budget, paid the necessary bills, purchased the food and medicines, and then put away the checkbook and plastic. Within the first two days we had requests for over $2500 in unbudgeted expenses. These included drivers education class fees for two teenage boys, summer camp fees and deposits, field trip fees, Valentines Day party contribu-tions, and charitable collections for school and Boy