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Minoan Religion. Minoan Crete Map. Cave of Eileithyia. MM cult centers Baetyl Animal Bones Animal Figurines Bronze artifacts. Peak Shrines. Link to MM protopalatial elites through artifacts Linear A, Kamares Ware Ash layer, no bones Many figurines. Tripartite Shrine. Domestic Shrines. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Minoan Religion

  • Minoan Crete Map

  • Cave of EileithyiaMM cult centersBaetylAnimal BonesAnimal FigurinesBronze artifacts

  • Peak ShrinesLink to MM protopalatial elites through artifactsLinear A, Kamares WareAsh layer, no bonesMany figurines

  • Tripartite Shrine

  • Domestic ShrinesTown, Palace, HouseBench SanctuaryLustral BaisinPillar Crypt

  • Snake Goddess/Priestess

  • Goddess of the MountainGoddess of the Beasts

  • Goddesses

  • Minoan Pantheon

  • The Male Consort

  • Male Divinity?Male figures rarerUsually smaller statureLesser Male Divinity?Rural Matriarchy?Urban Patriarchy?

  • Ayia Triadha Sarcophagus:LMIIIA (14thC)Painted Plaster over Stone

  • Celestial vs Chthonic GodsChthon = earth

  • Sacrifice

  • Human SacrificeAnemospiliaNear Archanes & HeraklionBound male on altar2 others killed in room by earthquake1 killed in anteroom with krater (of blood?)

  • Child Sacrifice & Cannibalism?Childrens bones with butchering marks in North House, Knossos


  • Child Sacrifice in Myth??

  • Theseus & the MinotaurAthenians send human tribute to bull crazy MinoansPalace at Knossos like Labyrinth to simpler Mycenaean Greeks

  • The Labyrinthine PalaceNote dismembered bodies

  • Hero StoryMiraculous Conception/BirthAegeus/PoseidonHiding of/Threat to ChildTroezen, with AethraMedea?Societys Desire for ChangeNo more sacrifice!Withdrawal & InitiationUmmmmResistance of Hero RoleUmmmSearch for Lost FatherTrip to AthensQuestKilling MinotaurMagical Tools/WeaponsClub, thread, swordImpossible AdversariesNumerousJourney to UnderworldRape of PersephoneReturn (in Disguise) to Save BelovedUmmmm

  • Early ExploitsFathers TokensHeroic JourneyPeriphetes ClubCrommyonian SowSinis & treeScirons turtleProcrustes bedDaughters?Herculean hero

  • Aegeus, Medea, & TheseusMedea the Colchian witchMurderer of brother & children by JasonMarathonian Bull

  • Marathonian/Cretan BullBrought to Greece as one of 12 labors of HeraklesBull of PoseidonPasiphae & BullMinotaurs father!Good Credentials for facing Minotaur

  • Revenge of MinosAndrogeos at Panathenaic gamesVictorious Cretan murdered by envious Athenian athletes or by AegeusAthenian compensation:7 boys & 7 girls every 9 years

  • Cretan Games

  • Theseus trip to CreteTheseus as 1 of 7 boysWhite Sails for SuccessBlack/Red Sails for Failure (death of Theseus)

  • Theseus edge: Inside Woman

  • Victory!Theseus slays MinotaurTheseus & Ariadne sail off into the sunset

  • Homeymoon on Naxos

  • Dionysus to the RescueDionysus finds AriadneThey drink happily ever after

  • Theseus sails home to celebrate victory& freedomAegeus watches for beloved sonOoops - black sailsAegeus leaps to deathOh well, Theseus becomes king of Athens

  • Theseus & Herakles: Fratboy HeroesHerakles 12 laborsGirdle of Hippolyte

    Theseus & Pirithouscarry off Antiope/Hippolyte

  • Amazon Invasion of AtticaAmazons defeated, Antiope slain fighting beside TheseusAmazonomachy artform comparable to contemporary Miller Lite commercial tastes great; less filling

  • Theseus, Phaedra & HippolytusChild of AntiopeStepmother PhaedraFalse accusation of rapeBull from Poseidon causes death of Hipploytus in chariot crashPhaedra hangs herself

  • More bad behaviorTheseus abducts 12 year old HelenTheseus & Pirithous go to underworld to abduct PersephoneTrapped in Chair of OblivionRescued by Herakles

  • Death of TheseusHelen rescued by her brothers, the Dioscuri: Castor and Polydeuces (Pollux)Theseus in exileMurdered/fell of a cliff