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    2 August, 2016 |

  • 2 Catalysts for Innovation

    Client challenges


    35% - 40% Typical share of public sector

    budgets devoted to health &

    social programs. MN DHS

    spends $1B per month

    Youth Unemployment

    15 - 40%+ Typical rates around the


    Families Receiving Many


    86% of Illinois health spending

    goes to 23% of families

    participating in multiple


    Aging Populations

    601M to 715M The number of people around

    the world over the age of 65 in

    2015 and 2020: High-cost, high-


    The share of GDP devoted to healthcare is increasing dramatically

    Program Integrity

    5 10%

    Typical estimate of improper

    healthcare payments associated

    with fraud, waste, & error

  • 3 Catalysts for Innovation

    Organizations are using data to improve results


    Improve quality and results through

    multidisciplinary approaches and

    evidence-based services and


    INCREASE ACCESS Reduce gaps in access, help individuals to

    become advocates of their own situation, and

    enable greater individual and family engagement


    Efficient and flexible organisations that

    enable greater focus on vulnerable

    populations and individuals

    Use Data to Manage

  • 4 Catalysts for Innovation

    The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice uses predictive analytics to improve

    youth outcomes

    Challenge: When a delinquent enters the juvenile justice system, he is at a crossroads, and

    the wrong decision could set him up for a life of crime. The Florida Department of Juvenile

    Justice (FDJJ) sought a way to optimize each childs chances

    The solution: The FDJJ taps into years of data about the relative success of different

    interventions with different kinds of offenders. Decision makers can now use the insight

    provided by predictive models and statistical analysis to quickly and accurately determine the

    strategy that will work best for each young person who enters the system.

    With powerful predictive analytics technology, we can gain the deep insight we need to

    increase the chance of a successful outcome for each and every child.

    Mark Greenwald, chief of research and planning

    26% decrease in the number of juveniles

    referred to secure facilities

    15% lower rate of referral to juvenile

    probation programs

    22% fewer Crimes committed by

    juveniles in the first two years

  • 5 Catalysts for Innovation

    The cost of NEETs (aged 16-19) is 3.65 billion/pa nationally

    The London School of Economics found that each NEET costs the taxpayer

    97,000 over the course of their lifetime

    The worst will cost more than 300,000 per individual

    Estimate more than 22B in foregone tax receipts

    15% of NEETs die within first 10 years

    Economic vitality and youth unemployment: UKs Medway Youth Trust

  • 6 Catalysts for Innovation

    Medway uses text analytics to identify those at highest risk and group themes

    Jason had an argument with Mothers boy friend, she threw him out. Currently sleeping rough.

    Susan told me she is 3 months pregnant and is living in a squat

    Jimmy dropped out of course after two weeks. Mother drinks, father out of work

    Helen on final warning following inappropriate behaviour

    Sex &Relationship alcohol NEET

    Vulnerable groups



    Medway identified more than 700 young people who would cost the country an

    average of 97,000 each throughout their lifetime

  • 7 Catalysts for Innovation

    Austria Job Search: Analytics in a mobile environment

    Worker skills, interests, and location

    Employer needs and location

    Job matching analytics

    Agile government

    Won Award for Best Job

    App in Austria

  • 8 Catalysts for Innovation

    Pennsylvania Dept of Corrections created a community services website to help parolees

    and families with re-entry


    Created over a summer in

    2012 with information

    collected by four interns.


  • 9 Catalysts for Innovation

    Video: Cognitive computing where and when its needed


    (Search IBM University of Texas Competition)


  • 10 Catalysts for Innovation

    Putting it Together: Capabilities to Deliver Value from Data

    Enterprise & Cognitive Analytics Business Intelligence & Predictive

    Analytics against structured, semi-

    structured and unstructured


    Understand data in context

  • 11 Catalysts for Innovation

    ... while the impact of Big Data will be transformational, the path to effectively harnessing it is not.

    The journey is evolutionary versus revolutionary, incremental and iterative

    Demystifying Big Data, TechAmerica Report, October 2012

    1. Consider the Art of the Possible.

    2. Start with a clear mission requirement and define discrete use cases.

    3. Inventory & understand data assets

    4. Assess your current capabilities and architecture against initial use cases.

    5. Focus on developing skills and talent

    Lessons learned on making progress

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