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Minneapolis SafeZone. 2008 Highlights. Vision…. 2008 Highlights. Six Sigma- Exercise. SafeZone Board Members. Strategic planning by the SafeZone board using a Six Sigma Framing Model. Ranking initiatives by effort and impact…. SafeZone. Year-end, 2008 vs. 2007. SafeZone Crime. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Minneapolis SafeZone2008 Highlights

  • 2008 HighlightsStrategic planning by the SafeZone board using a Six Sigma Framing ModelVisionRanking initiatives by effort and impact.SafeZone Board MembersSix Sigma- Exercise

  • Change 2% 50% -25% -41% -38% -8% 11% -100% -22%Part I CrimesSafeZone Stats (1st AV. N. to 4th Av. S., Washington Av. to 12th Street)SafeZone Violent Crimes Down17%Year-end, 2008 vs. 2007

    YearTotalArsonAutoTheftBurgCSC-RapeFelonyAssaultLarcenyMurderRobbery2008193439544161251564087200718902126752613614121112TY vs. LY+44+1-31-31-10-11+152-1-25


  • 2008 Highlights Execution and Planning Collaboration 96% satisfied with our performance during RNC from a Feedback Poll.RNCPartnership and Collaboration The SafeZone Board for the vision and commitment into our program. Collaboration- Over 400 individuals, security/property owners and Government partners committed to our program. Meeting attendance - An average 60 to 100 per meeting.

  • 2008 Highlights Live Push from CAPRS to give up to date crime trends. Three tips submitted (one including a Homicide) using our web tool. 90% of SafeZone partners feel this is an effective tool and resource (RNC Feedback Poll).Interactive Crime MapsT3 Motion Vehicles Three vehicles donated and one purchased for MPD. Three major media releases on this new technology this year. Huge public perception and command presence in DT.

  • 2008 Highlights The collaboration of Metro Transit Police, Hennepin County Sheriffs Department and MPD provide extra foot patrol this summer seven days a week in the evenings. A media launch kicked off our joint beat program this year.Joint BeatsCCTV 30 cameras located downtown Minneapolis monitor by 1st precinct Police Department. Used during RNC to watch demonstrations. Provided evidence to prosecute cases.

  • 2008 Highlights Four training exercises conducted with our RadioLink users this year. Roll calls improved over 90% responding. This is a 30% increase vs. LY. Partnerships maximized during this program.RadioLink TrainingNew SafeZone Website Tools Launched May 08. 88% of the SafeZone partners feel our website is an effective tool and resource (RNC Feedback Poll). Advanced features include: broadcast tools, surveys, Google spiders, web administrator and partner resources.

  • 2008 Highlights Opened November 2008 Joint Effort Safety Center (SafeZone, St Stephens and LE) and more to come. Share technology and communication resources.Block E Safety CenterGeo Restrictions and Impact Statements Geo-Restrictions used to Trespass Individuals from a geographic boundary in Minneapolis. Impact Statements- Impose stricter sentencing.


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