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Mission Focused Cloud Computing:

Kevin L. JacksonGeneral Manager, Cloud ServicesNJVC, LLCKevin.jackson@njvc.comThe New IT Erarev date 10/9/2011

IDC September 2008

2Data Processing Explosion

Evolving Computing Paradigm

Key to Cloud Computing Value: Parallel Processing:

Cloud ComputingNot a new technology but a new approach in the provisioning and consumption of information technologyA services oriented architecture (SOA) implemented typically on a virtualized infrastructure (compute, storage, networks) using commodity components coupled with highly automated controls enable the five essential characteristics of cloud computing.Key ConcernsStandardsPortabilityControl/AvailabilitySecurityIT PolicyManagement / MonitoringEcosystemKey BenefitsSignificant cost reductionsReduced time to capabilityIncreased flexibilityElastic scalabilityIncrease service qualityIncreased securityEase of technology refreshEase of collaborationIncreased efficiencyIC Cloud Computing7

DISA Enterprise Cloud ServicesReduce Attack SurfaceConfigure securely, automaticallyEnhance perimeter defenses defense in depthDrive out anonymityImproved And Safe SharingCross domain flows as an enterprise serviceEvolve directory, identity, and access control to support net-centricityImproved Network C2Improved cyber readinessImproved situational awarenessCyber attack detection, diagnosis, reaction at network speedIncreased Operational EffectivenessIncreased Warfighter access to required information and services, especially across organizational and security boundariesIncrease network flexibility, allowing for rapid response to operational conditions (e.g. Haiti)Increased Information SecurityStrong cryptographic authentication (PKI)Standardize access policies to enable more consistent access decisionsIncrease agility and interoperability with the implementation of commercial standards


A Combat Support AgencyDefense Information Systems AgencyQUAD Common Operating Environment9

Death of the Relational Database103t1tThe economics of data storage led to the use of content addressable storage, flat storage architectures and internet scaling.Database design, database tuning no longer required with infinite scalability and consistent responsivenessTraditional Analytics11Traditionally, lexical searches, filtering or Boolean search attributes are used to reduce data to a working set. Analytical tools are then applied to this working set.

All Data Sources / TypesTools/AnalysisReports/ConclusionsCloud Enables Searching All the Data, All the Time12

Reports/ConclusionsCloud Multi-int Analysis13HUMINTDomainHolistic UnderstandingSIGINTDomainGEOINT DomainText DomainCloud Computing: Value and CapabilitiesTimeReduce time to deliver/execute missionIncreased responsiveness/flexibility/availabilityCostOptimizing cost to deliver/execute missionOptimizing cost of ownership (lifecycle cost)Increased efficiencies in capital/operational expendituresQualityEnvironmental improvementsExperiential improvements

SummaryCloud computing is a technological evolutionDrive for scale (Internet) and Drive for cheap (Commodity components, Extensive automation) and the economics of Moores Law (Cheap storage) led to a business model revolutionFiscal realities and business model economics are driving rapid adoption of cloud computing in the DoD and ICCloud computing can also enable significant enhancements in many DoD and IC mission areas

15Thank You !Kevin L. JacksonGeneral ManagerCloud ServicesNJVC, LLC(703) 335-0830Kevin.jackson@NJVC.com

The INSIGHT Group16


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