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    Reducing traffic jams since 2014

  • The Problem

  • 2 types of citizens

    1. Car driver+ Comfort- Long time

    2. Pedestrian+ Faster than car- Lack of comfort

    The Audience

  • Simple equation

    + =

    Simple equation

  • 1. Less cars on the roads2. Faster time of car-travelling3. Less people on public transport


  • 1. Car driver

    Enters routeGets notifications from pedestriansTakes passengerEarns miles

    2. Pedestrian

    Enters routeGets invitation from driverSpends miles

    Thats why milesharing

    Our solution

  • 1. Earn with taking passengers2. Spend on travelling3. Spend on special services (shops, car

    repair, restaurants, etc. )


  • monetization

    1. Miles as in-app currency

    2. Miles as a payment system for:

  • The Team

    - Believe in project- MIPT student- Indie android developer- Mobile Ad network experience- Experienced in machine learning and data mining

    - Believe in project- Invent new features

    - Java, Android developer- Experience in bank systems development

    - Believe in project- Talented HR- PR manager- Project manager

  • Contacts

    +7 926 534 20 55Vyacheslav


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