Migrating Westward

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Migrating Westward. Chapter 5, Section 1. Settling the Spanish Borderlands. The Spanish North was sparsely populated compared to present-day Mexico due to the threat of Native American tribes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Migrating Westward

Migrating WestwardChapter 5, Section 1

Settling the Spanish BorderlandsThe Spanish North was sparsely populated compared to present-day Mexico due to the threat of Native American tribes. Texas was sparsely populated because it was only needed to act as a buffer zone to the Mexican mines. In California, the Spanish sought to convert the Native Americans to Christianity for defensive purposes. Very few Spanish lived there due to its distance from major markets in Mexico. Americans Look WestwardThe revolution of 1821 in Mexico overthrew the Spanish and established Mexico as an independent nation. Some Americans, known as expansionists, wanted to expand into New Mexico, Texas and California (now Mexicos) for various reasons. Viewed Mexicos government and economy as weak;Mexicans are inferior do not deserve the land; Manifest Destiny= belief that God wanted the U.S. to own all of North America. Trails WestwardMajor trails linking to the west soon appeared, albeit for various reasons. Santa Fe TrailStarted in Independence, MOPurpose: Trade with Mexico manufactured goods for horses, furs, silver. Ended: Santa Fe, NMMormon TrailStarted in Nauvoo, ILPurpose: Mormon migration; westward travelLed by Brigham Young (after the death of Joseph Smith)Ended: Salt Lake City, UTTrails Westward (contd)Oregon TrailStarted in Independence, MOPurpose: westward travel (originally by missionaries); then farmersEnded: Willamette Valley, ORCalifornia TrailBranched off Oregon Trail in southern IdahoPurpose: fur trade Mountain Men; started by Jedediah SmithEnded: Sutters Fort, CA

The JourneyJourney was ~2,000 miles, took 5 months to complete. Most people travelled in wagon trains of 50-1,000 peopleDifficulties faced: Left too late really cold winters!Crossing the RockiesLack of foodDiseaseGetting lostDonner Party got lost during the winter; died, the rest resorted to cannibalismReview Todays TopicsWhy were the territories of Spanish North (California, Texas and New Mexico) sparsely populated?There was a dispute over the land between the U.S. and MexicoTravel to Mexican markets took a long timeThey were considered a part of the U.S. and not MexicoThe land was not suitable to live on. Which of the following is NOT a reason why expansionists wanted to acquire new Spain? Manifest Destinyc) Mexicos weak governmentMexicans were seen as inferiord) Mexico was willing to give up the landWhat is significant about the Donner Party?They got lost and turned to cannibalismc) They led the Mormons westwardThey were the first settlers in Californiad) They found gold in CaliforniaTicket-Out-the-DoorTicket-out-the-door: Identify two reasons why American settlers wanted to travel westward.