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Mighty Does Kitchen Remodeling houston specializes Kitchens, Bathrooms, Additions, James Hardie Siding, Window Replacement, Counter tops, Architectural Designs. Contact us on 713-998-9306 today.For more information visit our website http://mightydoes.com/


  • 1. Mighty Does Kitchen Remodeling houston 9113 Harbor Hills Dr Houston, TX 77054 (713) 998-9306 http://mightydoes.com/

2. Remodeled Kitchen 3. Kitchen Design Houston 4. Kitchen Design Need They say the kitchen is the heart of your home. They say that more than 70% of a familys time is spent in the kitchen. That seems like lots of time. Seeing that so much time is spent there it's natural want to have the kitchen looking good. The kitchen design should be one of welcoming and warmth. You can make subtle little changes to gain this effect. 5. Kitchen Design Sequence 6. One-Wall Kitchen WORK TRIANGLE is the perimeter between the fridge, stove and sink. Min. 116 or 3.5m Max. 20 or 6m 7. L-Shaped Kitchen 2 or 600mm of counter space available on either side of the sink for doing dishes. 8. U-Shaped Kitchen 3 or 900mm of useable counter space for food preparation should be available. 9. Corridor Kitchen Stoves and fridges should have 18 or 450mm of counter between them 10. Kitchen Peninsula peninsula 11. Contact Us Today!!!!! 9113 Harbor Hills Dr Houston, TX 77054 (713)-998-9306 http://mightydoes.com/


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