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  • Mid-Year Symposium 2013 Undergraduate Research and Creative Work

    Bridgewater State University Rondileau Campus Center

    Monday, December 9, 2013

    8:30 AM3:30 PM

  • 9:05-9:55AM 2013 Mid-Year Symposium Page 1

    Oral Presentations I

    9:05-9:55 AM

    Concurrent Session A: First-Year Writing Book ClubsRCC 201 (Council Chambers) Moderator: Prof. Nicole Williams Maggie Mendes, Kayla Moore, Nikkia Stotts, Kerin Tavares (Mentor: Prof. Nicole Williams) A Book Club Discussion: The Farming of


    Wendy Colby, Lisa Machado, Jacqueline Martin, Kelsey Murphy, Dylan Peters (Mentor: Prof. Nicole Williams) A Book Club Discussion:

    The House of the Sand and Fog

    Alex Marquez, Emanuel Williams, Justin Mack, Michelle Muriph, Alissa Furtado (Mentor: Prof. Nicole Williams) A Book Club

    Discussion: Mona in the Promiseland

    Tyler Alves, Eric Clinger, Daniel Higgins, Ryan Marvel, Sean Mendelsberg (Mentor: Prof. Nicole Williams) A Book Club Discussion: The

    Round House

    Concurrent Session B: First-Year Seminar: Nursery RhymesRCC 208 (Demo Room) Moderator: Prof. Katy Whittingham

    Melissa Baumgartner, Haley Braz, Samantha Caffin, Alyssa Charpentier, Sydney Corrigan, Taylor Daniels, Sarah Dymek, Mariah

    Fossella, Megan Hickey, Maggie Kennedy, Stephanie Maksy, Autumn Orrico, Sydney Paolella, Stephanie Peterson, Stephania

    Quintana, Mikaela Ross, Brandis Rehm, Samantha Sherman, Ian Wade, Lindsey Wilson (Mentor: Prof. Katy Whittingham) The Origin

    and Presentation of Nursery Rhymes

  • 9:05-9:55AM 2013 Mid-Year Symposium Page 2

    Concurrent Session C: First-Year Writing Book Clubs RCC 209 (Crimson & White Room) Moderator: Prof. Jane Rando

    Jessica Arruda, Abraham Bencid, Rachel Casey, Megan Corcoran, Mario Thompson (Mentor: Prof. Jane Rando) Book Review: The

    Round House

    Chris Feroli, Colin Harty, Karina Lozano, Corey Miranda, Tabitha Soares, (Mentor: Prof. Jane Rando) Insight of The Farming of Bones

    Amanda Newell, Elvis Romero, Casey Shea, Nick Stanley (Mentor: Prof. Jane Rando) Book Review: The Round House

    Mary Cayer, Kevin Stratton, Jean Sylvain, Charbel Tarek, Patty Upshaw (Mentor: Prof. Jane Rando) Book Review: The Farming of Bones

    Concurrent Session D: First-Year Seminar on Recreation & Youth Leadership and First-Year Writing Creative Non-

    FictionRCC 212 (Hanover-Duxbury Room) Moderator: Dr. Bjorn Ingvoldstad Lauren Burgess, Guilherme Guerra, Samantha LoPilato (Mentor: Dr. Maura Rosenthal) Lets Name the Zones, The Zones, The Zones Courtney Leddy, Jonathan Pires, Xavieria Tropeano (Mentor: Dr. Maura Rosenthal) Break the Ice Randy Marquis-Hardy, Kristen McAlister, Shannon Sledzik (Mentor: Dr. Maura Rosenthal) Are You Able to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone? Adam Pereira (Mentor: Dr. Kathy Evans) Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords

    Concurrent Session E: First-Year Writing at Northern Essex Community CollegeRCC 202 Moderator: Dr. Ann Brunjes

    Alexis Khalil, Mindy LaRocque, Marissa Sullivan (Mentor: Prof. Clare Thompson, Northern Essex Community College)

    Lorraine Politier-Butler (Mentor: Prof. Clare Thompson, Northern Essex Community College)

    Feliz Soto (Mentor: Prof. Clare Thompson, Northern Essex Community College)

    Mitch Pellerin, Miles Turbity (Mentor: Prof. Clare Thompson, Northern Essex Community College)

  • 9:05-9:55AM 2013 Mid-Year Symposium Page 3

    Poster Presentations Session I

    9:05-9:55 AM

    RCC Ballroom

    BOARD#1 Amanie Kaur, Alexander Le (Mentor: Dr. Chien Wen Yu) Ethics of Globalization and Advertising


    BOARD#3 Williere Justin, Jacob Milette, Cody OToole, Michelle Pereira, James Trask (Mentor: Dr. Sarah McQuarrie) Soundtrack of Your


    BOARD#4 Shanta Gregory, Samantha Leandres, Owen ODonnell, Emily Wiegand (Mentor: Dr. Sarah McQuarrie) Genres of Academic


    BOARD#5 Drew DiStefano, Jesse Kattany, Sarah Karp, Julia Maillet (Mentor: Dr. Sarah McQuarrie) Musical Personalities

    BOARD#6 Bridgette Dargelis, Vanessa Jabagjorian, Allyson Jameson, Leah Thompson, (Mentor: Dr. Sarah McQuarrie) Planes, Trains and

    Automobilesand Dorms: How Their Users Taste in Music Varies

    BOARD#7 Joseph Eldracher, Danny Fowler, Dylan Grey, Tom Mulloy (Mentor: Dr. Sarah McQuarrie) A Boost of Tunes

    BOARD#8 Alex Brunk (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) Alternative Energies

    BOARD#9 Alaina Morais (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) Alternative Energies

    BOARD# 10 Danielle Terry (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) Childhood Obesity

    BOARD#11 Morgan Bryant (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) Dangers of Working in a Slaughterhouse

    BOARD#12 Ryan MacNeill (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) The Power of Energy

    BOARD#13 Hannah Kirby (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) The Life of Your Food

    BOARD#14 Michael Noel (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) A Life-Long Battle

    BOARD#15 Kamrii Junior (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) The Rising Obesity Rate Among Elementary Students

    BOARD#16 Daniel Machado (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) The Dangers of Contaminated Meat

    BOARD#17 Julie Ferreira (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) Fast Food through Time

    BOARD#18 Lorenzo Gonzales (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) Bring Gym Back

    BOARD#19 Renee Comeau (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) How Long Has Your Food Been on the Shelf?

    BOARD#20 Alec Tattersall (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) High Fructose Corn Syrup: Dangers, Differences, and More

    BOARD#21 Laura Glynn (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) Type 2 Diabetes

    BOARD#22 Joseph Rosso (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) The Animal Behind Medicine

    BOARD#23 Kaitlyn Merriam (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) Type 1 & 2 Diabetes

  • 9:05-9:55AM 2013 Mid-Year Symposium Page 4

    BOARD#24 Chanelle Melton (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) The Deadly Sweetener

    BOARD#25 Bethany Pires (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) History of McDonalds

    BOARD#26 Patrick Brady, Michael Cryan, Phoebe Kurriss, Victoria Sanchez (Mentor: Dr. Stephen Waratuke) Methods of FAME


    BOARD #28 Nick Salois (Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Hartsfield) Self-Medication

    BOARD #29 Taylor Sullivan (Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Hartsfield)

    BOARD #30 Dillon OShea (Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Hartsfield) Police Interaction with the Mentally Ill

    BOARD #31 Keila DePina, Catherine Gannon, Maria Lopes, Samantha Sawyer (Mentor: Dr. Melinda LaBranche) Life After Death: The

    Science Behind Decomposition

    BOARD #32 Rachel Shwartz, Lucy Posada, Matthew Tucker (Mentor: Dr. Melinda LaBranche) Zebrafish: Genetics

    BOARD #33 Jocelyn Marshall, Alexandra Smith (Mentor: Dr. Annela Kelly) Ferris Wheel Calculus

    BOARD #34 Danielle LeBoeuf, Tara Lee, Brittini St. Pierre (Mentor: Dr. Annela Kelly) Calculus of the Arcade Game

    BOARD #35 Alexander Ballestros, Shannon Robey (Mentor: Dr. Annela Kelly) Spherical Coordinates of the Earth

    BOARD #36 Ashley Hall, Emily Haynes (Mentor: Dr. Annela Kelly) Distances in Space and Parametric Coordinates

    BOARD #37 Chris Hrivnak, Samntha McCracken (Mentor: Dr. Annela Kelly) Keplers Laws and Orbits

    BOARD #38 Ting Ting Lin, Shristi Shresta (Mentor: Dr. Annela Kelly) Anamorphic Art

    BOARD #39 Patrick Holton, John Steinkrauss (Mentor: Dr. Annela Kelly) Ballistic Trajectory

    BOARD #40 Cristina Gill, Travis Rebello (Mentor: Dr. Annela Kelly) Maximizing the Cobb-Douglas Production Function

    BOARD #41 Carolyn Sessler (Mentor: Dr. Sandy Clark) Turf v. Grass Playing Field: Does Temperature Matter?

    BOARD #42 Eva Ratcliffe (Mentor: Dr. Sandy Clark) Average Temperature in Mansfield, MA: Taken from November 5th, 2013 through

    November 18th, 2013

    BOARD #43 Sarah Cummings (Mentor: Dr. Sandy Clark) Soil Temperatures for Vegetable Gardens (Zone 6A)

    BOARD #44 Dennis Corvi (Mentor: Dr. Sandy Clark) A Demonstration of the Lapse Rate and Its Effect on Cloud Formation

    BOARD #45 Amy Pistone (Mentor: Dr. Sandy Clark) Titicut Reservation Temperatures

    BOARD #46 Nathan White (Mentor: Dr. Sandy Clark) Temperature Change at Different Soil Depths

    BOARD #47 Ashley Lonergan (Mentor: Dr. Sandy Clark) Temperatures in the Conant Science Building

    BOARD #48 Kevin Pappadopoulos (Mentor: Prof. Stacy Moskos) Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

    BOARD #49 Brittany Cullinane, Thomas Hidalgo, Rachel Lacey, Kevin Pappadopoulos, Jamie Schell, Domenic Vincenzino (Mentor:

    Prof. Christina McCauley) Healthier Lifestyle Choices

    BOARD #50 Jason Pan (Mentor: Dr. Jenn Manak) Constructivism: Just Fun and Games?"

  • 10:10-11:00AM 2013 Mid-Year Symposium Page 5

    Oral Presentations II 10:10-11:00 AM

    Concurrent Session A: First-Year Writing Book Clubs RCC 201 (Council Chambers) Moderator: Dr. Teresa King

    Shannon Bilton, Doug D'Olimpio Jr.,Tyirel Hopey-Wright, Marcelle Lapomarede (Mentor: Dr. Ann Brunjes) The Pilgrimage of Harold

    Fry: The Journey and Its Effects

    Helana Carrington, Kimberly Middlemiss, Nick Pizzella, , Brittany Tarves (Mentor: Dr. Ann Brunjes) The Farming of Bones Mock Trial

    Kathryn Davis, Jefferson Guerrero, Ma-Dorieh Sesay (Mentor: Dr. Ann Brunjes) The Farming of Bones: New Law Mandated

    Ariana Barbosa, Caroline Merry, Brittany Reed (Mentor: Dr. Ann Brunjes) The Farming of Bones and The Significance of Parsley


    Concurrent Session B: First-Year Seminar on Discrimination in Education & Social SciencesRCC 208 (Demo Room) Moderator: Prof. Katy Whittingham

    John Ballarino, Bethanie Carvin, Kimberley Corey, Rebecca Gambardella, Melina Halloran, Kate Kummer, Phoebe Kurriss, John

    Lamb, Marisa Parker, Katherine Piepenbrink, Carly Queeno, Thomas Robinson, Darren Steve


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