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  • 9/1/2016




    WHO IS RAMCO? RAMCO Manufacturing is the leader in the

    manufacturing and supply of Safety Shields, LeakDetection Paint and Flange Gaskets designed to SEALflanges, DETECT leaks and PROTECT personnel, equipmentand environment.

    Ramco manufactures from the highest quality materialsand maintains the highest quality manufacturingstandards in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008Certification.

    WHO IS RAMCO? Privately Held Corporation, founded in 1942

    Headquarters : Kenilworth, NJ, USA

    Manufacturing Plants:

    Kenilworth, NJ USA

    Liberty Hill (Austin), TX USA

    Lafayette, LA, USA

    Gross Zimmern, Germany

    Safety Shields

    What are Safety Shields? Safety shields are protective devices manufactured out of

    multiple material types that are installed around piping connections to control the release of materials when a connection fails.

    Safety Shields perform multiple functions by controlling the spray-out

    1. Protect personnel from injury

    2. Prevent damage to equipment

    3. Detect leaks through a pH indication patch or visual

    4. Reduce the clean up area after a material release

    How do the Safety Shields work?

    Unprotected 60PSI

    Protected 60PSI

  • 9/1/2016


    What are Common Industries for Safety Shields?

    PetroChemicalOil & GasMarinePower GenerationMiningMineral ProcessingWater/Wastewater

    SemiConductorAerospaceAutomotivePulp & PaperSteelFood & Beverage Pharmaceutical

    What are Common Applications for Safety Shields?

    FlangesFlanged ValvesWelded ValvesThreaded ValvesExpansion JointsValve Bonnets

    UnionsCouplingsTeesElbows 90/45Sight-glassesPumps

    HosesCamlock ConnectionsManway CoversY-StrainersPressure Relief ValvesFlowmeters

    Safety Shields Materials / Design

    Non-Metallic and Metallic Materials

    ANSI, DIN, JIS, BS, available in various pressure ratings

    Custom designs available Non-Metallic Safety Shields

    TFE SPRA-GARD PTFE Coated Fiberglass Material

    pH Indicating Patch

    Max. Temperature 450OF / 232OC

    Withstands pressures to 1650 psig / 110 barg

    Optional PTFE Drain Fitting

    Excellent Chemical Resistance

    ABS Design / Type Approved

    PPL Spra-Gards

    Polypropylene Material

    225OF / 107OC Max. Temperature

    Optional PTFE Drain Fitting

    Used with chemicals that would attack fiberglass (e.g. HF)

  • 9/1/2016


    VUE-GARDS PTFE Coated Fiberglass or

    Polypropylene Material

    ECTFE Film for visual indication

    Optional PTFE Drain Fitting

    Maximum Temperatures

    PTFE / Fiberglass 300OF/149OC

    Polypropylene 225OF / 107OC

    PVC or Polyethylene Material Solid (w/ pH indicator patch) or

    Clear Optional Drain Fitting Max. Temperature 140OF / 60OC


    Metallic Safety Shields

    METAL-GARD Galvanized Steel / 304SS / 316SS Stainless Screws for easy installation Temperatures up to 2650F (1454C) Pressures up to 3000+ PSIG (200+ barG) Options

    Drain Internal SS Mesh Layer to dissipate

    lateral spray-out Internal Buna-N or Teflon liner Clamps to replace screws for securing

    the shield


    316SS Material Internal 316SS Mesh for Pressure

    reduction Quick Opening / Closing latch Pressure to 1450 psig /100barg Compliant with SOLAS requirements


    304SS Material Banded Clamps 2 Drain Temperatures up to 2650F (1454C) Pressures up to 3000+ PSIG (200+ barG) Factory Mutual (FM) Global Approval

  • 9/1/2016


    Installation Pictures


    Acid Detection Paint

    On Guard Detection Paint Ramco offers the Acid/Base Detection Paint that is a visual detection system to

    help quickly identify leaks in piping connections where acids or caustics are present.

    On Guard provides a physical color change so that operators, maintenance or other personnel can quickly identify a leak saving valuable time and money in

    locating the source of a leak versus using electronic detection devices.

    Another unique property of the On Guard Detection Paint System is that after an activation or color change and the leaking component is fixed, the

    Acid or Base paint can be neutralized and it will return to its Neutral color ready to activate again.

    This saves money by not having to re-coat the connection. We recommend no more then 3-4 exposures before repainting.

    Products in the On Guard family

    Acid Detection Paint is available in Gallons, Quarts or Aerosol

    Base Detection Paint is available in Gallons or Quarts

    White Primer #315 is available in Gallons

    Acid SpotR is available in a Spray Pump BottleBase SpotR is available in a Spray Pump Bottle

    RTY Neutralizer is available in Spray Pump Bottle

  • 9/1/2016


    How does On Guard work? ON Guard Detection Paint physically changes color due to a

    chemical change in the coating when it comes in contact with pH levels within the activating threshold.

    The Acid Detection Paint is YELLOW in a neutral state and changes to RED when it comes in contact with liquid 3 pH or below.

    The Base Detection Paint is WHITE in a neutral state and changes to BLUE when it comes in contact with liquid 10 pH or above.

    Our White Primer #315 is a primer for use under the Acid/Base Detection paints that helps ensure adhesion to the surface and aids in the color change process.

    How does Acid SpotR work?Acid SpotR and Base SpotR is used by operators or maintenance to

    identify what could be hazardous material by spraying it with the SpotR.

    Acid SpotR-if the sprayed liquid material is pH 3 or below the YELLOWspray instantly changes to PURPLE.

    Base SpotR-if the sprayed liquid material is pH 10 or above the spray instantly changes to BLUE.

    RTY Neutralizer is a specially formulated liquid contained in a spray bottle that aids in the neutralization of material pH 3 and below so that it can be safely cleaned up as well as helping return the Acid Detection

    paint back to its neutral color of YELLOW.

    Acid Detection Paint

    Leaking Flange

    Safe Flange

    RAMCO Sealing Solutions is a division of Ramco Manufacturing Company, Inc.

    Opened in 2014, RAMCO Sealing Solutions manufactures Flange Insulation Gasket Kits and Coated U-Bolts in Lafayette, LA.

    Our staff at this location has over 30 years in the manufacturing and supply of these products. With this level of experience comes

    High Quality ProductsExtensive Application Knowledge

    Industry KnowledgeReliable Technical Support

    Flange Insulation Gasket Kits Flange Insulation Gasket Kits, commonly referred to as Flange Isolation Kits are

    used to cathodically protect piping systems to reduce premature failure of piping.

    These are designed to eliminate metal to metal contact at flanges, stopping the flow of electrical (static) current created by moving liquid through pipes.

    Eliminating the metal to metal contact is accomplished through the use of composite materials to Insulate the flanges from each other.

    Each Insulation Kit includes; 1 ea Composite Flange Gasket- Raised or Full Face or RTJ 1 ea Composite Sleeve per bolt hole 2 ea Composite Washers per bolt hole 2 each ZPS backing washers per bolt hole

  • 9/1/2016


    Flange Insulation Gasket Kits




    INDUSTRIESOil & Gas Water/ Waste Water Pipeline Power Generation

    Marine Petro-Chemical Aerospace Mining LNG

    ApplicationsOil Gas Steam Cryogenic Aviation Fuel

    Flange Insulation Gasket Kits

    INSULATING GASKET MATERIALS Phenolic Neoprene Faced Phenolic Fiberglass / Epoxy (G10 & G11)


    Flange Insulation Gasket Kits

    Type F Neoprene Coated Phenolic Flange Isolation

    Gasket Kit

    Type F Enforcer Phenolic w/ Nitrile Seal Flange Isolation Gasket Kit

    Type F Enforcer G-10 Gasket

    w/Viton Seal Flange Isolation Gasket Kit

    Flange Insulation Gasket Kits

    Type E Neoprene Coated Phenolic Flange Isolation

    Gasket Kit

    Type E Enforcer Phenolic w/ Nitrile

    Seal Flange Isolation Gasket Kit

    Type E Enforcer G-10 Gasket w/ Viton Seal

    Flange Isolation Gasket Kit.

    Type D RTJ Phenolic Ring Gasket Kit

    Flange Insulation Gasket Kits

  • 9/1/2016


    RAMCORE CSCritical Service Gasket

    Gasket is manufactured from G10 laminated to a Stainless Steel Core with a Spring Energized Teflon Seal, include G10 sleeves and washers and this kit is ideal for high

    pressure, high temperature applications.

    The thermoplastic coating has a low co-efficient of friction that allows the pipe to shift without removing the pipe

    paint or coating, reducing the amount of bare metal exposed to the elements.

    RAMCOTE UBOLTSA thermoplastic plastic coating is applied to Galvanized, Stainless Steel or Teflon

    Coated U-Bolts to provide a barrier, eliminating the metal to metal contact typically seen in pipe support systems.

    This separation of metals prevents corrosion caused by dissimilar metal contact on the pipe and the actual support itself by using either the neoprene or round support




    round support pad

    Thermoplastic Coated U-BOLT The round support pad eliminates the flat

    surface commonly seen on pipe


    This removes a place for water to sit and

    contact the pipe creating crevice









    Flange ProtectorsThe Ramco SSFP is fabricated for use on flanges. It is designed to install around the circumference of a flange preventing corrosion to the internal portions of a flange connections as well as ensuring cathodic protection by keeping debris from getting between the flanges creating a path for current to flow.

    Available for flange sizes from to 60, 150#-2500# pipe classification or international equivalent sizes.

    Flange Protectors Constructed from 304 or 316 SS, 24 gauge. Neoprene closed cell elastomer liner

    adhered to the inner circumference Worm gear clamp mechanism, welded to

    the external of the Flange Protector. Grease zert fitting to inject grease into the

    flange cavity and fill plug for determining the cavity fill level

    Minimum width of 2 (50mm), available in 2.75(70mm ) and 3.5(90mm).

  • 9/1/2016



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