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  • Microsoft Corporation

  • Agenda

    Megatrends and Government Challenges

    Government Performance Management Solution Area

    Case Studies


    Summary of Benefits

    Next Steps

  • Today governments are facing a number of megatrends and challenges

    Improving Staff Productivity

    Increasing Operational Efficiency

    Working Collaboratively and Taking Advantage of Shared Services

    Leveraging the Power of Technology

    Caring for the Environment

    Delivering Social Care

    Improving Customer (Citizen and Business) Service Delivery

    Improving Compliance and Accountability

    Raising Standards in Education

    Sustaining the Local Economy

    Continuous Cost Reduction

    More Efficient and Greener IT Infrastructure

    Increased Citizen Interaction

  • The Government Performance Management Solution Area Addresses a Number of these Challenges

    Improving Staff Productivity

    Increasing Operational Efficiency

    Working Collaboratively and Taking Advantage of Shared Services

    Leveraging the Power of Technology

    Caring for the Environment

    Delivering Social Care

    Improving Customer (Citizen and Business) Service Delivery

    Improving Compliance and Accountability

    Raising Standards in Education

    Sustaining the Local Economy

    Microsofts Vision:

    Democratizing Business


    Improving Government

    Performance thru

    affordable Business

    Intelligence Software

    made available for a

    broader audience

    supporting productivity,

    accountability and


    Optimize costs and

    return on BI Software


    Improve IT productivity

    thru BI democratization

    Empower Government

    employees thru wider BI


    Facilitate Accountability

    and Transparency

  • Government Performance Management Key Benefits

    Increase individual productivity through familiar & intuitive tools

    Empower end users thru profile based reporting

    Facilitate data sharing and collaboration for better managerial alignment

    Make information available and comprehensive thru data reporting and visualization tools.

    Get Citizen engagement by sharing goals and results

    Support the Political agenda thru open communication with Citizens and political leaders

    Automate reporting and provide self service capabilities to end users

    Optimize existing BI investments thru wider deployments

    Implement dashboards and Key Performance Indicators to track and manage Gov. spending

    Reduce time and efforts to produce specific reports for end users and free-up time for other IT activities

    Reduce Integration costs between various BI technologies by leveraging Microsofts BI platform interoperability

  • Government Performance ManagementHigh Level Architecture



    Database Access

    Team Business Intelligence

    Personal and Self-service Business




    ase 1



    ase 2



    ase n

    Organizational Business Intelligence

    Reporting and Analysis

    Data Warehouse

    Master Data Management

  • Government Performance Management Technical Architecture







    Desktop Productivity Software

    Data Warehousing

    Collaboration & Content Mgmt

    Customer Rel. Management



    Server Operating System

    Mobile Operating SystemDesktop Operating System




    ted D








    Enterprise Res. Planning

    Systems Management

    Identity & Access Mgmt

    Security Workflow

  • Government Performance Management Product view


    Dynamics ERP

    Dynamics CRM

    BizTalk Exchange

    Windows Server

    Windows MobileWindows Client

    Office Comm. Server V


    al S



    SQL Server System Ctr. AD/ADFS Forefront .NET Framework

    Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise EditionMicrosoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

    Microsoft SQL Server Data MiningMicrosoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

    Microsoft PerformancePointServiceMicrosoft Excel 2007




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  • UAE Performance Management Solution Drives Transformation in Public Services According to a Gartner research report as of January 2008, Microsoft is the leader in the execution of business intelligence solutions. This was

    proved when the companys consultants guaranteed timely delivery as well as an Arabic interface for our solution. No other vendor could offer

    us both. Moreover, by signing a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement for low-cost volume licensing of software to provide an unlimited number of

    users access to the new system, we could set an example of cost efficiency in project management for other public service departments.

    - Zakeya Hmoud Alameri, Head of Performance Assessment Section and Project Manager,

    Government Performance Department, UAE Prime Ministers Office

    Customer ProfileThe Prime Ministers Office (PMO), as part of Ministry of Cabinet Affairs of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), administrates federal government ministries and authorities throughout the country.The federal government initiated a groundbreaking project to support the economic wellbeing of its people with a world-class public administration system.

    The UAE Prime Ministers Office implemented an automated performance management system based on Microsoft technologies to measure the quarterly performance of public sector entities based on their key performance indicators.


    100 per cent user adoption

    Analyst requirement cut

    Improved administration

    Cost-effective technology

    Strong business relationship

    Customer Results/Benefits

    The PMO wanted an automated performance management system to monitor the progress of a government transformation programme aimed at achieving ambitious service targets by the end of 2010.

    Customer Challenge

  • Westminster Dashboard for Child Protection Reduces Monitoring Time to SecondsThe most experienced members of staff would take 20 minutes to run a piece of analysis while others could take up

    to an hour. With Office PerformancePoint Server, we can do this in secondsThe simplicity of the dashboard was a

    real plus for our user group involved in the pilot programme. They learned how to use it after 10 minutes of training

    and liked the intuitive behaviour of the new software.

    - Julie Pappacoda, Head of Integrated Childrens Information Systems Westminster City Council

    Customer ProfileWestminster City Council provides local government services to 244,000 people in one of the most diverse and densely populated areas of central London

    Among its many responsibilities, Westminster has a mandate to look after vulnerable people within the city area. The councils Childrens Services Department works with children, young people, and their families to ensure children are cared for and that any child at risk is identified quickly and given appropriate safeguarding

    The councils IT team built a dashboard solution with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 software and created an enterprise-grade, scalable performance management application. Because Office PPS 2007 uses Microsoft Office as its primary interface, social workers can interact with familiar tools, such as Microsoft Office Excel 2007


    Child protection checks take seconds

    Training cut to just 10 minutes

    Reduced risk to vulnerable children

    Social workers take ownership of data

    More proactive intervention

    Customer Results/Benefits

    The Westminster City Council conducted a review and highlighted the difficulties in extracting the detailed, and often critical, information required to ensure appropriate safeguards for children. The dashboard draws together information that was otherwise difficult, or time-consuming, to collect and links management information with resource inputs

    Customer Challenge

  • The Illinois Department of Transportation Saves Lives with Microsoft Business Intelligence Solution

    When people at other agencies see the BI solution weve built with Microsoft technologies, they

    quickly conclude that their IT teams can provide a similar solution, PerformancePoint is going to

    take off fast in our state.behaviour of the new software.

    - Mark Kinkade, CIO at IDOT

    Customer ProfileWith 5,500 employees, IDOT serves 12.8 million Illinois residents. From building roads and bridges to executing advertising campaigns about traffic safety, IDOT is focused on providing safe, cost-effective transportation for the residents of Illinois. Central to its work is a commitment to delivering quality. A key tenant for the organization is to do it right the first time, every time.

    Using Microsoft PerformancePoint 2007, as part of a comprehensive BI platform, the Illinois Department of Transportation has created several crucially important dashboards. These dashboards integrate data from many of the organizations systems and provide employees with the tools they need to analyze information for decision making


    IDOTs bus


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