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Microscope Parts & Function Electron Microscope Light Microscope Slide 2 Ocular Lens (eyepiece) magnifies the image 10X Body Tube distance between eyepiece & objectives. Arm supports nosepiece Slide 3 Objectives further magnifies the image. 4X 10X 40X Revolving Nosepiece holds the objectives, turns to change from one objective to another Slide 4 Stage supports slide Stage Clips secure the slide in position for viewing Slide 5 Coarse Adjustment Knob moves the stage up and down in large increments to bring image into a rough focus. Fine Adjustment Knob moves the stage slightly to bring image into sharp focus. Slide 6 Diaphragm controls the amount of light that is allowed to pass through the object being viewed Light Source provides light for viewing the image Base supports microscope Slide 7 X axis stage adjustment moves stage (and image) left & right. Y axis stage adjustment moves stage (and image) up & down. Slide 8 Slide 9 Slide 10 Microscope Use Slide 11 Human Hair - 200X Human Skin 50X Spider 40X Flea 40X Slide 12 Spider under electron microscope Flea under electron microscope Deer hair (800X) electron microscope Skin electron microscope Slide 13 Rules of Use Slide 14 1. When moving your microscope, always carry it with both hands Grasp the arm with one hand and place the other hand under the base for support. 2. Turn the revolving nosepiece so that the lowest power objective lens (the shortest one) is "clicked" into position. Slide 15 3. Place the microscope slide on the stage and fasten it with the stage clips. 4. Look at the microscope from the side and turn the coarse focus knob so that the stage moves all the way up as far as it will go without touching the slide! Slide 16 5. Slowly turn the coarse adjustment (lowering the stage) until the image comes into focus. 6. Use the fine adjustment for fine focusing. Slide 17 7. Move the microscope slide around so that the image is in the center of the field of view 8. Adjust the light with the diaphragm for the clearest image. 9. Now, change to the next objective lens with only minimal use of the fine adjustment. 10. Do not use the coarse adjustment knob on any high power objective lens! Slide 18 Do not touch the glass part of the lenses with your fingers. Keep the stage dry. When finished, move the low power lens back into position and remove the slide. Tie cord up when finished. Always keep your microscope covered when not in use.


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