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<ul><li> 1. RRDD FFDD SSooffttwwaarreeBBrraanncchh MMoodduullee</li></ul> <p> 2. 1.MANAGE AGENT:Create Agent:-using this menu one will be ableto Create an Agent.View/Edit Agent:-the Agent which is createdcan be viewed and edited at this option.Report:-this menu mainly contains the reportswhich are related to Agents such asCommission Voucher, Business Report, SpotBooking Expenditure, Self &amp; Team Business,Agent tree. 3. 2.MANAGE CUSTOMER:Create Customer:-this menu is used inorder to Create the Customer, whichconsists the Plan name chosen by thecustomer.View/Update:- the Customer which iscreated can be viewed and edited atthis option.The below figure shows the snap shoot ofthe customer Registration Page. 4. 3.VIEW PLAN AMOUNT:This menu shows the details of Amount of various plans 5. 1.PROFILE:Agent ModuleChange Password:-using this menu the Agent willbe able to change his accounts password asand when required for his security purpose.View Profile:- the Agent who has logged in usinghis unique Username and Password, can goahead and view his profile details and alsoedit.Upload Photo:- from this menu the Agent canupload his profile photo. 6. 2.MY ACCOUNT:Group Payment:- this menu shows the Commission paidto the Agent for himself and his direct team ofagents for each payout which is created.Self Payment:- this menu shows the Commission paid tothe Agent for his own Self Business done.View Commission:- shows the Commission paid/unpaidstatus, as shown below, 7. 3.GENEALOGY:Direct Tree and Group Tree:- shows the structure ofthe Agents down line team.4.REPORTS:Business Report:- shows the total amount of Businessdone by that particular agent during a specificperiod of time.Search Down line:- shows the structure of the downline team of that particular agent who has loggedin as agent. </p>


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