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Microblogging In LearningDick Carlson@TechHerding1Microblogging In LearningCan Micro-blogging tools like Twitter really add value and learning in your environment? Or do these tools just distract attention and cause learners to miss key points and important facts? Well talk about how you can integrate short 140-character-or-less models of content into online learning, and share experiences weve all had (good and bad) to build some ideas on what works best.

At the end of the session, youll have:

A good understanding of how Twitter can be integrated into your existing online learning modelsMultiple examples of how people are already using this tool in real-world situationsA list of the five ways to go horribly wrong as you enter the Twitter worldLinks to the three tools youve got to have to be successful as you join the world of 140 characters or le.2Who Is This Guy?Instructional DesignerEscaped Microsoft Program ManagerBudding Author (see ContentPreneuring.com)Blogger (see TechHerding.com)Twitter-er (see @TechHerding)

3and Where Is Michelle?Dick Carlson@TechHerding

4Road Map For TodayWhats Twitter Why Should I Care?What Is The Potential Impact On Learning?What Are The Awful Ways To Go Horribly Wrong?Whoz Duin Itz Rite?** Gratuitous reference to the LOL Cats5LOL Cats* Gratuitous reference to the LOL Cats

6Test Poll: Where Are You?

7Poll: Do You Twitter?

8Think Of Twitter As Party Or Caf

Concept appropriated from Michelle Lentz with her gracious permission9What Is TwitterMicroblogging site 140 characters or lessMillions of usersFastest growing social media toolVery easy to use text basedMobile-friendly

10Whos On Twitter?

Data appropriated from Michelle Lentz with her gracious permission11Poll: Your Age?

12Why Should You Care?Quick way to connectFastest growing social media toolFlexible and accessibleQuick way to find informationQuick way to share linksAmazing potential for learning

13Two Minute DemoAsking A Question On Twitter

Asking For Help14Chime In! What Do You Get Out Of Twitter?Text Here

15Poll: So Do You See A Benefit?

16Potential Impact On LearningOpportunities for peer-to-peer communicationConfusing as the dickens for new presentersLots of real-world feedbackLots of real-world feedback, un-filtered and un-validatedForces people to get to the pointHuge flow of information can be overwhelming

17Chime In! What Impacts Have You Seen?Text Here

18Two Minute Demo: Searchsearch.twitter.com

19Poll: Could You See Yourself Searching?

20U R Duin Itz RiteQuickly connect to expertsTrack trends and newsHave students work togetherBuild community of knowledge

21Avoiding Going Horribly WrongTo start, read 90% and tweet 10%Have a helper or producer to manage chat/TwitterUse structure when you ask for inputHave some shills in the audienceCollect the best information and share out

Hez duin it! Hez duin it! * Another LOL Cats reference, sorry22Chime In! Examples Of Best Practice That Youve SeenText Here

23Poll: Are You Going To Try Twitter In Learning?

24Demo Results?Asking A Question On Twitter

Asking For Help25Three Twitter Tools I Cant Live WithoutTweetDeck Desktop Twitter ReaderTweetLater I Use It For The Search UpdatesPocketTwit For My WindowsMobile Phone

Fourty More Tools You Might Like

26Q & AText Here27Microblogging In LearningDick Carlson@TechHerding28AppendixSource: MorgueFile.com

29Finding Your TweepleIf you read blogs, see if they @tweetSearch for posts that interest you.See who your favorites follow.Search for big names youd be surprised.

30Class Connection

Data appropriated from Michelle Lentz with her gracious permission31Blank32Blank33


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