microblogging how to leverage twitter ? how do you do this?

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Would you like to leverage Twitter? the this presentation will guide you five steps of Twitter leverage strategy.


  • 1. MicrobloggingHow to LeverageTwitter?How do YOU do This?By Yogesh M. A. Digital Leadership Coach from Mumbai, India www.Workshops.co.in

2. Twitter has been creating opportunitiesto meet your current and prospectiveCustomers on digital neighborhoodmarketplaces. 3. 1. Your Tweets can be viewed beyond your Twitter network also.2. Your customer can get your same tweets on various other friends and business networks at the same time. 4. You can follow Five Steps Leveragingformula to Enhance your micro-blogging promotion campaigns. 5. #1 Inspire your Digital networks through sharing your knowledge on Twitter.1. www.Twitterfeed.com - This site helps you to update your twitter through RSS feeds.2. www.TwitPic.com - Upload your images on twitter. 6. #2Explore on Mobile devices http://www.Flipboard.com -Monitor your Tweets moreinnovative and interactive wayon your Tablet computer andstay updated all the time 7. #3Discover Digital Time Management Strategy.1. http://www.Twuffer.com2. This website helps you to publish your pre-written or post-dated tweets as per your suitable date and time schedule. 8. #4Experiments - Attract attention or Getnoticed on many digital platforms same time.1. Connect your Blog to your twitter.2. Connect your other social networks to your twitter account.3. Get results or Check your Digital influence.4. Check your web traffic analytics of your blog website. 9. #5Check your online social mediainfluence through following websites.1. http://www.Klout.com2. http://www.Peerindex.com3. http://www.Kred.com 10. Follow me Follow me @glocalsourcesto explore opportunitiesand update each othertime to time. 11. I didnt know thisMake a List of questions aboutthis presentations and send usFAQ & e-Learningwww.BusinessClass.co.in11 12. You can Learn Online Would you like to Learn Digital Marketing? Now you can learn online herehttp://www.Classroom.co.in Kindly check this presentation to know moreabout how to access our online digitalmarketing training here http://www.slideshare.net/yogeshma/digital-marketing-online-training-for-every-industry-professional 13. Thank YouBy Yogesh M. A.Digital Marketing Trainer from Mumbai, IndiaParticipate in our Offline Training Workshopswww.Workshops.co.in