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78K/0S Series 8-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller Instructions, intended for users who wish to understand the functions of 78K/0S Series products and to design and develop its application systems and programs


  • Users Manual

    Common to 78K/0S Series

    78K/0S Series8-Bit Single-Chip Microcontroller


    Printed in Japan

    Document No. U11047EJ3V0UMJ1 (3rd edition)Date Published November 2000 N CP(K)


  • Users Manual U11047EJ3V0UM002


  • Users Manual U11047EJ3V0UM00 3

    EEPROM is a trademark of NEC Corporation.

    The export of these products from Japan is regulated by the Japanese government. The export of some or all of theseproducts may be prohibited without governmental license. To export or re-export some or all of these products from acountry other than Japan may also be prohibited without a license from that country. Please call an NEC salesrepresentative.

    The following products are manufactured and sold based on a license contract with CP8 Transacregarding the EEPROM microcontroller patent.These products cannot be used for an IC card (SMART CARD).

    Applicable products: PD789146, 789156, 789197AY, 789217AY Subseries


    1 PRECAUTION AGAINST ESD FOR SEMICONDUCTORSNote:Strong electric field, when exposed to a MOS device, can cause destruction of the gate oxide andultimately degrade the device operation. Steps must be taken to stop generation of static electricityas much as possible, and quickly dissipate it once, when it has occurred. Environmental controlmust be adequate. When it is dry, humidifier should be used. It is recommended to avoid usinginsulators that easily build static electricity. Semiconductor devices must be stored and transportedin an anti-static container, static shielding bag or conductive material. All test and measurementtools including work bench and floor should be grounded. The operator should be grounded usingwrist strap. Semiconductor devices must not be touched with bare hands. Similar precautions needto be taken for PW boards with semiconductor devices on it.

    2 HANDLING OF UNUSED INPUT PINS FOR CMOSNote:No connection for CMOS device inputs can be cause of malfunction. If no connection is providedto the input pins, it is possible that an internal input level may be generated due to noise, etc., hencecausing malfunction. CMOS devices behave differently than Bipolar or NMOS devices. Input levelsof CMOS devices must be fixed high or low by using a pull-up or pull-down circuitry. Each unusedpin should be connected to VDD or GND with a resistor, if it is considered to have a possibility ofbeing an output pin. All handling related to the unused pins must be judged device by device andrelated specifications governing the devices.

    3 STATUS BEFORE INITIALIZATION OF MOS DEVICESNote:Power-on does not necessarily define initial status of MOS device. Production process of MOSdoes not define the initial operation status of the device. Immediately after the power source isturned ON, the devices with reset function have not yet been initialized. Hence, power-on doesnot guarantee out-pin levels, I/O settings or contents of registers. Device is not initialized until thereset signal is received. Reset operation must be executed immediately after power-on for deviceshaving reset function.

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  • Users Manual U11047EJ3V0UM00 5

    Regional Information

    Some information contained in this document may vary from country to country. Before using any NECproduct in your application, pIease contact the NEC office in your country to obtain a list of authorizedrepresentatives and distributors. They will verify:

    Device availability

    Ordering information

    Product release schedule

    Availability of related technical literature

    Development environment specifications (for example, specifications for third-party tools and components, host computers, power plugs, AC supply voltages, and so forth) Network requirements

    In addition, trademarks, registered trademarks, export restrictions, and other legal issues may also varyfrom country to country.

    NEC Electronics Inc. (U.S.)Santa Clara, CaliforniaTel: 408-588-6000 800-366-9782Fax: 408-588-6130 800-729-9288

    NEC Electronics (Germany) GmbHDuesseldorf, GermanyTel: 0211-65 03 02Fax: 0211-65 03 490

    NEC Electronics (UK) Ltd.Milton Keynes, UKTel: 01908-691-133Fax: 01908-670-290

    NEC Electronics Italiana s.r.l.Milano, ItalyTel: 02-66 75 41Fax: 02-66 75 42 99

    NEC Electronics (Germany) GmbHBenelux OfficeEindhoven, The NetherlandsTel: 040-2445845Fax: 040-2444580

    NEC Electronics (France) S.A.Velizy-Villacoublay, FranceTel: 01-30-67 58 00Fax: 01-30-67 58 99

    NEC Electronics (France) S.A.Madrid OfficeMadrid, SpainTel: 91-504-2787Fax: 91-504-2860

    NEC Electronics (Germany) GmbHScandinavia OfficeTaeby, SwedenTel: 08-63 80 820Fax: 08-63 80 388

    NEC Electronics Hong Kong Ltd.Hong KongTel: 2886-9318Fax: 2886-9022/9044

    NEC Electronics Hong Kong Ltd. Seoul BranchSeoul, KoreaTel: 02-528-0303Fax: 02-528-4411

    NEC Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.United Square, SingaporeTel: 65-253-8311Fax: 65-250-3583

    NEC Electronics Taiwan Ltd.Taipei, TaiwanTel: 02-2719-2377Fax: 02-2719-5951

    NEC do Brasil S.A.Electron Devices DivisionGuarulhos-SP BrasilTel: 55-11-6462-6810Fax: 55-11-6462-6829


  • Users Manual U11047EJ3V0UM006


    Page Contents

    Throughout Addition of the following target productsPD789046, 789104, 789114, 789124, 789134, 789146, 789156, 789167, 789177, 789197AY,789217AY, 789407A, 789417A, and 789842 Subseries

    Deletion of the following target productsPD789407, 789417, and 789806Y Subseries

    p. 52 Modification of MOV PSW, #byte instruction code

    p. 52 Modification of MOVW rp, AX instruction code

    p. 54 Modification of XOR A, r instruction code

    p. 54 Modification of CMP A, r instruction code

    The mark shows major revised points.

  • Users Manual U11047EJ3V0UM00 7


    Readers This manual is intended for users who wish to understand the functions of 78K/0SSeries products and to design and develop its application systems and programs.

    78K/0S Series products PD789014 Subseries: PD789011, 789012, 78P9014 PD789026 Subseries: PD789022, 789024, 789025, 789026, 78F9026 PD789046 Subseries Note: PD789046, 78F9046 PD789104 Subseries: PD789101, 789102, 789104 PD789114 Subseries: PD789111, 789112, 789114, 78F9116 PD789124 Subseries Note: PD789121, 789122, 789124 PD789134 Subseries Note: PD789131, 789132, 789134, 78F9136 PD789146 Subseries Note: PD789144, 789146 PD789156 Subseries Note: PD789154, 789156, 78F9156 PD789167 Subseries Note: PD789166, 789167 PD789177 Subseries Note: PD789176, 789177, 78F9177 PD789197AY Subseries Note: PD789196AY, 789197AY, 78F9197AY PD789217AY Subseries Note: PD789216AY, 789217AY, 78F9217AY PD789407A Subseries: PD789405A, 789406A, 789407A PD789417A Subseries: PD789415A, 789416A, 789417A, 78F9418A PD789800 Subseries: PD789800, 78F9801 PD789842 Subseries Note: PD789841, 789842, 78F9842

    Note Under development

    Purpose This manual is intended for users to understand the instruction functions of 78K/0SSeries products.

    Organization The contents of this manual are broadly divided into the following. CPU functions Instruction set Explanation of instructions

    How to read this manual It is assumed that the reader of this manual has general knowledge in the fields ofelectrical engineering, logic circuits, and microcontrollers.

    To check the details of the functions of an instruction whose mnemonic is known: See APPENDICES A and B INSTRUCTION INDEX.

    To check an instruction whose mnemonic is not known but whose general function isknown: Check the mnemonic in CHAPTER 4 INSTRUCTION SET, then the functions in

    CHAPTER 5 EXPLANATION OF INSTRUCTIONS. To understand the overall functions of the 78K/0S Series products instructions in

    general: Read this manual in the order of the CONTENTS.

  • Users Manual U11047EJ3V0UM008

    To learn the hardware functions of the 78K/0S Series products: Refer to the user's manual for each product (see Related documents).

    Conventions Data significance: Higher digits on the left and lower digits on the rightNote: Footnote for item marked with Note in the textCaution: Information requiring particular attentionRemark: Supplementary informationNumeral representation: Binary............... or B

    Decimal ............Hexadecimal ....H

    Related DocumentsThe related documents indicated in this publication may include preliminary versions. However, preliminary

    versions are not marked as such.

    Document common to 78K/0S Series

    Document NumberDocument Name

    English Japanese

    User's Manual Instructions This manual U11047J

    Individual documents

    PD789014 Subseries

    Document NumberDocument Name

    English Japanese

    PD789011, 789012 Data Sheet U11095E U11095J

    PD78P9014 Data Sheet U10912E U10912J

    PD789014 Subseries User's Manual U11187E U11187J

    PD789026 Subseries

    Document NumberDocument Name

    English Japanese

    PD789022, 789024, 789025, 789026 Data Sheet U11715E U11715J

    PD78F9026 Data Sheet U11858E U11858J

    PD789026 Subseries User's Manual U11919E U11919J

    PD789046 Subseries

    Document NumberDocument Name

    English Japanese

    PD789046 Preliminary Product Information U13380E U13380J

    PD78F9046 Preliminary Product Information U13546E U13546J

    PD789046 Subseries Users Manual U13600E U13600J

  • Users Manual U11047EJ3V0UM00 9


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