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Michael J. Emigh is also the Director of membership and marketing at New Era Golf which controls central Ohio's golf courses. This group recently added a $2.3 million purchase of New Albany Links Golf Club which is a semi-private course located in New Albany.


  • 1. Michael J. Emigh Is The Director Of Membership At New Era Golf

2. Michael J. Emigh is the Director of Marketing at New Era Golf, Central Ohio. His responsibilities at New Era Golf include - developing and implementing membership and outreach strategy for recruitment of new members and retention of current members; coordinating, managing, tracking, 3. And evaluating all membership and renewal activities, including new member mailings, renewal mailings, and special appeals; developing programs and services for members; developing and executing member and community surveys and polls, focus groups, and interviews to determine member needs and programs; coordinating special events for members as needed; 4. And developing membership marketing and promotional materials, including welcome kits and collateral to use at events and in direct marketing campaigns. At New Era Golf, Michael J. Emigh is also responsible for working with staff on communicating member needs through website, 5. Newsletter, and other communication vehicles; responding to requests for information from members; contributing to newsletter, publications and website; creating ongoing annual membership plan with goals and metrics for projects, monitoring and reporting on progress against goals; 6. Developing budgets and tracking financial progress of member acquisition, retention, and marketing projects; and growing the game of Golf. He also works for brand development, web site traffic growth, web site user interface and advertising revenue. He developed brand strategy and statistics systems. 7. About Michael J. Emigh MJ. Emigh works at New Era Golf, and provides services such as Golf membership, consulting, and management at the firm. He does many good things for the community. He teaches kids the game of golf and gives them the opportunity to play the game.