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ATTENDING:Carl Patty, Carol and Lou Intrieri, Dorothy and Fiore Benevento, Paul and Sarahjean Thompson, Pat Laemmle, Alice Ann Artman, Carl Schlenke, Pete Soffronoff, Jim Pees, Jackie Stempfer, Ed Banks, Mary Margaret Galdses, Charles Hall, Joan Kearns, Connie Jelovich, Herb Gearhard.

The evening opened with speaker Dan Doran and his grand daughter Danielle. Dan is a barber in Delmont by profession but is also a piper and took up to bagpipe because his grand daughter was interested in learning how to play the bagpipe. He spoke on the history of the bagpipe and its presence in Western Pennsylvania history. Dan and Danielle treated us with several songs, including Amazing Grace. Dan then opened the meeting to questions. Paul Thompson was also present and provided further facts about the bagpipe. He also presented information on the St. Andrews Society of Pittsburgh as well as an upcoming Evening in Honor of Robert Burns dinner at Churchill Valley Country Club, January 29, 2011 at 5:30.

Following our speaker and the meeting was brought to order at approximately 8:50. Minutes were corrected to reflect grain bin to grain strainer. Fiore made a motion and Jim second to approve the minutes.

Via e.mail, Linda Marts requested that the minutes from the November meeting reflect that the flag folding ceremony was held in conjunction with the flag owned by Robert Sciulli Jr, given to him by his grandfather Joseph Sciulli who served in World War II. Robert Sciulli Jr is the son of Bob and Sally Sciulli and godson of Linda Marts.

Connie reported that she received a check for $160 from Ferris for Chucks books and $100 from Hart Funeral Home. The current balance in the checking account is $6193.92 and $2959.96 in the money market account. Dues are now due and are to be paid to Connie.

$250 was paid for a 4th printing of Chucks book #1.

Carol presented and passed around the final version of the membership brochure and decal. A final amount will be presented at the next meeting. Fiore made a motion and Jim seconded to allow up to $240 be paid for final cost. Motion carried. Discussion followed regarding membership cards and Carol will obtain cost and report at next meeting.

Carl thanked Carol for the treat of cookies available at the meeting. Carl provided Wassil and munchies. Thanks was also given to everyone participating in the Murrysville Night of Lights, which was well received. Thanks also to Joan who provided the costumes. We will need a Shepards crook for next year. Carl said the school will be providing us with copies of pictures/film they took at event.

Carl reported 1 of Charles Halls book was sold by Hannastown but has not received the money yet.

Carl asked for suggestion for fundraising. We will need approximately $5-6,000 for electricity for Staymates house. Herb mentioned Sheetz card promotion program and will look into details and report at next meeting. Jim will check Hosss and Carol will look into Kings programs as well. Having a table and selling things at Conservancy Geocaching event in June was mentioned. Jackie and Joan will speak to Ben Sampson to see if this is possible.

Suggestion and request was made for someone to put together a yearly scrapbook of pictures and articles of our events and meetings. Alice offered to do this.

Program committee will meet to present a calendar for the year.

Suggestion was made to have a monthly newsletter. Joan mentioned that in the past the Society did have one. Herb made a motion and Carol second to approve formation of a newsletter. Joan provided this in the past but is extremely busy. We will need someone to assume the duty but Joan will give it some thought. Carl suggested stamps be purchased in advance since currently they are Forever stamps and postage will be going up again. Motion was made by Herb and seconded by Carol to purchase $50 in postage for future newsletter mailing.

There was a discussion to work together with the schools to produce a play as a fund raiser for fall. To be discussed at next meeting.

Carl reported Helene Smith returned most of the pictures she borrowed.

Joan received a request from Arthur Sinclair who is an author and needs pictures of Forbes Trail for his book.

Details for a web site was discussed. Jim presented information he obtained but the group was not convinced we need one at this time. Alice will check further and present at next meeting.

Mary Margaret made motion and Jim seconded to adjourn meeting.

Respectively submittedJackie Stempfer


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