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  • Metrics-Driven DevOpsMyrvin Yap: myrvin.yap@dynatrace.comPodcast:

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  • Confidential, Dynatrace, LLC







    nodejs mongo db netty cassandra redis

    ansible jenkins puppet chef

    docker cloudfoundry rh openshift rh atomic rocket

    core os rancher kvm busybox

    mesos marathon kubernetes swarm

    amazon azure openstack mesosphere calico weave


    A whole new technology stack & polyglot development

  • Code Complexity From Monolith to Microservice

    No automated testing in the pipeline Cross Application Impacts

  • confidential

    24 Features in a Box Ship the whole box!

    Very late feedback

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    Continuous User Driven Innovation

    1 Feature at a Time

    Optimize Before DeployImmediate Customer Feedback

  • @grabnerandi

    You measure it! from Dev (to) Ops

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    DevOps !=

    Install Jenkins +

    Micro-services & Cloud

  • @grabnerandi

    Not every Sprint ends without bruises!

  • @grabnerandi

    Richard Dominguez

    Developer in Operations

    Prep Sportswear

    In 2013 business demanded to go

    from monthly to daily deployments

    80% failed!

  • @grabnerandi

    Scaling an Online Sports Club Search Service


    Response Time


    1) 2-Man Project 2) Limited Success

    3) Start Expansion

    4) Performance

    Slows Growth Users

    5) Potential Decline?

  • @grabnerandi

    Early 2015: Monolith Under Pressure

    Cant scale vertically endlessly!

    May: 2.68s 94.09% CPU Bound

    April: 0.52s

  • @grabnerandi

    From Monolith to Services in a Hybrid-Cloud

    Front End in



    Scale Backend

    in Containers

    On Premise

  • @grabnerandi

    Go live 7:00 a.m.

  • @grabnerandi

    Go live 12:00 p.m.

  • What Went Wrong?

  • @grabnerandi

    26.7s Load Time5kB Payload

    33! Service Calls99kB - 3kB for each call!

    171! Total SQL Count

    Architecture ViolationDirect access to DB from frontend service

    Single search query end-to-end

  • Understanding Code Complexity Existing 10 year old code & 3rd party

    Skills: Not everyone is a perf expert or born architect

    From Monolith to Microservice Service usage in the End-to-End Scenarios?

    Will it scale? Or is it just a new monolith?

    Understand Deployment Complexity When moving to Cloud/Virtual: Costs, Latency

    Old & new patterns, e.g: N+1 Query, Data

    Understand Your End Users What they like and what they DONT like!

    Its priority list & input for other teams, e.g: testing

  • @grabnerandi

  • @grabnerandi

    To Deliver High Quality Working Software Faster

    We have to Shift-Left Performance to Optimize Pipelines

  • Reduce Lead Time: Stop 80% of Performance Issues in your Integration Phase

    CI/CD: Test Automation (Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, Silk, ...) to

    detect functional and architectural (performance, scalabilty) regressions

    Perf: Performance Test (JMeter, LoadRunner, Neotys, Silk, ...) to

    detect tough performance issues

  • = Functional Result (passed/failed)+ Web Performance Metrics (# of Images, # of JavaScript, Page Load Time, ...)+ App Performance Metrics (# of SQL, # of Logs, # of API Calls, # of Exceptions ...)

    Fail the build early!

  • @grabnerandi

    The fixed end-to-end use caseRe-architect vs. Migrate to Service-Orientation

    2.5s (vs 26.7) 5kB Payload

    1! (vs 33!) Service Call5kB (vs 99) Payload!

    3! (vs 177) Total SQL Count

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    Show time!

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    2-Tier Micro-Service App

  • confidential

    Build, deploy and test this application through Jenkins

  • confidential

    Push 2 Versions of the App through our Pipeline

  • confidential

    Detect the regression

  • confidential

    Fail the pipeline

  • confidential

    Use Case: DevOps

    Transformation @ Dynatrace

  • confidential

    Challenges to master!

    Deploying the same way our customers do: Continuously!

    Not disrupting current operations and slower moving customers

    Aligning 300+ engineers across 3 different geos

    Solution: Innovation through Incubation!

  • 2 major releases/yearcustomers deploy & operate on-prem

    26 major releases/year170 prod deployments/day

    self-service online sales

    SaaS &


    2011 2016


    believe in the mission impossible

    6 monthsmajor/minor release

    + intermediate fix-packs

    + weeks to months

    rollout delay

    sprint releases (continuous-delivery)

    1h : code to production

  • NOC lessons learnt

  • Shift-Left QualityQuality/Performance matters in Dev/Staging as well!Make Dev/CSA/PM dependent from Quality in trunk!

    DevOps = start thinking like an Ops before Commit

    Shift-Right Metricsenable DEVs defining quality metrics make DEVs to the primary consumers of their metrics

  • acting as


    Role of Dynatrace DevOps Team

    Dynatrace Managed/SaaS

    Orchestration Layer

    Dynatrace Pipeline Visualization

    Deployment Timeline

    Log Overview

    using Dynatrace Log APIJIRA Integrations


    Product Managers

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    Raising Awareness of Pipeline Quality

  • confidential

    Dev/Test: Bad Code Changes

    Ops/Biz: Unhappy End Users

    Performance: Overloaded COEs

  • confidential

    Dev/Test: Check-In Better Code

    Ops/Biz: Use Real-Time End User Feedback

    CI/CD/Performance: Stop Bad Builds Faster

  • ruxit theme 2014.05.15

    Be proud of your feature!DevOps NoOps

  • Dynatrace Transformation by the numbers



    Releases / Year

    Deployments / Day

    31000 60hUnit & Int Tests / hour UI Tests per Build

    More Quality

    ~200 340Code commits / day Stories per sprint

    More Agile

    93%Production bugs found by Dev

    More Stability 450 99.998%Global EC2 Instances Global Availability

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    Final Thoughts

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    % 20%organization & culture technology

  • Dynatrace as a common platform for collaboration




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    AI-Driven Digital Operation Ecosystem


  • Thank you.