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Spring 2009 Tuesday 6:00 PM - 8:50 PM Thornton 604 COURSE WEB SITE: or http:// SYLLABUS: Meteorology 100.2 Introduction to Meteorology. Meteorology 100. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Meteorology 100.2Introduction to Meteorology Spring 2009 Tuesday 6:00 PM - 8:50 PM Thornton 604 COURSE WEB SITE: or SYLLABUS:

  • Meteorology 100The one science we deal with every dayImpacts on all aspects of our societyWhat does it affect?Weather AppreciationFundamentals of the atmosphereStorms, Tornadoes, HurricanesEl Nio, La NiaClimate Change

    No Prior Knowledge of Math or Meteorology

  • Meteorology 100Essentials of MeteorologyC. Donald Ahrens, 5th edition (or 4th ed)Bookstoreor Check Amazon and half.comor http://www.ichapters.comor Copy in Reserve Book Room

    Internet Access Essential

  • Jan Null, CCMBS Atmospheric Science, UC Davis, 1974MA Geography (Climate), SJ State, 1992

    National Weather Service 1974-1997Adjunct Professor of Meteorology SFSU since 1987Golden Gate Weather Services since 1998Forensic Meteorology Consulting (Engineering, Media, 400+ Interviews)Forecasting (PG&E, Media)Research areas (El Nino, Hyperthermia)Projects (AMNH, BASOC)

  • House RulesCommon Courtesy Please Cell phones & pagers On silent or OFF If you HAVE to take a call go outside No text messaging No MP3 players during class TH604 Classroom and Personal Laptops Only before class and breaks ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD or DRINKS IN PROXIMITY OF CLASSROOM COMPUTERS

  • Weather vs. ClimateWeatherWhat is Going on in the Atmosphere Now

    ClimateWeather History

    "Climate is what you expect, Weather is what you get". ~ R. Heinlein

  • Course PlanLecture basedFast Paced LOTS OF MATERIALSupplemented by Ahrens textSupplemented by webSupplemented by AV material

    IMPORTANT NOTE: There is as much important material, plus classwork and homework, after the break each week

    All PowerPoints posted to class website

  • Tentative Course PlanHomework/Classwork (100 pts, 12 assignments @ 10 pts each)Tests: All Multiple Choice2 midterms (100 pts each)Final (200 pts)Term Paper (200 pts)6 - 10 pagesTOTAL 700 POINTS

    Extra Credit Term Paper (75 Pts)

  • Course PlanGrading90% = A etc.Adjusted curveIntegrityDO NOT PLAGARIZE ! Zero Tolerance!

  • Contact InfoOffice HoursTH 613Tuesday 1700-1800Contact Info(GGWX Office) 408-379-7500(Cell) 510-928-2824(SFSU Office) {preferred}

  • Weather ReviewVisible Satellite image

  • Weather ReviewVisible Satellite image

  • Weather ReviewVisible Satellite image

  • Weather ReviewInfrared Satellite image

  • Enhanced Infrared Satellite imageWeather Review

  • Weather Review

  • Weather Review

  • Weather Review

  • Weather Review

  • Weather Review

  • Weather Review

  • Weather Review

  • Name ?Major?

    Answer one of the following:- Where do you get your weather information?If TV, who (or what station) do you watch most?If Internet, what site?

    - Why are you taking this course?

    - What particular meteorology topics interest you?Who are You?

  • History Of Weather Agrarian civilization based on weather Early Greek philosophers tied together science, philosophy and religion Mythology Eos gave birth to Boreas, Zephyris, Notus, Eurus Zeus Lord of the Sky, Rain God, Storm God Greek Science Thales of Miletus (600 BC) Early founder Greek Science

  • History Of Weather Aristotle (~340 BC) Meteorologica Four contraries: hot, cold, moist, dry Four elements: fire, air, water, earth Explained (?): aurora, comets, halos, winds, seas, thunder, earthquakes etc Generally incorrect !! Theophrastus (~ 330 BC) Book of Signs Weather forecasting from empirical rules

  • History Of Weather Renaissance (14th 17th Centuries) Age of Instrumentation anemometer Alberti (1450) hygrometer da Vinci (1486) thermoscope Galileo (1607) mercury barometer Torricelli (1643) weather chart Halley (1686) mercury thermometer Fahrenheit (1714) temperature scale Celsius (1742)

  • History Of Weather Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) Some are weather-wise, some are otherwise 1752 - Observed lightning was electrical Network of weather observers George Hadley 1735 Global Circulation Luke Howard (1772-1864) Classified clouds Admiral Francis Beaufort 1806 - Empirical Wind Scale

  • History Of Weather 20th Century Coriolis Effect Norwegian Polar Front Theory World War II Cyclogenesis Theory Radar Jet Stream

  • History Of Weather Most Significant Modern Advances Computer Models Weather Satellites TIROS April 1960 Doppler radar New Understandings El Nino Global Warming

  • Weather ExtremesTemperature Whats the hottest you have experienced?MaximumWorld 136 LibyaUnited States 134 Death ValleyCalifornia 134 Death ValleySan Francisco 103 How many times has SF reached 100 degrees?

  • Humidity Which of these cities has the highest annual average afternoon Relative Humidity?HonoluluMiamiAtlantaSan Francisco Weather Extremes

  • Humidity Which city has the highest annual average afternoon Relative Humidity?Honolulu (56%)Miami (61%)Atlanta (56%)San Francisco (62%)

    Why this apparent contradiction?Weather Extremes

  • TemperatureMinimum World -129 Antarctica United States -80 Prospect Creek, AK California -45 Boca Reservoir San Francisco +27

    How many times has SF had freezing temperatures?Weather Extremes

  • Rainfall1 Hour Maximum World - 15.78 Shangdu, China United States - 12 Holt, MO (~42 minutes) California - 4.70 Palomar San Francisco - 1.9224 Hour Maximum World 73.62 La Reunion Island United States 43.00 Alvin, TX California 26.12 Hoegees Camp San Francisco 6.19Weather Extremes

  • Rainfall1 Year Maximum World 1041 Cherrapunji, India United States 704 Kukui, Hawaii California 257.9 Camp 9 San Francisco 49.27Weather Extremes

  • Highest Normal* Annual Rainfall World 523 Lloro, Columbia United States 460 Mt. Waialeale, HI California 104.2 Honeydew San Francisco 22.44

    * Normal defined as 30-year averageWeather Extremes

  • Snowfall Have You Ever Seen Snow? In San Francisco? 1 Year Maximum World 1140 Mt. Baker, WA California 884 Tamarack, CA San Francisco 3.7

    Weather Extremes

  • Maximum Wind Gusts World 231 mph Mt Washington, NH California 176 mph Ward Peak (Alpine Meadows) SFO 78 mph

    Hurricanes 190 mph sustained (Typhoon Tip)Tornadoes ~ 300 mph Weather Extremes

  • Thunderstorms Genesis of Lightning (and Thunder) Hail Downbursts Tornadoes Hurricanes

    Weather Extremes

  • Other Perspectives on Thunderstorms Angels Bowling?or Weather Extremes

  • A little girl walked to and from school daily. Though the weather that morning was questionable and clouds were forming, she made her daily trek to the elementary school. As the afternoon progressed, the winds whipped up, along with lightning. The mother of the little girl felt concerned that her daughter would be frightened as she walked home from school and she feared the electrical storm might harm her child.Full of concern, the mother quickly got into her car and drove along the route to her child's school. As she did, she saw her little girl walking along.At each flash of lightning, the child would stop, look up, and smile.Another and another flash of lighting followed quickly and with each, the little girl would look at the streak of light and smile.When the mother's car drew up beside the child, she lowered the window and called to her 'What are you doing?'The child answered, 'I am trying to look pretty because God keeps taking my picture.Weather Extremes

  • United States (World) largest Hail Record June 22, 2003 Aurora Nebraska 7 diameter, 18.75 circumferance, 1.33 lbs.World Heaviest Hail Record 2.25 pounds - BangladeshWeather Extremes

  • Air is a Fluid Warm Air Rises Air Flows from High to Low Pressure Differential Heating drives the weather Rising Air Cools by Expansion and Cooling causes Condensation to occur Sinking Air Warms by Compression and Warming causes evaporation to occurWeather Basics

  • Weather ElementsTemperaturePrecipitation ( ? )WindsHumidityPressureCloud CoverVisibility

  • Key WordsComputer ModelsSatellite ImageryVisibleInfrared (i.e., thermal) Normal

  • Is Global Warming real?Is it caused by humans?By natural climate variations?Both?Have you seen An Inconvenient Truth?Credible?

    Climate Change

  • Name ?Major?

    Answer one of the following:- Where do you get your weather information?If TV, who (or what station) do you watch most?If Internet, what site?

    - Why are you taking this course?

    - What particular meteorology topics interest you?Who are You?

  • Homework #1 (10 pts)Due via Email before class next Tues, Sep 2Send email to with a Subject line of Met100 and the preferred email address you would like to use for class communications. Include:Name:Email address:Major:Class level: Other meteorology classes taken?

  • Homework #1 (10 pts) continued

    Where do you get your weather information?If TV, who do you watch most?What TV meteorologist do you like the best? Why?Which Internet weather sites do you use?Why are you taking this class?What is the most memorable weather event in your life?What particular topic(s) would you like covered in this course?Name one song title that has a weather element in the title or a main part of the lyrics!

  • Tuesday, February 3, 2009 Weather Review Chapter 1 The Earths Atmosphere Weather Observations Intro to Weather MapsNext Week



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