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1. We are one of the noted manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive arrayof AC/DC Drive Panel, PLC Panel, Control Desk and Power Control Centers.Besides, we also offer, Motor Control Centers, Power Distribution Panel and AMFPanels. 2. - About Us -Based at Delhi, India, we Metek Works are engaged in manufacturing andsupplying of an exclusive range of AC/DC Drive Panel, PLC Panel, Control Desk,Power Control Centers, Motor Control Centers, Power Distribution Panel andAMF Panels. These are designed in accordance with the defined qualitystandards and are highly acclaimed by the clients across the country for featureslike robust construction, easy connection and reliable performance. Moreover,we are proficient enough in offering our products in standardized and customizedspecifications so as to meet the specific needs and demands of the clients.Owing to flawless quality, our entire range of products are extensively used inPaper Industry, Galvanizing Lines, Annealing & Pickling Lines and Packaging.In our product range we offer, Commander SK, Unidrive Sp Free Standing, Fur,Unidrive SP Panel Mount and New Mentor MP DC Drive. These are fabricatedusing state-of-the-art infrastructure which is well equipped with all the requisitemachinery and techniques. Moreover, our skilled workforce optimally use theavailable facilities and resources and help us in carving a niche in thiscompetitive market. Further, the stringent quality checks being conducted atour testing unit allow us to deliver flawless product range to the clients spreadacross the country. Furthermore, our company has a well established networkwhich helps us in catering to needs of the domestic clients.We are headed by our mentor, Mr. Rajat Khanna. Owing to his rich industryexperience and constant guidance, we have been able to be at par with ourcompetitors in this industry. Further, his ethical business policies and strategiespermit us to work in focused manner. 3. Guide Controller:We are known for our fine quality centre guide controller which is available in a widevariety and known for their efficient working at cost effective price. In this both the edgesof the moving strip are properly monitored by photoelectric sensor or capacitive sensors.We do manufacture it in different kinds which can be availed at very competitive pricesfrom us.Center Guide Controller Stagger GuideUncoiler Edge Guide 4. ABB AC Drives & Panels:We are engaged in wide variety manufacturing of drive options (control techniques) which isresponsible for providing lot of flexibility with drive features for meeting various demandsand applications. It is made with features of programmable automation and other motionoption modules which make it ideal for usage in field bus, ether net and other kind ofcommunications.ABB - ACS800 Drive ABB AC Drive - ACSM1ABB -ACS850 Drive ABB - ACS550 AC Drive 5. ABB DC Drives & Panels:DC drives continue to be an attractive alternative for machine suppliers. The modern DCconverters is easy to operate, compact and low in maintenance.DC Drives can be used in most industrial applications as well as for the modernization of oldplants. We offers the complete portfolio of three-phase ABB DC drives - from 9 kW (12 Hp)up to 18 MW (24 000 Hp). ABB - DCS800 Enclosed DCABB - DCS800 DC DriveDrivesABB - DCS500 DC Drive 6. Servo Motors / Drives:Servomotor / DrivesThe MS series of ABB servo motors is ideal for operation with the ABB high performancemachinery drives. The motor is robust and suitable for operation in harsh environmentalconditions. The resolver feedback is highly reliable, even under demanding mechanicalstress levels and in high ambient temperatures.ABB Servo Motors ABB Servo Drive ACSM1 Delta Servo Drive (ASDA-Delta Servo Drive ASDA- A2) B2 7. ABB Soft Starters:A motor soft starter is a device used with AC electric motors to temporarily reduce the loadand torque in the powertrain of the motor during startup. This reduces the mechanicalstress on the motor and shaft, as well as the electrodynamic stresses on the attached powercables and electrical distribution network, extending the lifespan of the system. ABB PST Soft Starter ABB PST(B) Soft StarterABB PSR Compact RangeABB PSE Range Soft Starters 8. PLC Panels & Remote I/O Stations:PLC Control Panels & Remote I/O StationsWe offer high performance, low noise drive and PLC control panels that are high inperformance and long lasting in nature. Our PLC control panels are capable of givinghigher output and consume less power. Compact in design, these PLC control panels arelargely used in the global arena.ABB PLC (AC500) ABB PLC (ACS500 ECO)ABB Remote IO (S500) Beckhoff Embedded PLC 9. MCC & PCC Panel:We manufacture a wide variety of MCC panel using a high grade raw material. It has greatcapacity and can feed larger loads .We provide multiple power stabs which are also useful insupporting high power industrial motors. It controls the right amount of power supply todifferent locations at different times in one unit or say house. Industrial MCC Panel MCC Pannel PCC Panel 10. SICK - Industrial Sensors:Our broad technology portfolio and willingness to customize make us the sensor supplier ofchoice for industrial OEMs. From HVAC temperature sensors to refrigeration sensors, processcontrol sensors to Industrial automation sensors, we understand the need for industrialsensors designed to meet OEMs unique specifications.SICK- PhotoelectricSICK - Inductive SensorsSensors SICK - Capacitive Sensors SICK - Magnetic Sensors 11. SICK - Industrial Safety systems:Industrial Safety SystemsAn industrial safety system is a countermeasure crucial in any hazardous plants such as oiland gas plants and nuclear plants. They are used to protect human, plant, and environmentin case the process goes beyond the control margins. As the name suggests, these systemsare not intended for controlling the process itself but rather protection. SICK- Laser SafetySafety Light CurtainsScanner SICK - Safety Interlock & SICK - Safety Relays Switches 12. SICK - Auto Ident:We stock the SICK -Barcode hardware and specialize in sourcing Barcode equipment for ourcustomers. The SICK bar code scanners accelerate logistics and automation processes. Theirexcellent reading performance ensures continuous process flow - even with poor quality ordamaged bar codes.SICK - Barcode ScannerSICK - Handheld ScannersSICK - Laser Measurement SICK - RFID (Radio & System Frequency Identification) 13. SICK - Encoders:A Rotary encoder, also called a shaft encoder, is an electro-mechanical device thatconverts the angular position or motion of a shaft or axle to an analog or digital code.Thereare two main types: absolute and incremental (relative). The output of absolute encodersindicates the current position of the shaft, making them angle transducers. SICK - Rotary IncrementalSICK - Absolute EncodersEncodersLinear Encoder Wire Draw Encoder 14. SICK- Industrial Instrumentation (Level Sensors):Our instrumentation section provides a comprehensive description on most of theinstruments used in different industries such as pressure, temperature, flow & level sensorsetc. to name a few.We offer "SICK Level Sensors" with a variety of solutions for reliable liquid levelmeasurement in stocking, tank content, storage capacities or automated disposalapplications.Ultrasonic Sensors SICK - Tuning Fork Contact / Non Contact 15. SICK - HI Performance & Vision:SICK - HI Performance & Vision SensorsThe Inspector is an intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package. No matterwhat orientation your product comes down the line, the Inspector is up to the challenge.Verify completeness and quality or find a parts position youll increase throughput withSICKs family of Inspectors.SICK - Contrast SensorsSICK - Colour Sensor SICK - Luminescence SICK - Laser & Ultrasonic SensorDistance Sensors 16. Other Products: ABB AC MotorBharat Bijlee AC Motor ABB HMI Panels (600 & Beckhoff HMI400 Series) 17. Other Products:Industrial Computer Industrial PC (Beckhoff) APFC Panels Unidrive SP Modular 18. Other Products: Drive Options Commander SK MotorControl Beckhoff PCsDrive Technologies 19. Other Products:Fieldbus TechnologyIndustrial Panel PC AC Drive Intelligent Servo Drive 20. Other Products: Mentor MP HighDC Drive SystemsPerformance DC Drive Power Control 21. Other Products: ABB - ACS310 AC DriveABB - ACS510 AC Drive ABB - ACQ810 AC Drives ABB - ACS55 21 22. Other Products: ABB - ACS355 AC DriveABB - ACS150 AC Drive Delta PLC SICK - Interfaces & Controllers 22 23. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 2008Nature of BusinessManufacturerTraderTotal Number ofUpto 10 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian SubcontinentPrimary Competitive Good Financial Position & TQMAdvantage Large Product LineLarge Production CapacityProvide Customized Solutions 24. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Metek WorksMr. Rajat KhannaNo. 439/2, Extended Lal Dora, Mundka Village, Main Rohtak Road,Opposite Pillar No. 531Delhi - 110 041, IndiaWebsite:


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