metaphors and similes figurative language sixth grade standards: r3.4 r1.2

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  • Metaphors and Similes Figurative Language Sixth Grade Standards: R3.4 R1.2
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  • Introduction Writers use words and phrases to create mental pictures, or images, in readers minds. Writers create clear and powerful images through Figurative language. Many Poets use figurative language. Figurative language is made up of words or phrases that present ordinary things in new and unusual ways. Similes and Metaphors are types of figurative language. Readers who do not understand figurative language will not be able to understand the meaning of poems.
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  • What is a Simile? A simile is a comparison of two things that have something in common. A simile usually contains the word like or as.
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  • Examples of a Simile Playing chess with Ashley is like trying to outsmart a computer. The activity playing chess with Ashley is being compared to trying to outsmart a computer. The point is that Ashley can think in a powerful manner that resembles the way a computer operates.
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  • What is a Metaphor? A metaphor is another kind of comparison. A metaphor does not contain the word like or as. Instead, it states that one thing actually is something else.
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  • Examples of Metaphors Her eyes are emeralds. When Chris ran, he was a speeding bullet racing along the track.
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  • The trees are like a canopy protecting the road.
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  • The field is a rainbow of colors.
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  • The lake is as smooth as glass.
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  • The sun shines like a beacon in the night.
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  • The island is like a star from the sky.
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  • The lake is a mirror of beauty.
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  • Similes in Poetry Willow and Ginkgo Eve Merriam The willow is like an etching, Fine-lined against the sky. The ginkgo is like a crude sketch, Hardly worthy to be signed. The willows music is like a soprano, Delicate and thin. The ginkgos tune is like a chorus With everyone joining in. The willow is sleek as a velvet-nosed calf; The ginkgo is leathery as an old bull. The willows branches are like silken thread; The ginkgos like stubby rough wool.
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  • Did you know You can change a Simile into a Metaphor Simile: Those girls are like two peas in a pod Take out like or as: Those girls are like two peas in a pod. Metaphor: Those girls are two peas in a pod. REMEMBER metaphors are very similar to similes except that they do not contain the words like or as in the sentence
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  • Simile & Metaphor Game Find a partner and take out a piece of paper and something to write with You have 1 min to come up with as many similes and metaphors for the word that I give you You will get 1 point for each simile and 1 point for each metaphor
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  • DIAMOND Make as many similes and metaphors as you can for this word.
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  • Closing Discussion What two types of figurative language did we learn about today? How can you change a metaphor into a simile? How can you change a simile into a metaphor?
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  • For Homework: