mesozoic oceanic anoxic events

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Mesozoic Oceanic Anoxic Events. By: Sarah Sexton. http:// /id2.html. Vaughn et al 2005. Oxygen Profile. Schlanger & Jenkyns 1976 . Sea Surface Salinity. Otto- Bliesner et al 2002. Vertical Temperature Profile. Otto- Bliesner et al 2002. Sea Surface Temperature. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Mesozoic Oceanic Anoxic Events

Mesozoic Oceanic Anoxic EventsBy: Sarah SextonS

Vaughn et al 2005

Oxygen Profile

Schlanger & Jenkyns 1976 It is still debated whether these major anoxic events were caused by whole ocean stratification, perhaps due to enhanced formation of low-latitude, salty, warm and low-oxygen deep water, or increased primary production


Otto-Bliesner et al 2002Sea Surface Salinity5

Otto-Bliesner et al 2002Vertical Temperature Profile

Otto-Bliesner et al 2002Sea Surface TemperatureVertical Circulation

Otto-Bliesner et al 2002Horizontal Circulation

Otto-Bliesner et al 2002Ocean Circulation Yesterday and Today,r:36,s:200,i:112Otto-Bliesner et al 2002Global Carbon Cycle

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